He'd done it again. Lost his temper. Gotten sick. Flipped. Whatever they wanted to call it, it all came down to one thing : Randy Orton was suspended again. For the second time in just over a year, he had been suspended for unprofessional conduct. Vince was close to having a breakdown, the telephones in the Connecticut headquarters hadn't stopped ringing and Randy was no where to be seen.

His suspension wouldn't start until one week after Backlash, after all, they couldn't change the main event of a pay-per-view just because "Orton went wacko again". He was expected to stick with Adam until then. So that Vince was sure someone would be looking after him. But the idea of being around Adam all the time, had kind of made Randy feel sick. He wasn't homophobic, but being around him twenty four seven would mean he would have to put up with Jeff and Adam doing goodness knows what to each other. And so he had gone for a walk.

He didn't really understand why he was suspended, because after all, he hadn't been the one to wreck the room. Or at least, he didn't think it was him. You see, he technically couldn't remember what had happened. And Vince refused to take that as a viable alibi. So now he had no where to go. It wasn't a though he couldn't go home. But then he'd have to see her. Samantha. His fiance. God he hated that woman. He hadn't always. But then he'd been "sick" and once he was off the medication, he actually saw how much she pissed him off. Most women tended to do that now, aggravate him beyond belief. He'd only ever come across three who didn't, one was his mother and even she was skating on thin ice sometimes, one was Mickie and she preferred females and the other had left the WWE.

Personally, he blamed her leaving for his strange behavior. He seemed to be the only person who could see he only got "sick" when he wasn't around her. When he had been on Smackdown, he had asked for a transfer to Raw, yet Mr McMahon had dismissed it, saying Smackdown needed him. And a few weeks later, he had gotten sick again. It had happened once or twice as a child, but not this bad. He had been diagnosed years ago with a mild mental issue, a little like being Bi-Polar. But he always forgot the name of it, so he tended to pretend he didn't have it. But anyway, after his bout of sickness, Mr McMahon did everything in his power to make sure Randy was happy. He moved him to Raw and even let him work with her. Amy. But then she had announced she was leaving. And the medication was upped.

According to his psychiatrist, he had become attached to her when he had first started in the WWE, and the fact that he wouldn't see her anymore had put him under stress. Making him sick. Randy personally didn't agree. Couldn't understand why Amy leaving would make him stressed. She was only a friend. But since she had gone, it didn't seem to matter how much medication he took. He still felt sick.

And so, he had lost it….

A/U : Sorry it's short. I just needed an opener.