by Crystallic Rain

Notes: I am absolutely in love with this story, and I can't explain why. I think it describes perfectly how I see the relationship between Remus and Lily.. Heh. Enjoy!

She is first in his heart, and she always will be.

And since today is to be the happiest day in her life, he knows very well that, in turn, it should be his.

He's smiling because he knows she's happy. While his heart may be shattering, he knows hers is fit to burst. He loves her, and he knows that he can never do for her what her new husband can. He is willing to sacrifice any chance at happiness he might have for her.

He had rehearsed over and over again what he would say to her, a congratulations of sorts. Suddenly, as he sees her, he can't remember a single word.

She sees him and knows exactly why he is there, in her room. She smiles broadly at the young man, flinging her arms around him, thanking him for coming.

Naturally. He's her best friend.

He sees the excitement in her lovely green eyes, shining brightly like never before. He wishes that her eyes were shining for him, that he was about to walk down the aisle with her, say his vows with her, swear to love her for all eternity because, after all, he knows he will love her until the day he dies, and there is nothing that can ever stop that from happening.

He sees her and wishes that he could give her everything he can't. He wants to give her the stars, and the moon, and the sun, and the sky, and warmth, and peace, and happiness, and love..

But he knows in the bottom of his heart that she doesn't want him, and so he gives her all that he can--he gives her his best wishes with her new husband; he gives her a real chance at happiness.

A part of him slowly dies as he watches her reciting her vows, painted lips moving beautifully..

He knows that he'll always be second in her heart..