A Last Vestige of Light

No sooner after turning out of the Rue Plumet, Eponine felt cold.

"It's summer. I shouldn't be feeling this way," she murmured as she rubbed her hands. Her steps were heavy despite her haste to arrive at the barricade before Marius. As she ran, she could feel Cosette's letter still folded in her blouse. The paper felt strangely heavy in her clothes as she stopped briefly to catch her breath.

After a few moments, she darted down an alley, and climbed over a wall into another garden so as to arrive more quickly at the barricade. She jumped down into the long grass and looked up at the now darkening sky.

All was quiet around her; people were either fighting or hiding. But for now, standing in an unknown garden, she felt a strange sense of calm.

"I know it will end today. No more," Eponine whispered into the dark as she picked her way through the grass. She slipped through a fence and found herself in another alley. One more street, and she was almost in Les Halles.

Much to her annoyance, all was dark when she arrived. She stepped over the broken glass from the shattered streetlamps, one ear cocked for the sound of musket fire.

However, just as she neared the Rue Mondetour, she heard just one shot, followed by an angry shout. Eponine swallowed hard and steeled herself to enter the barricade.

Everyone was silently watching as a young man, a student by the looks of him, held a pistol to another man's head. This second man, doomed to die, was weeping as he knelt in the mud.

"Claquesous?" she whispered fearfully as she crept along with her back to a wall. She covered her face just before the pistol shot rang out. As Le Cabuc's body thudded to the ground, Eponine felt her stomach lurch.

"Throw that outside," Enjolras muttered. Eponine shrank back as some workingmen walked past with the body in tow. Quietly, she slipped into the throng.

Someone caught her gaze, it was none other than Courfeyrac. Eponine nodded to him as someone handed her a musket. The weapon felt heavy in her hands as she examined it. Dumbly, she also pocketed three cartridges.

Above them all, only a few stars showed themselves in the inky sky. Eponine rubbed her arms for the chill that was creeping into her. She barely heard Enjolras' words as he spoke to the men in the barricade, save for the last, "..and it may be that we will die."

Eponine only heard this because in that moment, she dared to meet his gaze. Enjolras drew back for a brief moment, as if stunned, but he nodded to her, almost imperceptibly.

"Oh you poor boy...how I wish you didn't have to..." Eponine thought as she watched the light from the torches catching in Enjolras' hair, making him seem beautiful and terrible all at once.

The torches flickered as the wind picked up. Eponine settled herself in a dark corner to wait for Marius.