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Queen Chica's Spell

Chapter 1.

Goolah's Shop.

Sharpay Evans and Troy Bolton had never believed in magic. Sharpay believed, that the closest thing you came to magic, was the feeling you got when you were in love with your only one. Troy meant, that true love, as well as magic, didn't exist, and that it was all a big lie.

But they didn't know, that in a few weeks, everything was about to change for the two of them. And that Sharpay would learn, that magic did exist, and Troy would realize, that love was actually there. They just had no idea, what was about to happen to the both of them.

The only things they had in common, were the friends they shared, the school they went to, their passion for acting and singing, and then of course, the fact that they didn't believe in magic. They both also didn't know, that they were driving their friends crazy, because of the last thing they didn't like; each other.

But they were about to learn more about each other, life, magic and love.

They were about to start they journey of their lives…



"Hallo, Shar, can't you hear us? We asked if you wanted to go to the mall with us after school?"




Taylor looked at her, concern in her eyes. "Are you okay, Shar?"

"What, me?" Sharpay asked, sitting upright in her seat again, "Yeah, of course I'm okay! Why wouldn't I be?"

"You were out there!" Gabriella said, "You had this distant look in your eyes. You really had me going for a minute there!"

"Sorry Gabs," Sharpay smiled, "I was just… I've been really tired lately, no need to worry."

Gabriella shot her a sweet smile, just as the boys found themselves a seat around the table too. They'd just picked up their lunches, and that had taken it's time. Troy took a seat next to Gabriella, just across from Sharpay. He handed Gabriella the lunch he had brought to her.

"Are you sure, Shar?" Gabriella asked again, as Sharpay's head landed on her hand again, and she started staring into space once again.

"What's wrong?" Troy asked, "Is the Ice Princess having problems? What sorts? Boy trouble?"

"I'm right here, Bolton," Sharpay snapped, "You don't have to refer to me in third person! And yes, I do have boy trouble! You are the trouble! You annoy the hell out of me!"

"Aouch!" Troy said, shaking his hand like he just burned his fingers, "That hurt! Maybe you're turning into a Fire Princess instead of ice!"

"Oh, Bolton," Sharpay said, shooting him an evil smile, "I see you've finally learned the differences between fire and ice! Uh, let's all clap our hands together for Troy!" she said, clapping her hands together.

"Oh no!" Troy sarcastically replied back, "Watch your nails, they may break if you keep banging your hands together like that!"

"Oh wow!" Sharpay said, placing a hand on her heart, "Did you just say something cleaver, I didn't know you were even able to!?"

Troy glared at her, anger building inside him, "Shut up, Sharpay! Like you're so Goddamn perfect!"

"Well, I'm more perfect than you." Sharpay said, "People love me!"

"No they don't!" Troy argued, "They hate you! Why do you think you don't have any friends!?"

The whole table held their breath, and watched as Sharpay pushed her chair back and grabbed her things from the table. She didn't say anything, she just hurried out of the cafeteria, the crowd parting for her.

"Great Troy!" Ryan said, turning to glare at him, "Why do you have to talk to her that way? You know it's not true! She does have friends. Why can't you get along with her?"

"It's her who can't get along with me!" Troy argued, "Why do you always place the blame on me! She's just as much at fault!"

"You know she has problems, Troy!" Taylor said, "Why can't you just be nice to her!? I can't believe you hate her that much!"

"I don't…" Troy swallowed hard, shooting a glance at Gabriella, "I don't hate her… She just annoys me, okay?"

"Yeah!" Chad said, "But deal with it, Troy! You're annoying her too, can't you see!? What's wrong with you, man! I even feel bad for her!"

"Just leave me alone!" Troy mumbled. He pushed his chair back and followed in Sharpay's track, aiming to go to his secret hide out. Chad, of all people knew how much his constant arguing with Sharpay bothered him. He was one of the few people he trusted with his secrets, and every time he'd had a fight with Sharpay, Chad was the one to listen to him. Or Gabriella. She listened too. She was the best friend he'd ever had, because she could help him with stuff his guy friends couldn't.

"Can you believe them?" Taylor mumbled, looking at the doors, which had just smacked close, "It's getting so annoying. What are we gonna do about this?"

"I don't know…" Ryan whispered, "It's really hurting her. She says she's trying to be nicer to him, but every time, he always says something to her, and they end up arguing all over again."

"It's like they've been married for 50 years!" Gabriella giggled, reaching out for Ryan's hand. He was her boyfriend, so she supported him a great deal, "But I can't stand this anymore either."

"We have to figure out a way to make them calm down." Chad said, "I mean, the next video night is this Friday, and I can't stand another night listening to their babbling. I mean, seriously! Last time, Sharpay actually threw the left over pizza on him while he was sleeping."

Taylor giggled at the memory, "It was pretty funny, but!" she got serious, "I don't want them to continue their ´fight´" she used air quotes, "…either. Does any of you have any idea of to how we will avoid World War 3 next Friday?"

"I don't know…" Gabriella bit her lip, "It's not like we can't let one of them come. They're out best friends."

"Yeah, and Sharpay is my twin." Ryan said, "I just wish I knew why they are like this. I mean, Sharpay has never had any reasons to hate him, and I didn't think Troy even cared enough to get mad at her. What is his motive?"

Gabriella and Chad shared a look, but didn't say anything.

"…anyway." Taylor sighed, "I guess Gabs and I can try to talk some sense into Sharpay today. Just tell her to ignore him or something."

"Try that." Chad smiled, kissing his girlfriend's cheek, "Maybe she'll listen."

"Yeah…" Taylor mumbled, "Maybe she will."


"Uh, this top is cute!" Sharpay giggled, holding up a tight red top, with lots of pearls on it, "I think I'm gonna try this on, and then I'm ready to go! Okay?"

"Fine…" Gabriella sighed, "It's only like the 22nd thing you're trying on in an hour, but we're fine."

"Great!" Sharpay smiled, not catching the sarcasm. She hurried into a dressing room, and Taylor and Gabriella leaned themselves against the wall behind them. They were so tired. Sharpay was a shop-aholic. They were gonna lose their minds soon, if she didn't finish up.

Gabriella looked up to say something to Taylor, when her eyes caught a shop across the mall. She could see it through the window, and the minute her eyes landed there, she knew she had to check it out. "Tay, look at that!"

"What?" Taylor asked, looking in the direction Gabriella was pointing, "Oh… that looks interesting. Do you think we can leave ms. Shoppie here for awhile?"

"Yeah, let's just tell her to try on a few skirts or something." Gabriella mumbled. She approached Sharpay's dressing room, and knocked on the door, "Shar? We're going to check out this new shop across the mall. Will you be okay here by yourself?"

"Sure." Sharpay replied, her voice hoarse, coming from inside the dressing room, "I'm not a baby, Gabby. And you're not my mommy. Where do we meet afterwards?"

"The ice cream parlour." Gabriella quickly decided.


"We'll see you there." Gabriella said. She turned around to look at Taylor, and the two friends hurried across the mall, and stopped when they stood outside the new shop. They took a look at the name.

Goolah's Shop

"What kind of a name is Goolah?" Taylor whispered, eyeing the shop.

"The kind of a name for a woman like her?" Gabriella tried, pointing at the woman behind the desk. She was huge, and African-American. Her hair was in cornrows, and her clothes, a dress and flats, were multicoloured. "Do we dare to go inside?"

"Yes." Taylor said, "I bet they have like… tons of weird voodoo-stuff, and … other things."

"Oh, I don't believe in stuff like that." Gabriella said, walking into the store nonetheless, "But it's fun to look. And maybe some of the stuff in there is cool. Y'know, to mix and match with regular clothes."

"Yeah!" Taylor said, quickly approaching a huge shelf with weird vases and other porcelain things.

They both walked around in the shop for awhile, checking out all the cool things. Gabriella picked out a pair of earrings that she knew her mother would love, and paid for them. Taylor was more interested in the weird stories, which belonged to some of the jewelleries and other stuff. You could read a little bit of the story, and you got the whole story on paper if you bought the jewellery.

Taylor approached the desk, to talk to Gabriella, when her eyes caught two beautiful necklaces, lying there. "Wow…" she mumbled, "That is so cool! What is it?" she looked at Goolah with curious eyes, "Does these two have a story?"

"It has a very awesome story!" Goolah said, "But quite unbelievable, though I believe it."

"Are these for sale?" Taylor asked, "I have to have them. I will probably never wear them, but they are really special."

"They are for sale." Goolah said, "You just have to take care of them wisely. If they end in the wrong hands, things can do wrong. And you have to read the story closely before you do anything with them."

"Sure." Taylor said, "I'm gonna buy them."

Gabriella rolled her eyes at Taylor's crazy ideas, and watched as her best friend paid for the necklaces. Taylor carefully slipped the jewellery into her bag, but opened up the paper, as she and Gabriella made their way to the ice cream parlour, where they were meeting Sharpay.

They found her, and they decided to have some ice cream before they headed home. Therefore they ordered each one, and sat down by a little table.

"Did you find anything?" Sharpay asked, licking her strawberry ice cream.

"Yeah, I found these." Gabriella said, holding out the earrings, "And Tay, what was it you bought?"

"These two…" Taylor slowly replied, picking the necklaces out of her bag, while she was still reading. She could hear Sharpay go ´Woow´, but her mind was on other stuff.

…belonged to Queen Chica. She used them, as a way to prove her brother and sister, that love is important, and helped them get over their big fight, which had been going on for many years. However, when the spell is on them, it is hard to go back to normal. You must…

"Wow, Tay!" Sharpay squealed, "There is a totally hot guy checking you out behind you! Don't turn around."

"Really?" Taylor asked, placing the story on the table along with the napkins. Interesting story or not, a hot guy checking her out, was her top priority. She may have a boyfriend, but it was still fun when someone liked her. "Behind me?"

"Yes." Gabriella nodded, "And he's so cute."

Taylor slowly turned her head a little, wanting to see him. He was cute. She turned back to her friends, a smile on her lip, "He is really cool!"

Sharpay giggled, "Oh well, you have a boyfriend. What do you say we go home now?"

"Yeah," Gabriella smiled, "Let me just clean this away." She grabbed all the dirty napkins and threw them in the trash. What she didn't know was, that Taylor's story for the necklaces ended down there too…

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