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Queen Chica's Spell

Chapter 12.

A Happy Ending?

"I'll see you after class, right?" Sharpay asked, wrapping her arms around Troy's shoulder, and squeezing him tight.

"Yeah, right after class, Shar." Troy chuckled, giving her a light kiss on the lips, "It's lunch, okay? We'll sit together and eat. I'll even bring you your salad, like a real gentleman."

"You'd do that for me?" Sharpay asked, kissing his lips again, but this time she lingered there, parting his lips with her tongue. He gladly accepted, because really, who wouldn't?

"Is anyone else starting to get freaked out already?" Taylor asked, looking at Chad, Ryan and Gabriella, "Seriously, it's only been a day! And I'm freaking out!"

"It's better than them arguing." Chad reasoned, "I mean now… we can only hear…" he swallowed hard, "Their constant kissing noises." He paused, "Urgh!"

"Oh let them," Gabriella said. Being the most romantic one out of the four of them, she didn't mind their lovey-dovey talk and touches, she found is so unbelievably adorable. "It's cute, don't you think?"

"Uhm no!" Ryan said, eyeing his sister, who by now, had her tongue down her boyfriend's throat, "Seriously, it's my sister. I could live without that image."

"Why don't we just go to class?" Taylor suggested.

"You have Creative Writing with Sharpay, and I have basketball with Troy." Chad said, "Please drag them away from each other, be my guest, or else they're not gonna hear the warning bell."

"Okay, Troy!? Sharpay!?" Taylor said, angrily breaking the kissing couple apart, "We have class now, and you're creeping us out. Save this for the bedroom, okay?"

"Sure…" Sharpay giggled, waving at Troy, as she was pulled away by her girlfriends, "I love you!" she yelled at him, before they turned the corner.


Troy took a look at the empty seat next to him, wondering where Sharpay was. She had promised to be there soon, she just had to fix something by her locker. The others were almost done eating their lunch, and her salad just stood there, waiting for her to come.

"What can be taking her so long?" he questioned, looking at Gabriella.

"Oh, how sweet!" she exclaimed, placing a hand on her heart, "You miss her already don't you? Oh… That's so adorable!"

"Would you shut up, Gabby!" Taylor said, "We're not in the mood for lovey-dovey talk right now, do it later."

"How did she find out you liked her?" Gabriella then asked Troy, deciding to ignore Taylor's request.

"Uhm, yeah…" Troy said, shooting her and Chad dirty looks, "I wonder how that happened? It probably wasn't you two who told her, was it?" he sarcastically said.

"Whoops." Gabriella giggled, "Bad question to ask." She paused, "I'm sorry Troy, look we thought it was you!"

"I know, and it's okay, I'm not mad." Troy laughed, "I got the girl, didn't I?"

"That reminds me…" Ryan said, looking at him with serious eyes, "I need to speak with you. I have to make sure you treat my sister good!"

"Please Ryan," Taylor chipped in, "Troy treats everybody good."

"I know…" Ryan said, "But if you ever hurt her, I'm gonna get really angry with you!"

"Sure Ry," Troy replied, not knowing if he should take the overprotecting twin brother seriously or not. From the moment they befriended the Evans twins, they'd learned to know that Ryan was very protecting over Sharpay. He wouldn't let her do much, and if she got home later than expected, he demanded to know where she'd been and what she'd been up to. Now that Troy thought about it, he'd given Zeke the same speech when he'd been dating Sharpay.

Troy thought Sharpay would find it annoying, but she'd told him once, that she found it adorable, and that she was happy that someone cared. It just showed her how much Ryan loved her.

"I'm serious, Troy." Ryan warned him.

"I know," Troy quickly said, "I'm not gonna hurt her. I love her, so why should I?"

"You never know…" Ryan trailed off, before turning to Gabriella again, giving her a light kiss on the lips.

"That's it!" Troy said, "I'm gonna go find her, you coming with me Chad?"

"Sure." Chad replied, before standing up. Then he turned to Taylor, "I'll be right back, babe."

"Stop calling me babe, it's discrimination!" Taylor argued.

"Okay, woman." Chad said, and then he hurried out of the cafeteria with Troy.

"The same goes for woman!" they heard Taylor yell, before the door closed behind them.


Sharpay was standing by her locker, fixing her makeup, before she would head to the cafeteria for some lunch. She couldn't wait to see Troy again. She really loved him, and when he'd told her he loved her, the truth had just poured right out of her. And of course it was the truth, because otherwise they wouldn't be back to normal.

So, you could say that the necklaces had been good for one thing. They'd finally gotten together. She had also just had a crush on him since she was like… 13 years old or something, he'd always had something she liked a lot. But then Zeke had come along, and she'd decided to forget about him, but of course they'd had to become friends, all 6 of them, and she couldn't help but fall for him all over again.

But it worked out okay, didn't it?

She was about to close her locker, when she felt a tap on her shoulder, she turned around to come face to face with a guy named Freddie, from the science squad. She hadn't in her life talked to him before, but now he was looking at her, with expectations written across his face.

He was really geeky, and the old icy Sharpay wouldn't have given him the time of day, but the new Sharpay, the one who was so happy and all in love, shot him a cute smile, and closed her locker. Then she turned around and looked at him, questions in her eyes.


"Hi…iiiih." He said, awkwardly placing his glasses back on his nose, and smothering his hair, so it wasn't messy.

"Anything you wanted?" Sharpay questioned, still smiling at him, though she subconsciously checked her watch, to see how much time she had left with the guys for lunch. If Freddie didn't hurry, she would miss it completely.

"Uhm…" Freddie begun, shooting her a smile, "If was just thinking… When you wanted to go out on that date?"

"I beg your pardon?" Sharpay said, her heart beating faster. Did he actually think she wanted to go out with him?

"Yeah…" Freddie trailed off, "You said you'd let me take you out. You just had to find a day."

"Yes." Peter Brown agreed, "I heard it too, the weird things was, two minutes later, you told Dan the same."

"Me too." Harry nodded, looking at his fellow students, who had all stopped to hear their conversation. It was all people from the science squad, whom Sharpay had never spoken to before, so she found this really weird.

"Are you two timing all of us?" Freddie asked.

"Not two timing," Harry said, "More like fifty timing."

"Uhm…" Sharpay didn't know what to say, she looked at them, and bit her lip, "I don't really recall talking to you guys at all… I'm sorry. When did this happen?" she leaned against her locker, and saw Troy and Chad approaching them from the end of the hall. She quickly squeezed her eyes together, hoping that when she opened them, they'd all be gone.

"Three days ago." Peter said, "With me anyway."

"Three days ago, you say?" Sharpay questioned, suddenly waking up. Three days ago… she hadn't been in her own body, but a certain basketball star had been. What had he been up to? She shot Peter a smile, "What exactly did I say?"

"You came up to me and placed your arms around my shoulders in the science lab, and then you licked my ear and told me to take you out next Friday."

"I did?" Sharpay said, breathing hard. She shot Troy a look. He had now stopped and was looking nervously at their conversation. She caught his eyes, and he shot her a teasing grin.

"Excuse me for a second…" Sharpay told the geeks, and slowly approached Troy, a little step at a time, "Troy?" she said, but when she was a few feet away from him, he turned around on his heel and ran down the hallway as fast as possible, "TROY BOLTON!?" Sharpay yelled, quickly brushing past Chad, to catch up with her boyfriend and give him a piece of her mind, "Get back here, Troy!" she screamed, "Urgh, I'm gonna kill you!"


So Sharpay Evans and Troy Bolton had certainly learned a few things about each other. They'd learned to appreciate the little things in life, and the people around them.

Sharpay now believed in magic, but her old belief was still there. The feeling she got when she kissed Troy, was at her point, the closest thing she had ever gotten to magic, even though she'd just experienced it for real. And according to her old belief, she was in love with her only one, when she got that feeling, so maybe she'd have to deal with Troy for a long time.

Troy however, had finally gotten his big wish come true. He'd gotten Sharpay, the girl he'd been wanting forever. He now realized that true love and magic were in fact real things, and he had now experienced both. Because being with Sharpay, was magical itself.

They'd been through the journey of their lives, and had settled down their differences. Everything was now better, a whole lot better than their friends could have ever hoped for. They no longer had to listen to their arguing, and they could all just be happy.

Seems like, Queen Chica's Spell had done what it was supposed to. Maybe it would now move on, to find it's next target…

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