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The two pairs of kitty ears on Kagome's head twitched impatienly under the scorching sun. It may be October, but damnit it was still hot, the sun beating down on the four and the other students who were crowded around multiple school buses, waiting to get into the air condionted vehicles. Yet despite the blistering heat, Kagome had a big smile plastered on her face.

"I can't believe we're going to the Tokoy Hot Springs!" she squealed in excitement, eyes lit up like a child's on Christmas morning. "And it's like an extra birthday present since it's happening right after my birthday!"

Inu-Yasha cocked an eyebrow at her unusual cheeriness. "Are you really excited about going to just some hot springs?" He arched his eyebrows and rose his face towards the sky. "It's a billion degrees out. The last place I want to go to is a hot spring when it feels like a desert outside."

"But didn't you hear Inu-Yasha?" Sango piped up, looking up at him. "While we're there, the temperature's going down a billion degrees." She shared the same delightful look that Kagome had. "So I also cannot wait yay!" The tiger hanyou suddenly envolped Kagome in a bone-crushing hug.

Meanwhile, as the other three chatted, Miroku was reading a little book about the Tokyo Hot Springs. For some reason he could not find where it said the springs for the boys only were. All of them were...

"Well shit..." Miroku cursed quietly under his breath. His three friends looked over to him in confusion.

"What's wrong?" Sango asked, trying to look into the book.

"The hot springs are for girl and boys..." Miroku mumbled. Kagome gave him a strange look.

"Well no duh."

"That's not what i meant. Both girls and boys are supposed to go into the same springs."

There was silence for a moment as everyone didn't quite get what Miroku was trying to get to.

It took a few minutes before Kagome was the first to realize.

"NOOOOO!!!" the cat hanyou cried in desparation. "Please nooo!!! I take it back! Worst birthday present ever!" She launched herself at Miroku and looked up fearfully into her twin's eyes. "Nii-san...don't make me go god damnit!" Kagome dramatically fell into her brother's arms. "I'll do anything! Let's just leave now, pleeeease?"

Miroku showed no sign of pity. "Kagome, you're just gonna have to get over it." Kagome glared daggers at him and straightened herself.

"Screw you. The only reason you're not letting us go back home is because you just want to be surrounded by half-naked women." Suddenly, Inu-Yasha's ears and eyes perked up. The look on his face matched the same as Kagome's was earlier. Noticing it quickly, Kagome groaned.

"Noo! I don't want to go into any hot springs with him!" She pointed an accusing finger at the dog hanyou. Inu-Yasha placed an innocent look on his face- though Kagome knew for sure he was anything but innocent. Before Inu-Yasha could come up with anything to say back, they heard Ms.Keade yell that it was time to go. Pushing their way through the hot crowd of students, the four made it on to the same bus.

"Sango want to sit together?" Kagome asked, turning her head to her friend.

Sango twiddled with her fingers nervously, a slight pink blotch forming near the bridge of her nose. "I actually would rather like to sit with Miroku- if you don't mind that is!" She quickly added the last part. Kagome grinned suggestivley at her, making Sango blush even more.

"It's fine, it's just that I'll have to..."

As if on cue, Inu-Yasha grabbed her by the arm and pulled the cat hanyou on the spot right beside him.

"- sit with Inu-Yasha," the girl finished her sentence sollemly. She turned her head away from Inu-Yasha when she noticed her was smirking at her.

"This is going to be quite fun at the hot springs, isn't it?" Inu-Yasha asked, a devious ring in his voice. Kagome glared up at him.

"I thought you didn't even want to go!"

"Well, since I've learned that we get to spend more time together -half naked- I suddenly feel as if this is going to be an enriching experience," he replied, giving her a Kouga-like toothy grin. Kagome dug her claws into the seat, trying to ignore the 'half naked' comment.

"Let's just hope your towel doesn't accidently come off," Inu-Yasha muttered huskily into the cat hanyou's ear.

Kagome mentally groaned in digust and leaned again the window (a/n: she's in the window seat), her face squished against it.

'This week just better fly by,' Kagome thought miserably as her face slid down the window.


The hard pitter-patter of rain pouring against the roof of the school bus was what woke Kagome up. She slowly cracked her golden eyes open too see that her face was still pressed against the window. It looked like it was raining pretty heavily. Such weird weather they were having lately. It took a moment before she realized something heavy was on her shoulder. Also, something was snaked around her waist. Daring to take a peek, Kagome saw Inu-Yasha's head leaning against her shoulder. His arm was around her waist. Blushing furiously, Kagome tried to get out of the softly snoring hanyou's grip. While trying her fruitless attempts, she heard a soft 'awwww' coming from across the bus. She glared over at the googly-eyed Sango.

"That's so cyuuute!" Sango squealed, bringing her hands up together. Luckily, her squeal woke Inu-Yasha up.

Well, maybe it wasn't so lucky, as he noticed where he was positioned.

Looking down at the girl's tomato-red face, he smirked. "Just had to make me lean against you and put my arm around your waist, didn't you?" Kagome bonked his head.

"No dobe! Why the hell would I do that? I don't like you!" Kagome nearly shouted, recieving some stares from the students surrounding her. She shrunk back into her seat, mouth shut.

Inu-Yasha sighed and looked back up to the roof. "First stage- denial."

Kagome seethed with anger. "Godamnit, would you just shut the hell up?" This time she made sure to say it quietly. The cat hanyou pushed Inu-Yasha off of her.

"Why won't you just admit it, Angel?" Inu-Yasha asked in a teasing voice. "You know you want me."

"I know I want you to leave me the hell alone!" Kagome murmurred between clenched teeth. "You're too fucking annoying." Inu-Yasha smirked and leaned back into the seat.

'She's so damn hot and fiesty. Maybe I can finally manage to bed her while we're in the hot springs. It's so obvious that she's in love with me.' With that thought, the bus stopped.

"Yay we're here!" Sango cried excitedly, bouncing up and down in her seat. Miroku chuckled and took hold of her to make sure she wouldn't fall out of her seat. Kagome looked out the window. The rain was thinning out and the place looked really cool. Maybe despite the fact that she was going to have to share a hot spring with Inu-Yasha won't really ruin her week.

Her thoughts were interupted when a hand slid across her ass.

"HENTAI!" Kagome screeched, giving Inu-Yasha a hard whack, not caring it the other students turned to stare at her.The dog hanyou fell out of his seat and banged his head on the seat Sango was sitting on, suddenly seeing stars dance around his head.

Or maybe not.

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