The Darkness in My Soul

By: Nixie

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Chapter 1

"Ruwalk, come here! I need your help with something!"

"The world needs my help, Alfeegi." Ruwalk chuckled at his own joke and walked over to the ladder his friend was standing on and took the books Alfeegi passed down to him. After about five books, the Yellow Officer sighed and asked, "Alfeegi, … What're all these books for?"

"For my research." Another book was added to the pile.

"What're ya researching?" Ruwalk rocked back on his heels in a playful manner.


Ruwalk loved playing these games. "What kinda info." He spoke in a childish voice, knowing it would irk his friend."

Finding the games annoying, Alfeegi didn't answer but instead dropped three thick books onto the stack.

"It's not another budget report, is it? Cause if it is, I don't think these books will help you."

Four more books.


"What?" snapped the White officer.

"How many books do you need?"

Alfeegi sighed and took a deep breath to calm himself down before responding. "Just those."

Ruwalk grunted under the weight of the books. "Alfeegi"

Said officer smirked as he climbed down from the ladder. "Yes, Ruwalk?"

"I can't walk"

"Sure you can.

"I can't see over the books."

"I'll lead you to where I want them. You don't have to see. I won't let you run into anything."

"Why can't you carry some of the books?"

"Because." Alfeegi was having a difficult time not laughing as he started to pull Ruwalk out of the library and into the hall.

Another grunt. " 'Because' Why?"

Alfeegi stopped and thought for a moment, then smiled and said, "Like the rest of the world, little 'ol me needs the help of the Yellow Dragon Officer. Besides, this is too much fun. Don't you agree?"

"Ya know what, Alfeegi?"


"You suck!"

Alfeegi smiled and replied with "You wish." He had no clue how accurate his words were though. For nearly three months, Ruwalk had been drooling over the White Officer. What annoyed him the most was the fact that Alfeegi was the only one in the castle who didn't notice.

Finally, they got to Alfeegi's office and Ruwalk was permitted to drop his load. "Seriously," he said pretending to wipe sweat from his brow, "What are you researching."

Alfeegi looked hard at his friend. "You really do want to know, don't you?"

Ruwalk nodded

"Help me then."

Ruwalk had fallen in love with his hot-tempered friend and promised himself he would always do what he could to help, but insanity never made it onto his list of 'thing I can do', so he shook his head no.

"Sorry, Feegi. I have -"

Alfeegi was less than thrilled "Have what?" He snapped as he stepped closer to Ruwalk "Have to help His Majesty sneak out again?!"

Ruwalk blushed at the sudden closeness and fought down the urge to close the distance between them. 'I-I have work to do."

Shocked settled in on Alfeegi followed closely by skepticism. "What kind of work?"

"Lykouleon as-"

"LORD Lykouleon."

"Lord Lykouleon asked me to help him go over some papers."

Alfeegi edged closer, their noses only a few inches away now. "You better not be lying, Ruwalk."

Ruwalk gulped, but before he could reassure the object of his affection that he wasn't lying, Tetheus was at the door. "Have either of you seen Rune?" he asked.

"No!" answered Alfeegi, moving swiftly away from Ruwalk and sitting at his desk.

"Last I saw him," said Ruwalk, "He was with Lyko- Lord Lykouleon in the throne room. Wazzup?"

Tetheus arched an eyebrow at the two and shook his head. "Nothing, I just need to speak to him about something."

"About what?" Asked Ruwalk, noting the uncharacteristically distracted look in the other man's eyes.

"Nothing serious." Replied the Black officer snapping out of his daze. "Thank you for your help."

Silence filled the room for a little after Tetheus had left, then Ruwalk and Alfeegi ran out of the room, down the hall and to the throne room. Lykouleon and Rune were in there, Lykouleon on the throne listening to Rune. Tetheus was already there as well.

"One day," Ruwalk said in between gasps for air, "we'll figure out how he gets around the castle so fast without ever getting tired or breaking a sweat."

Alfeegi nodded and the two stood at the almost closed door, watching and listening to the conversation inside the room.

"Pardon the interruption, My Lord, but I must speak with Rune." said the Black officer.

"Go ahead." Lykouleon smiled cheerfully.

"My Lord," said Tetheus slowly, choosing his words carefully before speaking, "it is a private matter."

Lykouleon's smile grew bigger as he watched Rune turn curious eyes to the Black officer. "Go on, Rune," He said softly. "We can continue this conversation another time. Tetheus, if you use one of the conference rooms, you won't have to worry about eavesdroppers. I wouldn't blame them though; Ruwalk and Alfeegi have always been curious little creatures." He looked past Tetheus at the door and laughed when it swung open to reveal to startled and embarrassed officers.

Tetheus sighed, "You two are so predictable sometimes." He said as he left the room. Rune quickly bid everyone a good day and sped off after Tetheus.

"I wonder what Tetheus wanted to speak to Rune about." Asked Ruwalk, tilting his head in thought.

"Me too." Alfeegi was slow with his words, as though unsure he should say it.

The two officers sensed movement behind them and Lykouleon was suddenly off his throne standing by the door. "Me too." He said cheerfully; almost childishly.

His sudden closeness made the two jump, Ruwalk gasping is surprise then laughing and Alfeegi blushing and scratching his head nervously.

'Oh man' Though Ruwalk, 'He is soooooo cute!'

'Have you told him you think that yet?' Lykouleon mentally asked.

'Um … well … ya see'

'You haven't then' Lykouleon smiled. "Don't worry, all will be revealed in due time."

"Yeah." Said Alfeegi unaware of the mental conversation. "But it's not like Tetheus to be so secretive. That's more like Ruwalk and Your Majesty. … So … any new 'sneak out' plans?"

"Yes." Said the Dragon Lord cheerfully before sitting back down on his throne.

A/N: And it's over. Chapter one is finished. In chapter two, you'll figure out what Tetheus wanted to talk to Rune about. Here's a little preview to tie you over till I post the second chapter.

"Rune, how was your recent mission."


" Shortly after you left for home, the town was destroyed. His Majesty, Lord Lykouleon, put me in charge of the investigation. What happen, Rune?"

"I don't know, I can't remember!"