The Darkness in My Soul

By: Nixie

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Warning: None.

Chapter Epilogue

Alfeegi made his way slowly through the castle, Tetheus following closely behind him. Together, they walked hand in hand to a garden near the back of the castle grounds. Rath, Thatz and Rune were already there when they arrived.

'It's been a year," commented Rune softly, "doesn't feel like it, does it?"

"Nah," agreed Rath and Thatz, each of them holding onto the elf.

Tetheus shook his head, sending his now shoulder-length green hair swaying behind him. "In the end, Ruwalk was the only one we were able to bury."

The new Dragon Lord sighed and rested against the tall warrior. "And Gil still sleeps. I wonder if he'll ever wake up."

"I'm sure he will someday," encouraged Rath. He was supposed to have been the next in line for the throne, though he wasn't fully sure why. He didn't want the burden, so his first act as king was to appoint Alfeegi the lord.

"Have the yellow and Red crystals chosen officers yet?" questioned Thatz.

"No." pouted Alfeegi.

"And the blue one was destroyed, so we'll always be one short."

"How cruel," Alfeegi's voice cracked as tears lined his eyes. He had been holding up so well lately.

The Black Officer reacted automatically and pulled the smaller male into his arms. "It's alright," he soothed.

Rune regarded the two with a tender smile; they had become so close. It wasn't like they were in love with each other. Alfeegi still loved Ruwalk and Tetheus still loved Kai-stern, but he was sure that, in time when they could let go and move on the two would be able to love each other deeply.

"The minister will be here soon," said Thatz gently. None of the wanted to leave, he knew that, but the outside world demanded their attention, just as it always had.

The others nodded and dried the tears, then left the clearing. The Earth Knight lingered behind, staring at the collection of flowers.

"We miss you, ya know," he said to the air. "We miss everyone, but I hope you can finally be happy with him, Lykouleon."

He took one last look at the monument: Lykouleon and Rejiki lovingly embracing each other. Both with smiles on their faces, like they had been for that one small moment before Rejiki went to save them all. They were framed by holly, honey suckles, and the violet flowers that now grew all over the lands. It was so peaceful and beautiful, he almost wondered why they only came on the anniversary.

'Oh well,' he thought as he ran to catch up with everyone. 'Life moves on. Best not to think about it."


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