Title: Starcrossed

Pairings: Lilly/Jake, Miley/Jake

Summary: It was forbidden. They weren't supposed to. But thats what made it so exciting. Everyone knows a zombie slayer and a skateboarder love excitement.

Disclaimer: I do not own Lilly, Jake, Miley, Oliver, etc. I am not making any money off of this fanfiction which is written in pure entertainment. Don't sue!

It's forbidden. I know it is. He knows it is. But its also exciting. I love it. The thought that we could be discovered is what makes me want him even more. But don't think I don't feel bad about it. I mean, he is my bestfriend's boyfriend. But lets face it, if he wanted her more than life itself, why on earth would he have even come to me in the first place? Exactly. He wouldn't have. It takes two to cha-cha, or whatever that quote is.

It's been two years since Jake and Miley started going out. Now we're in eleventh grade and all of us; Miley, Jake, Oliver and I, are a bit less than innocent. Okay, so that's crap, we've basically tried every gateway drug out there and partied like it was '1999' almost every weekend. We've changed. In fact, even Hannah Montana has changed. She isn't all that world-wide anymore and she hasn't made an album or even had a concert in a year. Miley still writes songs, but never records them. Its just something that faded off of her radar.

It's been one year and seven months since Jake and I started our activities. It was at a party one night and we were both slightly intoxicated. Alright, thats crap too. We were both drunk off our asses. Miley was throwing up, also drunk, so Jake and I were in the backyard alone, laying on the grass. I'm pretty sure we'd each taken a few pills too because I remember something about a purple zebra on the roof. We were just having random conversation when Jake said something about Miley never putting out and how it pissed him off, and I told him that if I was his girlfriend, I'd fuck him in a heart beat. If I'd known that I would actually get to turn my words into actions, I would have said them a lot sooner. Jake is absolutely amazing in bed. In fact, he's better than Oliver and Jackson combined. And yes, I had slept with both of them at one point and another. Not at the same time though, because thats weird. Ew.

No one knew about Jake and I, except for Jake and I. Well, and you. But obviosuly, you're not going to be telling anyone anytime soon. Jake and I are good at keeping secrets. Like the abortion.

Not mine though! It was Miley's. And I guess you couldn't really even call it an abortion. Jake and Miley had sex one night, a couple months ago actually, and Jake hadn't worn a condom. He was too nervous to sleep, so while Miley was sleeping, he went and bought some new abortion type pill or something and gave it to her, telling her that it was a Tylenol for her hang-over. So who knows? Its possible that she never ended up pregnant anyways. Jake and I don't really call it an abortion. We usually call it, even though we never really talk about it anymore, the prevention of an accident. I like to pick on him and say that the best prevention would have been to keep it in his pants. And thats usually before or after we fuck the daylights out of eachother. Ironic, eh?

But Jake and I haven't told a soul about us, and we don't plan to. Our relationship is our business. No. Its not a relationship. Relationships involve emotional feelings, and what Jake and I do, has nothing to do with feelings in our hearts or minds. Its all about having great sex with someone whose hotter than hell. I'm not even going to lie, Jake is still as hot now as he was when he and Miley first met. Obviously I'm not as star-struck now as I was back then, but Jake is still gorgeous beyond all belief. The boy is physcially amazing in every way. And I do mean, every.

You might be wondering if it hurts me to know that Jake will never be mine completely. Well, stop wondering. Because it doesn't. He belongs to Miley mentally and emotionally, but he belongs to me physically. He and Miley don't have sex anywhere near as much as he and I do. In fact, I can guarentee that they haven't had sex in the last month. Jake and I do at least twice a week. Normally, its three or four times. The lust that his touch creates in me is enough to become addicted. But do I get jealous when I see Jake and Miley, cuddling at lunch, or holding hands in the hallway? No. Because I know that soon, we'll be under his blankets and he'll be doing things that Miley could never even dream of. Thats how I make sure to never get jealous.

Don't get me wrong though, keeping a secret this big is hard, especially from Miley. Now, if I was still little old Lilly back in nineth grade, I would have confessed by now. But times change and people change. Like I said, we all changed.We've all changed so much, in fact, that Jackson came out. As in out of the closet. Yep. Jackson is gay now. Well, he's been gay for ever, but he just recently went public about it. Very recently. One month ago, recently. But everyone is over it by now. I honestly expected it, with his 'player' wannabe attitude. But whatever. His boyfriend, Cliff, oh man. Total hottie! But too girly for my taste. Hmm. Funny. And Oliver. Well, Oliver iss with a girl named Keri, and she seems okay. She was kind of shy when I first met her, but now, she's just like all of us. She parties hard, yells loud, and dances horribly. Yep. She's just another one of the gang.

I guess I should tell you where I am right now. I'm with Miley in her closet. Well, its actually Hannah's closet, but since Hannah doesn't really exist anymore, its Miley's. Picture day is Monday, two daays away from now, and she is freaking out about what to wear. I've already thrown four dresses, three blouses, two tee-shirts, six pairs of jeans, one pair of khakis, two tube-tops, and even this ugly old furry thing at her. She's rejected all of them!

"Miley, I don't know what you want me to do!" I say to her exasperatedly.

I imagine how insane I must look. I'm kneeling in front of her, looking up at her with annoyed eyes, a red pump in one hand, and a pink stiletto in the other hand.

"Lilly, I just need something to wear for tomorow!" Miley yells back, balling her fists up in her curly brown hair.

I sigh and stand up, the carpet leaving a pattern on my knees. I hurl the shoes at the ground with so much force, the pump bounces at Miley and lands on her foot.

"Well, I give up!" I scream, throwing my hands up in the air like a mad woman. "I've showed you every cute thing you have and you haven't liked any of it! It's one damned picture, Miley!" I scream.

"Lilly, I know! But it's still important! You don't get it! You don't ever care about how you look!" Miley screams back.

My eyes widen in surprise.

"What? Are you saying that since I don't care, I don't look good?" I scream.

Its times like these when I want to bring up the fact that her boyfriend thinks I look fantastic, with and without clothes. But I know that I can't. I know that if I did, we'd all be doomed. I'd lose Jake, Miley, and most likely, Oliver. I couldn't live with that!

"NO! No, no, no, no! No! Of course that's not what I'm saying! I just meant that...You don't care as much what people think about your picture. So you don't think that much about what you wear." Miley nods, trying to calm me down.

Well, she is definitely not succeeding.

"So I always look horrible because I just throw random pieces of clothing on?" I ask, putting my hand on my hip."Miley, what are you trying to say?" I ask.

"You're not as shallow as me!" she gasps in a hurried tone.

At this point, I know that what she is saying is coming out wrong. I nod and smile a little.

"Okay, but you should really where the red tunic, with the black zip-up, and those skinny jeans!" I grin, pointing to the clothes in various places around the room.

"Really?" she says, her head cocking slightly as she picks it all up and holds it against her self, looking in the mirror.

"Really!" I nod with a smile. "It looks great." I say honestly.

It really does. Miley is one of those lucky people that can pull off red without looking fat. Lucky.

"And if you tell the photographer to use the red background, you'll look really sharp," I add, rummaging through her jewelry.

"What do you think Jake will think of it?" she asks me, still looking at her reflection.

I open my mouth to tell her that he'll want to sex her right then and there in front of the camera man, but another voice interupts me.

"He will think you look amazing, as always,"

I turn to see Jake standing in the doorway of Miley's closet. Miley gasps, grins, and runs towards him as if she hasn't seen him in months. FYI: I was with her when she saw him earlier.

"Jake! What are you doing! If Daddy catches you, he'll kill you!" Miley whispers, throwing her arms around Jake's neck and pulling herself against him, her chin on his shoulder.

Jake kisses her cheek and then looks at me, making sure to take a long time to look me up and down. And just like he does every time he hugs Miley with me behind her, he licks his lips in an extremely suggestive manor. I raise my eyebrow and bite my lip seductively. I know exactly what he wants. I want it to. We didn't get to last night, or the night before. I am being neglected by my bestfriend's boyfriend. How ironic.

"I just figured I'd slip in and say hi," Jake says, pulling back to grin at Miley.

Miley is head over heels for Jake, and I know it. Basically everyone knows it. But she'd be a lot more in love with him if she were to find out the amazing thing he could do with his tongue. The thought makes my cheeks turn a light shade of pink so I pretend to be coughing. Lack of air makes people turn red, right?

"Are you alright?" Miley asks me, walking away from Jake to come to my rescue.

I keep coughing, but nod. I'm fine. But she doesn't need to know that.

"Uhh-huh!" I force out like it hurts, between coughs.

"Do you want some water?" Miley asks, patting me on the back.

I nod, knowing that she will rush to retrieve the glass of water but will still take a long time. That is going to leave me alone with Jake. Miley nods and mutters something to Jake and as soon as I know she's out of ear shot, my coughing seizes. Jake stalks toward me immediately and pushes me against the wall. He's rough with me, but I love it. His mouth claims mine and I wish that I could have him right here and now, but I know we can't. Miley is coming back in less than five minutes. I push him slightly and he stumbles back.

"Did you come here just to tease me?" I ask breathlessly.

He smirks and nods. Damn him.

"Of course. Why else?" he whispers, walking back towards me and nipping at the sensitive flesh on my neck.

"Your--- ohhh---- your girlfriend, maybe?" I point out, my eyes fluttering shut against my will.

Damn him and all the things he can make my body do. I hear Miley's footsteps and I shove him faster than lightning. He regains his balance just as Miley comes in with a glass of water. She hands me the glass and I drink it gratefully. Not because I was coughing, but because I know the cool beverage will eliminate the heat rising in my cheeks.

"Are you alright?" Miley asks me, still concerned.

"Yeah, I'm fine." I nod.

Miley nods as well, as if in confirmation, and then she turns and looks at Jake with a smile.

"So, what are you doing tonight?" she asks him and I raise my eyebrows, involuntarily.

Jake steals a glance at me and then looks back down into Miley's big brown eyes.

"I've actually already told my mom that I'd help her with things around the house," Jake lies easily.

Lieing. Jake and I are both masters at it now. When all you do is lie for more than a year, you sort of become amazing.

"Oh..." Miley says, her smile fading a bit. "Alright, what about you, Lilly?" Miley asks me.

"I would hang out, but I still have that stupid research paper about AIDS due for English," I lie with a shrug.

"I thought you already handed that in?" Miley asks.

Oh fuck. She's right.

"Doofus, its the one for art class about that one artist that you still need to do. You told me about it in study hall today," Jake says before yawning.

I know that it's not a real yawn. Yawning is our signal that says when one of us saves the other one's butt, the one whose butt gets saved has to do whatever the butt-saver wants that night. I don't mind though. I actually enjoy being controlled when we're in bed. It's one of my kinks.

"Oh, that sucks. So, what am I supposed to do, hang out with Cliff and Jackson all night?" Miley sighs.

"I'll see you tomorow, alright, baby?" Jake says before planting one on Miley.

Its a long, slow, passionate kiss. One of those kisses that make you say 'Awww,' when you're watching a movie. I look away. But not because I'm jealous or anything, because I'm giving them privacy. Sort of.

"Mmkay." Miley grins, her cheeks as red as an apple.

"I should probably get going too, Miles." I nod, not being able to wait until Jake and I are alone.

"Alright." Miley nods as Jake walks out of the closet. "See you later," Miley smiles at me.

I nod and wave slightly, making sure not to walk too fast to get to Jake. I'm almost pissing myself in excitement. Finally! And my parents are both at work so Jake and I can have my house for five hours all alone. Yes.

Yes? No?

Good? Bad?


I didn't just make up the abortion pill though. There really is a pill that you can take the morning after to kill any chance of having a baby. I didn't say the name of it because being sixteen, Lilly probably has no real idea what it's called.