Sempais in Distress

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The sound of impact on the tennis balls… into their ears.

Morning practice of Seigaku was normal that day, until Inui approached his innocent little kohai on the bench, catching up with their breaths. It was hot even morning, sweat was coming out of everywhere.

"Finished your laps already?" questioned Inui, with shining glasses because of the sun's rays.

"Aa…Inui sempai…" Momo replied.

Ryoma was beside Momo, he was looking for something to drink. Kaidoh was wiping himself with his yellow towel, not far from the three.

"This intense heat can cause you dehydration" said the data man.

"Don't worry, Inui sempai…" said Ryoma, about to open a can of Ponta.

"That's not good for your health, Echizen."

Inui then grabbed the can from the youger boy, causing him to scowl, Inui stared at the young freshmen, with an evil glint on his glasses.



"Then we'll drink water instead" said Momo, reaching for his water bottle.

Inui then blocked Momo.

A strong breeze then passed through the four. Momo felt something chilly running down his spine.

"H2O doesn't have enough vitamins and minerals to support your physical activities" stated Inui.

Something was in the wind, and that "something" must be affecting their sempai's brain.

"Get to the point sempai…" said Kaidoh, annoyed.

"Okay then." said Inui, pushing his glasses higher on his nose. The older boy then pulled something from his back, which made the three…..horrified.

A pitcher of orange, mixed with green liquid came face to face with three of the youngest of the Seigaku regulars. Their faces were drained out of color. Suddenly looking pale, the three took steps backward away from the juice, temporarily escaping the awful smell it was producing. While the data man was taking huge steps forward closer to his kohai, with a wicked grin on his face.

"Now you don't want to start a goose chase…" he said. "That will higher the rate of dehydration"

"Wha-what's that, Inui sempai?" questioned Ryoma, pointing at their nightmare.

"A drink, just made for my darling kohai"

"Da-darling kohai?" said Kaidoh.

"Don't worry, this will be refreshing you'll see…" said Inui. "This can make you feel a thousand years younger"

What the four didn't know, there were several pairs of eyes itching to witness the agony of their kohai…

"Shouldn't we stop Inui, Fujiko nya?" questioned Eiji.

"Those poor boys," said Oishi. "They'll be Inui's guinea pigs"

"This looks like fun, ne, Taka-san?" said Fuji.

"BURNING BABY!!!" exclaimed Kawamura.

"What's did we do wrong?!" questioned Momo. "What's that for?!!!!"

"Nothing really.." replied the older boy. "Let's say this is your reward for training so hard these days"


"Aa..the fact that this contains enough nutrients to keep you going, and this also lowers the risks of infection."

"I-infection?!!!!" said Kaidoh, then he hissed in fear and annoyance."

"BUT THAT THING WILL INFECT US!!!!!" exclaimed Momo.

"Now, now you three, be good kohai and drink this" said Inui. "This is for your own good"

"Inui sempai?!!!"


"Poor ochibi, nya" said Eiji.

When Kawamura, Kikumaru, Oishi and Fuji approached their kohai, they were there, lying, knocked out by Inui's juice. They caught Inui scribbling down in his notebook, mumbling something.

"Oh no, we still have practice" said Oishi.

"It will take them hours to wake up" said Kawamura.

"They're all still cute lying on the ground even suffering written all over them, nya" said Eiji.

"I enjoyed the scene, Inui" said Fuji, grinning.

"If Tezuka finds out, he'll be-.." said Oishi.

"I'll be what?!!!"

What the third years didn't know that their suffering had just began…

End of Chapter…

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