Sempais in Distress

Chapter 13

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" I would never watch that again!" Eiji screeched. "Never nya!" Wiping some sweat off his forehead, with no trace of color on his face, he then stood up and went to the kitchen for a glass of water.

Worried of his doubles partner, Oishi then trailed behind Eiji to the kitchen. "Are you okay?" said Oishi. "That movie was too bloody and violent for our age." He then rubbed his partner's back as he eyed him worriedly with his pitch black orbs.

"N-no way!" denied Eiji, as he thumped his class into the table. "It was scary at first but it was so cool nya!"

"Oh, so you did watch that movie." a bodiless voice said. "The screams there were music in my ears." The two then turned their heads to a side that revealed the man that caused their distress since...ever? "Last time I heard it was this morning," his glasses then shone with the reflection of the light. "When our kouhai drank my masterpiece."

"Ma-masterpiece?" echoed Eiji as he gulped and grabbed Oishi's shirt.

"Inui." said Oishi as he nodded to acknowledge his presence. "There was a package for you."

"That was fast." Said Inui with a monotonous voice. "I was hoping I could acquire more data on Ryoma and the others while they're still in baby form." He then sighed. "Then I guess I have no choice now but to create the antidote."

Eiji then grabbed a cubical package from his pocket. "Here,nya" said Eiji as he handed it to Inui. "Would that turn Ochibi back to normal, nya?"



"Hey, Shinji." Said Kamio, getting his attention. "Isn't that one of the babies Seigaku was sitting?"


"Kichi la koo ni haoo chi!" said Ryoma. Translation: "Stop following me! I can explore on my own." Momo heard this, even he's too far away crawling towards the direction of his kohai. "Gami ichi loo la! Ichi loo la!" screeched Momo, with his hand motioning for Ryoma to stop and wait for him. Translation: "Wait up a sec will you? Will you?" Even the prodigy heard his sempai's whines, it didn't stop him to crawl for the direction of a sports equipment store. With a few meters away from the shop's doors, a pair of hands then grabbed the toddler.

"Gocha." said Kamio, as he lifted the youngest member of Seigaku to his eye's level. "Did you get the other one, Shinji?"

The whines of a very young Momoshiro answered Kamio's inquiry to his teammate. He was holding the young toddler's left leg, causing the spiky haired baby to be lifted upside down. "I think this one is very cranky." Shinji mumbled to himself as he eyed the toddler in his hands squirming and trying to pull his hair.

"I wonder why Seigaku even considered babysitting when the tournament is a few weeks away from now." Said Kamio, looking suspiciously at baby Ryoma , thinking that the young toddler's features were very familiar to him. "Something is fishy, don't you think so too?" He then turned his gaze back to his teammate.

"Hai." said Shinji with his voice barely audible. "But don't you think that its too much of a coincidence that these babies resemble some of their members?"

"You're right, as if as these baby were theirs." said Kamio, with shock all over his face. "I don't remember any of them having girlfriends." He was then surprised at his teammate with a dark aura emanating from him. "Uh..Shi-shinji?" he asked with a hint of hoarseness in his voice. "Is something that ma-"

"Why do they have girlfriends and I don't." Shinji mumbled.

Kamio then sweat dropped.


"And... Its done!" Inui exclaimed, revealing another one of his creations. "Behold, the Elixir 5000!"

All of the third years caught a glimpse of yellow-greenish solution with little chunks of-whatever it is- as they gulped seeing a horrendous drink from their very own data man. Who in the hell would survive this after drinking it? Maybe Fuji but he doesn't count. The Seigaku's tensai was like, immortal or something except for Inui's another creation, the Aozu.

"Very nice." Fuji stated, with a smile on his lips.

"About time." Said Tezuka as he closed his book he was reading. "Give it to our teammates you -infected, and then resume our training."

"Infected?" Inui echoed with a little hint of hurt in his voice. "But it was my master-" He was then shut up when their ever so stoic captain who gave him a dagger look that clearly states Say another word and I will make you run laps for the rest of your life look. Afraid for his throat, or should he say legs, he then made his way towards the carpet where they left the toddlers . "Err.. Tezuka?"

"What is it now, Inui?"

"There might be a little problem.." said Inui with his hands slightly trembling and droplets of sweat are building up on his forehead.

All the third years were anxious to hear what Inui would be saying. Was the elixir whatever would not turn the babies back to normal? Or would the effects of his previous creation would go worse? What would he state? What is the problem now?

"Someone left the door open." He stated simply, with a hint of fear in his voice."Oh no, where's Kaidoh?"

"What about Momo-chan, nya?"

"How about Echizen?"

"HELL BREAKS LOOSE BABY!" Kawamura exclaimed, with a lamp shade on his grip.

"Hmm.." said Fuji with his hands on his chin as if thinking. "When was the door last opened?"

All eyes then turned to a certain acrobat of the team.

Noticing this, Eiji then pointed a finger to himself questioningly, as if innocent, with color flushed out of his face.


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