Note: This is actually more along the lines of the ending I originally wanted to do

Note: This is actually more along the lines of the ending I originally wanted to do. I was really unsatisfied with how Part 4 left off, I did kind of rush (but I HATE writing fight scenes, so that was intended to be short).

~Epilogue - Reflections~

I glance over at the sleeping figure beside me, my mind still not registering fully what has happened in the past week. Yet, even through all the pain, all the suffering, all the death, if it still led to the warmth and comfort I feel now, I would gladly endure it again. Well, maybe there is one regret.

I walk over to the small window and gaze out. For most of my life I had lived under a lie and the consequences were great. Blindly I followed my errant hatred and look at what it led to. Saiyans were not saints but I do lament their deaths, especially a certain one's.

In a sense, he started me down on this path. For years he was the source of my anger, my malice, but I was mistaken. Boy, was I mistaken. He gave me back my love in his noble sacrifice and I will be eternally grateful.

Kakarotto, I am sorry.

* * * * *

I wake up, noticing immediately my mate is not by my side. But looking up, I see her at the window and I rise to join her.

She leans back into my warmth as I wrap my arms around her waist. We stand there in silence and I know what she's thinking. She feels guilty for what she did to the Saiyans but I assure her that I do not begrudge her. Bah, if the fools weren't quick enough, or smart enough, then they deserved to die.

Yet, she still feels sorrow, and that's the way she is. I have grown accustomed to death, but she never will. In a way I am glad for that, she was always the one pure thing in my life. Because of that, I will do whatever it takes to get her through this - I've already started. How ironic that the woman who wiped out the Saiyan empire is now the hope for rebirth. I smirk as I raise a hand and stroke her stomach. She doesn't know it yet, but she's smart, she'll figure it out.

My gift.

Her redemption.

Our son.

~La Fine~ (I really mean it this time)