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Chapter 1: Introduction

The year was 1000, both in the mamodo world, and the human world. Well, both worlds were the same to me. I was just any old normal neutral mamodo. There was nothing special about me, except that I had been selected to be one of the honorable candidates to participate in some sort of weird battle. When I was transported to the human world, I was not afraid, nor was I entirely confident. I didn't know what to feel, since there wasn't anything I could do about my fate. After all, I was bored in the mamodo world, and wished for something new. Yes, maybe the crown would be nice...

For starters, let me introduce myself. My name was Alm. I was just another mamodo boy, with a white circular head. I had a huge amount of spiky blue hair that spread out backwards, a small lock of orange hair on my forehead, a red round nose, and a pair of large yellow eyes. Like most mamodos, my head was no smaller than my body. I wore blue shorts, a pink sweater with red sleeves, and blue boots. I was Alm the Magnificent. I was Alm the Great. I tried imagining what my new title as king would be. At first, I chose Alm the Almighty. I thought it was a bit awkward, so I chose Heavenly Alm, which sounded like Heavenly Realm.

But then, I had no time for such futile thoughts. I was in a mission to become king. But I had no book owner. When I came to, I was in a meadow, and next to me was a tall structure full of arches. Where was I? I realized the dark blue spell book I gained back in the mamodo world was under my body, and it was hurting my spine. I pulled it up and opened it to see that the once familiar text within its pages were incomprehensible. Now, to find a book owner. I was assuming that the aqueduct was leading to a city filled with humans, so I walked along the structure towards the side where the top edge was slanting down.

Maybe some of my friends are there, I thought. Then we can stick together and try to become the ruler together. It started raining, and I quickened my pace. I had walked for miles, and still, there was no sign of the human species. I was also hungry, so I picked some grapes from nearby vines and had my feast under the aqueduct.

Where's Gelios hiding? I thought as I spat out grapes seeds. I was referring to my blue watery dragon mamodo friend. I used him as transportation around the neighborhood back home. Althought Gelios couldn't talk, I could still understand his feelings, and we became best friends. Why do I have to be stuck in this old boring place?

After a few minutes I picked up my book and kept on trudging towards the city, even when the storm didn't subside yet.

There was a loud crash of thunder, and I turned to look that part of the aqueduct was struck and before I knew it, the leaking water was flowing down on my face. Ugh, why me? I thought as I took a few steps backward and looked up. I let out a gasp. Standing on top of the aqueduct was a mamodo, with a book owner. Because they were so far away, and because the sky was dark, I couldn't make out their physical features. What I did know was the they tried attacking me from the sky, but ended up hitting the aqueduct instead. Now I really needed a book owner. I broke into a run and fled towards the city. The two figures flew past me and landed in front of me. When I recognized the mamodo, I froze in my tracks. Erujo? I thought. Is that you?

Standing in front of me was Erujo, a small mamodo boy that resembled an angel. He had short blond curly hair, green eyes, and an expressionless face. He wore a pair of white wings, a white tutu, and blue shoes. Standing next to Erujo was a young human girl about my age wearing a pink dress and had long brown hair.


Erujo fired a green laser at me with his palms. My foot was zapped and I tumbled to the ground.

"Erujo," I cried out. "Erujo, don't shoot! It's me, Alm!"

Erujo closed his eyes and shook his head. "Christine," he ordered.


Erujo launched his attack again, this time, at my face. I rolled over and got back up, gripping my foot in pain.

"Erujo, why?" I said.

Erujo looked at me with his expressionless face.

"This is not a matter of friendship," he began. "This is a battle to become the ruler of the underworld. And it is my job to get rid of useless wretches like you, who will never become king!"


"I'm going to blast you until you're sent back," said Erujo as he launched at attack that almost hit my book. I blocked it with my chest.

"Erujo," I said, with a hint of anger in my voice. "Weren't we the best of friends back home? Didn't we not spent half of our time together? Remember how we used to ride Gelios!?"

"Now is not the time to talk about things that trivial," said Erujo. "None of these things matter during the millennium battle, not even friendship. Christine, don't stop casting. Annihilate him."


I was forced to crawl to a safe area. The beam hit one of the many legs of the aqueduct. Quickly, I broke into a run. I grabbed Christine's arm and she let out a squeal. I flung her into the wall of the aqueduct and she lay there, stunned. Erujo quickly flew at me and tried to kick me. Angrily, I dropped my book, grabbed his neck, and shook him.

"Erujo, WHY!" I yelled as I shook him vigorously.

"...I...," he managed to choke out.

"I'm telling you," I muttered under my breath. "Once I find my book owner, I'm going to blast you apart! I'm going to tear you to pieces!"

Erujo's face showed no fear. Instead, he spat at my eye. With boiling anger, I yelled as I flung him onto the ground. He passed out because I had choked him half to death. I felt the anger raging inside of me. We were such good friends... I let out a scream of disgust kicked Erujo's body with fury. Friends... what friends? I wanted to hurt him even more, but Christine recovered and tackled me. I grabbed my book and ran away. But after a few seconds, I looked back. I saw Erujo lying in the grass, all wet, and I couldn't help feeling a slight sensation of regret for doing this to him.

I shook the thought off my head and continued towards the city.

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