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Chapter 7: The Final Battle

Dioga Gorgogeo

It was as if all hope was lost. I was entangled in the snake hair, not even able to move, and my book was stolen by Goren's book owner.

"B... Brian!" I screamed with all my remaining energy. Brian had gotten up and tackled Goren's book owner.

"Alm, I won't... let you turn to stone!"


Not being able to see, I shot blindly. Goren's snake let me go, and I looked up to see Goren's forehead damaged and sizzling. The stone curse shot out, but we were able to dodge it on time.

"Goren, I've found you at last." I panted.

Ganjas Neshiruga

I pounded the ground, making beams erupt on Goren and his book owner. Our enemies were thrown backward into the forest.


"This will put an end to your reign," I screamed as I directed my beam at Goren with full force. Goren just took the attack with his arms.

"Ugh, why are we having so much trouble with these brats?" complained Goren's book owner. "Finish them, Goren!" With a roar, he charged at me, fist raised.

"What the-" I was off-balance from all the energy I just used for my spell, and Brian had to push me aside. Brian took the full impact of Goren's fist.

My spell book flew out of Brian's hands and Brian crashed into the branches of a tree. With a thud, he landed on the ground.

"Brian no-" I screamed, but my breath was cut short by Goren's fist. I was thrown next to Brian. Goren continued to pound me more, but I took them all without hesitation. Goren wrapped me around with his snakes and brought me in front of him.

"This battle is over," chuckled Goren's book owner, stepping up. I was helpless, and all I could do was suffocate under his grip. Brian had sacrificed himself for me, and without a book owner, I was helpless.

"Do it then," I grunted. "Turn me into stone, like you did to all my friends. I'd rather be trapped in darkness than to see you be king!"

"So what if I become king?" asked Goren. "How does that matter to all you weaklings who can't even protect their book owners? Your book owner gave his life for you. And yet, you had done nothing in return for him." I cursed under my breath. Brian... a true friend.

He's right. I should have treated Brian with more respect. With more empathy and friendship.

What have I done?

"It's always a delight to see someone's mind breaking down," commented Goren's book owner, seeing my expression of sorrow. He opened his book. "Time to end this."

Dioga Gorgogeo

I shut my eyes and prepared for the worst. A beam of green light shot in my direction. To my surprise, I felt the snakes let go of me and I fell to the ground. I opened my eyes and saw sizzling snakes on the ground. Two figures were visible in the distance.

"Don't give up, Alm," said the mamodo. "Just because you've lost a friend doesn't mean you stop fighting. Because we're here for you!"

I was overjoyed with relief. Friends have come to actually help.

"Please accept our rescue as a redemption for attacking you in the first place," said the book owner. "Look after you book owner. We'll distract Goren!"

"Thanks!" I said. "You're both in my debt." I hurried to Brian to protect him from Goren and to check whether or not he was alive. C'mon, Brian...

"Heh, so this lowly demon actually has a friend," snickered Goren. "Who cares! There's no way a little pixie can defend you." His snakes lunged at me.

Ganzu Biraitsu

Erujo's beams hit Goren's head, snakes, and chest at the same time, making major burns.

"You're in my way!" said Goren as he charged at Erujo with his fist.

Daibara Biranga

A massive blue monster was launched against Goren.

"They have a spell that strong?" said Goren's book owner. Goren just charged at the monster with his fist. There was an explosion and dust was spewed everywhere.

"Are you alright?" asked Christine. She was sitting in a crouched position, panting heavily. Somehow, the team had descended next to Brian and me.

"Yeah," I muttered. "My book owner's alive, but he's badly injured. I'll... try my best to fight with you."

"Goren's an enemy that must be defeated," said Erujo blankly. I looked at him in confusion, but then nodded.

A series of groans could be heard. Goren emerged with blood on his fist and his chest. "You'll PAY FOR THAT!" He reached for us with his snakes.

"Erujo, watch out," I said. Erujo leaped aside, but the snakes grabbed Christine. Erujo's face turned pale.

"Worthless vermin. You'll pay for that," said Goren as he threw her to the ground.

Dioga Gorgogeo

Since we were all in a group, Goren aimed at Erujo, who was trapped between Christine and me.

"ERUJO!!!" I cried, pushing him aside.

The last thing I remembered before I was sealed in stone was my friend's face. He was looking at me with horror and shock. But just knowing that he was safe was fine with me. The binding chill and the deathly silence I experienced was nothing compared to the relief I felt inside.

I was glad for helping out a friend.

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