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okay first off, if you haven't read New Lives, there's a character induction (which is part of the story by the way) but I recommended you reading it first...

If you have first one (or you're reading anyways) I'd like to say that the 4 surviving 5 Jewels of the Neo Dark Kingdom will appear in this... Opal will have a semi-major role as she is Naruto's adopted sister... while the three will appears ever now and then and will be mentioned many times (Amber is mentioned as one point in the first chapter). Much like how New Lives was AU for Pokemon and Naruto, the AU goodness spreads to One Piece and Zatch Bell in this story... (read to find out how...),

Also the Worlds are going to be called something else Ash's will be called the World of Pokemon, Luffy's will called the World of Pirates, Naruto's will be called the World of Ninja, Kiyo's will be called the World of Mamodo Battle and Ranma's will called the World of Chaos.

One more thing: The time line of this story... Begging of Diamond and Pearl (Pokemon), After Enies Lobby (One Piece), Shortly before the fight with Zofis (Zatch Bell), during Naruto's training (Naruto) and Whenever (Ranma 1/2)

enjoy the story...

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The Sailor Senshi… a group of female warriors Thousands of Years ago they protected the Silver Millennium, a Kingdom on the Moon… then the kingdom fell… but the Senshi were reborn, protecting the people of Earth… however when their new kingdom of Crystal Tokyo fell, Neo Queen Serenity sent them to be reborn into different worlds… however in her depression she wasn't thinking right so she had them reborn as male…

Sailor Mercury was reborn as Kiyo Takamine (or Takamine Kiyo in the Worlds of Pirates and Ninja) of the World of the Mamodo Battle. A genius who was chosen to be the Book Keeper of Zatch Bell, a genius but with a slight temper. Right now he is researching ancient ruins due to reasons involving the mamodo battle.

Sailor Venus was reborn as Uzumaki Naruto (Naruto Uzumaki in the Worlds of Pokemon, Chaos and Mamodo Battle) of the World of Ninjas. A hyper active knucklehead ninja that dreams of being Hokage. Shortly after birth a demon fox was sealed inside of his body (which also caused his past life's conciseness to separate from his own). He is currently in training to bring a friend back.

Sailor Mars was reborn as Monkey D. Luffy (Luffy D. Monkey in the Worlds of Chaos, Pokemon and Mamodo Battle) of the World of Pirates. Much like Naruto he's hyperactive who dreams of being King of the Pirates as well as the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, quite recently his bounty was raised to 300 Million Berries… which is extremely high. As the age of 7 he ate the Gum Gum Fruit which gives the power to stretch like Rubber. Right now he's resting after a major battle he had with the world government.

Sailor Jupiter was reborn as Ranma Saotome (Saotome Ranma in the Worlds of Ninjas and Pirates) was of the World of Chaos. Martial Artist with serious problems… cursed to change into a girl with just a splash of cold water, many fiancés and rivals no one envies his life… and if they do their life in worse.

Sailor Saturn was reborn as Gary Oak (Oak Gary in the worlds of Ninjas and Pirates) of the World of Pokemon. Former Pokemon Trainer, now a researcher following in the footsteps of his grandfather Professor Oak. As one of the Outer Senshi he knew about a year earlier than the inners. He's now traveling with his best friend (and fellow Senshi) Ash in the Sinnoh Region.

Sailor Uranus was Reborn as Hatake Kakashi (Kakashi Hatake in the Worlds of Mamodo Battle, Pokemon and Chaos) of the World of Ninjas. Jonin of the Village hidden in the Leaves and one of most infamous ninja, he's Naruto's former sensei. As one of the Outer Senshi he knew that he was a senshi a year before the inners… he is the only Outer to face consequences of hiding this fact, a book from Kakashi's favorite author is about a man who's past life was lesbian... not that he minds this a book very loosely based on his situation… He's curtly accepting A and S Ranked Missions and reading Jiraiya's newest book (which was indeed the one loosely based on his life).

Sailor Neptune was Reborn as Portages D. Ace (Ace D. Portages in the World of Chaos, Mamodo Battle and Pokemon) of the World of Pirates. Luffy's older brother, second in command of the White Beard Crew and Narcoleptic, much like his younger brother he's an infamous pirate. Much like Luffy he ate a Devil Fruit, the Flare Flare Fruit. Ace is currently hunting down Black Beard, a Pirate that killed some of his crewmates.

And finally Princess Serenity or Neo Sailor Moon was reborn was Ash Ketchum (Ketchum Ash in the World of Pirates and Ninjas) of the World of Pokemon. A Great Pokemon Trainer, as coming in the best 16 in the Kanto League, Best 8 in both the Johto and Hoenn League, won the Orange League and recently conquered the Battle Frontier, he's is amazing. With his Pikachu by his side he is now traveling the Sinnoh Region.

Also there's Setsuna Meioh AKA Sailor Pluto, the One Sailor Senshi that didn't perish in Crystal Tokyo, she posses as a Teacher of Kiyo's school as well as the guardians Cats (or as Ranma calls them Hamsters) consisting of Luna, Artemis, Dianna, Hermes and Aeries.

Also there are 4 more senshi, referred to the Asteroid Senshi, Sailor Ceres, Sailor Vesta, Sailor Juno and Sailor Pallas… however their identities are hidden from Sailor Pluto and Guardian Cats to insure they live normal lives.

With the defeat of Neo Dark Kingdom the Senshi lived normal Lives, other than the occasional cross dimensional hopping… and the way their lives was before their discovery of being Sailor Senshi... With Everything as they should be they enjoy their lives… but how will it Last?

New Lives R

By Emma Iveli

Chapter 1: A Hero Always Comes Back!

The sun was shinning… the birds were singing and Ash Ketchum was sighing in embarrassment…. Ash Ketchum was used to Sailor Senshi Fangirls… Ever since becoming one he's dealt with them... He though unless May or Misty came for a visit (or somehow running in Mina) he would be free for a while… but he was wrong… then there was Dawn… she was reading a comic that she bought in the last town… based on the Sailor Senshi… Ash was signing, as Brock cooked lunch. Pikachu and Dianna were comforting him.

"You okay?" said Gary.

"No… I'm fine…" lied Ash.

"Oh come on I know how you are with fangirls…" said Gary.

Ash sighed, "I thought I would at least get a small break from the madness…" said Ash.

"At least we left out the part that we are the Sailor Senshi from her when we told them about Ranma and Kiyo…" said Gary.

Recently Ash and Pikachu were separated thanks to the thieves/ stalkers called Team Rocket, Ash had called on Ranma, Kiyo and Zatch to help him find Pikachu (Luffy was busy recovering from a fight), after certain circumstances they got Pikachu back and met Dawn… they had explained that Ash and Gary were interdemensional super heroes that Kiyo and Ranma were members of too… leaving out they were the famous Sailor Senshi.

"Well at she's not as big as a fan May was…" said Gary.

"I guess your right…" said Ash.

That's when there was a beeping sound… that came from Ash and Gary's pockets… it was their communicators.

"I love this new message system that Kiyo and Setsuna installed…" said Ash.

Recently Kiyo and Setsuna installed a message system to leave messages like an answering machine… it was very easy to use… Both opened their communicators… it was a message from Luffy… who was really happy.

"Great news!" said Luffy's message, "We got a new ship it's called the Thousand Sunny! I have great news to tell you in person… we're having a party but I think you guys should come tomorrow… I hope to see everyone tomorrow"

That's when the message ended… both Gary and Ash smiled…

"That's great!" yelled Ash.

"What is it?" asked Dawn.

"Everything's fine with Luffy…" said Ash.

"He wants us to visit tomorrow…" said Gary.

"Really?" said Brock who's eyes turned to hearts, "I haven't seen Nami or Robin in so long!"

"Or Sanji…" said Gary with a smirk.

"I don't care about him…" grumbled Brock.

Ash, Gary and Pikachu laughed.

"I can come too… right?" said Dawn.

"Of course…" said Ash, "You're our friend… and to Luffy he's your friend too…"

"That's great!" said Dawn.

"None of his crew member are or resemble Captain Jack Sparrow…" said Gary.

"Darn it…" said Dawn snapping her fingers.

That's when they received another message… this time from Kiyo.

"I'm afraid I can't make it tomorrow… I found out where Milordo Z is hiding… and please I don't want anyone helping… and I'm almost there…" said Kiyo's Message, "I'm talking to you Luffy… Ash…"

Ash sweatdroped…

"I'll visit as soon as possible…" said Kiyo's Message.

That's when it ended…

"That's too bad…" said Ash.

"but you know… Kiyo has been working on that for a while…" said Gary.

"Who's Milordo Z again?" asked Dawn.

"It's an evil Mamodo that's controlling mamodo that was sealed in stone for a Thousand Years…" said Gary.

The next day in the World of the Mamodo battle… Ace landed in front of Setsuna's apartment… "When is she going to fix that?" he said… as he rang her apartment's doorbell.

"Who is it?" came Kakashi's voice over the intercom.

"Kakashi?" asked Ace.

"Oh hey Ace…" said Kakashi.

"Can you let me in… I have to talk to Setsuna… and you too since you're here…" said Ace.

"Okay…" said Kakashi's voice as he buzzed in the pirate.

Ace got up to Setsuna's apartment… he made it up.

"ace what's wrong?" asked Setsuna as she opened the door.

"It's a long story…" said Ace as he entered the apartment.

"Hey Sleepy…" said Hermes.

"Yo!" said Kakashi.

"So the rumors are true… you two are dating…" said Ace with a smirk.

"Who told you?" asked Kakashi.

"Things get out fast… from what Luffy told me, Ash found out from Zatch, who found from Kiyo, who found out from Ranma, who found out from Akane, who found out from Amber, who found out from Opal, who found out from Hinata, who found out from Sakura, who heard from Ino saw you on a date with "a mysterious green dark skinned woman"… she put and two together…" said Ace who sighed when he realized he was talking like a teenaged girl.

"That's a long list…" said Kakashi with a sweat drop.

"So what happened?" asked Setsuna.

"There's a new enemy… calling themselves the Black Sun…" said Ace, "And they recruited Black Beard…" he added bitterly.

"What?" said Kakashi.

"I fought with a girl calling her self "Sea"… she shot me with a strange dart that knocked me out for several hours… enough for her and Black Beard's crew to escape…" said Ace who then took out his broken communicator.

"That's bad…" said Hermes.

"What's Hermes doing here?" asked Ace.

"I'm watching him for Kiyo…" said Setsuna.

"Is there anything else?" asked Kakashi.

"One thing is that they plan to recruit 4 more people to their cause… she only mentioned Buggy the Clown due his obsessive grudge agaisnt Luffy…" said Ace.

Both Kakashi and Setsuna sweatdroped…

"Did they mention anyone else?" asked Setsuna.

"No…" said Ace, "Also… they plan to go after the Asteroids…"

"What?" said Setsuna.

"Are you sure?" asked Kakashi.

"I'm positive…" said Ace.

"I don't even know who they are… all I know is which worlds they were reborn…" said Setsuna.

"Where?" asked Kakashi.

"Sailor Pallas was reborn in your world Kakashi, Sailor Juno was reborn in your world Ace, Sailor Ceres was reborn in Ranma's world and Sailor Vesta was reborn here…" said Setsuna.

"We have to warn everyone…" said Hermes.

"I don't think we should tell Kiyo yet… not yet… what Milordo Z is doing is horrible and I think Kiyo should stop him…" said Setsuna.

"And there's no way to get into contact with Naruto…" said Kakashi, "He's dead set on getting Sasuke back that unless somehow Sasuke came back for some reason he won't be come back until his training was over…"

"But we should tell everyone else right away…" said Ace.

"Not yet…" said a voice.

They turned around and saw a young man with black hair dressed in all black…

"who are you?" asked Setsuna.

"the Name's Horror…" said the young man, "I'm here's to make sure that you don't get out until the senshi visits Luffy and our Allies get the Sailor Senshi…"

"Is that so?" said Kakashi.

A black dome covered the three of them… and Hermes.

"That will create interference with both the communicator and Time Key… well I have to go…" said the man named Horror.

"What are we going to do now?" asked Ace.

"Don't worry… I'm sure their fine…" said Kakashi.

"Don't worry…" said Setsuna, "And don't be angry you missed your chance at killing Black Beard… I'm passive you will get your chance…"

Ace nodded she was right…

Meanwhile in the World of Pirates, Luffy was enjoying the breeze on the side of the ship… and was in a very good mood. That's when a time portal opened right above him… causing the person who came out and Luffy to fall over board… Usopp and Zoro heard the splash

"Oh no Luffy fell overboard!" yelled Usopp.

"I'll go get him…" sighed Zoro.

"No need…" came a voice over the side.

They saw Ranma-Chan helping Luffy keeping his head above water.

"It's just my luck something like this happened…" said Ranma-Chan.

"Thanks Ranma!" said Luffy.

"By the way… can you get Sanji to boil water please!" said Ranma-Chan, "A rope would be nice too…"

After fetching the rubber man and aqua transsexual out of the water…

"It's entrances like this why I hate this world…" said Ranma-Chan ringing the water out of her pants.

"You wouldn't be Ranma with your luck…" said Luffy jokingly.

"If someone else comes here I bet they won't land in the water…" said Ranma-Chan.

"Hey Ranma!" said Nami joining them.

"Hey… and like I keep telling you Setsuna has your paychecks…" said Ranma.

Nami sweatdroped…

"Oh yeah!" yelled Luffy, "Hey! Franky! I want you meet someone!" yelled Luffy.

A strange man came out of a nearby room… he was best described as the strange love child of Ace Ventura and Popeye. He was extremely tall with a tree pronged chin, metal nose, large Popeye like forearms with blue star tattoos and hair that resembled Ace Ventura… he also wore a Hawaiian shirt and a Speedo.

"So you have a new crewmate…" said Ranma with a smirk.

"What's going on?" asked the man.

"I wanted you meet someone!" said Luffy, "This is…"

Before Luffy could do his introduction another time portal appeared… this time it was Ash, Gary, Pikachu, Brock, Dianna and their newest member Dawn.

"Ow…" said Dawn.

"We told it was a rough landing…" said Gary.

"Yeah but you didn't say that rough…" said Dawn.

"you guys made it too!" said Luffy happily.

"Sure did..." said Ash getting up.

The man just stared… he was told of Luffy being a interdemensional super hero… but didn't believe but here was the proof.

"I thought you had a new crewmember…" said Ash.

"Yeah this is…" said Luffy.

That's when there was another portal that popped up… out came Opal… covered in some paint.

"Hey guys!" said Opal as she got up.

"What did you do this time?" asked Ranma.

"What… how dare you accuse me of doing something…" said Opal who then broke out laughing, "Sorry, sorry… we all know that's a lie… but I'm extremely proud of this prank…"

"What did you do?" asked Gary.

Opal took out a picture… it was of the Hokage monument… more specially the place where they were planning to put Tsunade's face… on the place read "This Space Reversed for a drunken degenerative gambler"

Everyone except for Dawn and Luffy's newest crew member who was left out of loop laughed in some way.

"what's so funny?" asked Dawn.

"Sorry I guess we should explain…" said Ranma-Chan, "Their planning to carve the face of a woman named Tsunade there…"

"She's drunken degenerative gambler but no one has the guts to make fun of her…" said Gary.

"Oh…" said Luffy's newest crewmember.

"We should introduce everyone…" said Ash.

"Oh yeah… as I was saying this Franky my new Shipwright! He built this ship…" said Luffy.

"It's Super to meet you all!" said Franky doing his pose causing everyone to sweat drop.

"he certainly has his quirks…" said Gary.

"And this is Dawn… she's started traveling with me…" said Ash.

"Hi!" said Dawn.

Elsewhere not too far away in a boat that looked like it escaped from the circus… Buggy the Clown was meeting with a girl with short green hair wearing a hat.

"Cat was it?" said Buggy, "What do you want with me…"

"I work for the Black Sun… and we have job offer for you…" said the woman named Cat.

"What kind of Job Offer?" asked Buggy.

"The king of gets Monkey D Luffy killed…" said Cat.

The meant she said that sentence buggy smiled.

"so why do you want him dead?" asked Buggy.

"Well… it's a long story… but I think it's best that she leaves the room…" said Cat pointing to Alvida.

"Why?" asked Buggy.

"Because… then again it might fun to see your reaction…" said Cat.

"Reaction to what?" asked Alvida.

"Well it all started many years ago…" said Cat.

Cat told the story of the Sailor Senshi… the story made Buggy laugh.

"Really Luffy was a girl in his past life?" asked Buggy.

"That's right…" said Cat, "And with your help we can get what we in the Black Sun what we want…"

"There are catches aren't there…" said Buggy.

"Well if you do kill Luffy… the Credit goes the Black Beard…" said Cat, "Oh and if everyone agrees you're be considered the weakest of our Black Sun Alliance…"

"What…" said Buggy, "How will I be considered the weakest…"

"Well Black Beard did join White Beard just for a Devil Fruit and killed the guy who own so he could have it… and let's just say your not as evil as someone controlling humans as puppets for his own gain, a man who seeks immortality by transferring his soul into other bodies killing that person and an evil 6 old who wants nothing more than to see his brother suffer…" said Cat.

He knew about Black Beard… but he didn't want to know who the other three were.

"But I don't know… only one of them really has to gain from this… so the might not join…" said Cat.

"Which one…" said Buggy.

"The 6 year old…" said Cat.

Buggy really didn't want to know what was with that kid... but was intrigued.

"You have yourself an ally…" said Buggy.

"you made the right choice…" said Cat, "Is she going to be Okay…" he said pointing to Alvida who was quietly weeping in the corner upon discovering that that the man she loved wasn't so manly…

"She'll be fine…" said Buggy.

"Captain Buggy sir! The Straw Hats ship has been located!" said one of Buggy's pirates.

"Interesting…" said Cat.

"Go after them!" ordered Buggy.

Back on the Thousand Sunny, after introductions and good news (everyone got bounties, but not all of them were good, Sanji's poster had a horrible picture, Usopp wasn't his but rather an alias he had during a period when he and Luffy weren't on good terms and Chopper was worth pocket change…) Everyone seemed to have broken off into groups, Opal was telling Usopp about her pranks along with pranks she did with the Konohamaru Corps, Dawn and Franky seemed to hit offer despite their differences as they were the two newbie when it came down it, Brock and Sanji were fighting... while Zoro watch and snickered, Pikachu confided with Chopper and the cats about his bike problem (Pikachu keeps accidentally destroying girls bikes) while the girls of the crew were doing their own thing while Luffy was telling his fellow senshi how Franky Joined.

"And that's how Franky joined…" finished Luffy.

All three of them stared at Luffy… the story involved a stolen Speedo and Robin's powers being used n a similar way at We Beat the Neo Dark Kingdom/ Naruto's goodbye party… enough said…

"If you have to tell that story again… please make sure I'm not around…" said Gary.

"Yeah…" agreed Ranma (who had changed back earlier).

Luffy sweatdroped… "Why?" asked Luffy.

"I did not need to picture that…" said Ash with a shiver.

"Hey is that a ship heading this way?" asked Ranma pointing to a ship in the distance

"I think so…" said Luffy looking in the direction, "Hey Usopp!"

"Then I replaced all of his clothes with green spandex…" said Opal.

"Can you hold on for a second?" said Usopp, "What?"

"Can you go see if that ship is the Marines?" asked Luffy.

"Okay…" said Usopp.

"Should I tell you the story on the way to the Crow's nest?"

Usopp nodded…

When they got up the Crow's nest Opal had fined her story.

"Needless to say Tenten was mentally scared for life seeing Neji dressed like one of the Spandex Duo…" said Opal.

Usopp snickered… as he adjusted his goggles… that's when he saw the flag of the ship.

He grabbed the microphone and yelled "Buggy the Clown is coming!"

Down on the deck with the Senshi…

"Buggy the Clown?" asked Ash.

"Oh yeah… he's a Clown Pirate! Nearly killed me a while back…" said Luffy like it's nothing.

"I see…" said Gary.

"Need help getting rid of him?" asked Ranma.

"Sure…" said Luffy with a big grin.

Not too long later everyone was gathered… on the deck.

"Are you sure about fighting them…" said Dawn.

"You could always hide if you're scared…" said Ash.

"no… of course not…" said Dawn this was of course a lie… then again Dawn just started as Pokemon trainer in a satiation no one would ever suspect.

"So…" said Ash, "Should we help…"

"I think we should just act as back up… with Brock

"Especially since I'm the only one with a full team…" said Gary.

Back on Buggy's Ship…

"I'm going to introduce myself… then you'll join…" said Cat who disappeared with the sound of bells.

"I wonder what she's planning…" said Buggy.

Back on the Thousand Sunny for some reason yarn balls appeared on the deck.

"What the…" said Zoro who was first notice them.

They exploded in yarn... tying up the nearest person or animal… the only ones unscathed were the Sailor Senshi.

"We're ties by yarn…" said Dawn.

"Is there a Devil Fruit like that?" asked Brock.

"No to my knowledge…" said Robin.

"My, my… things are interesting…" said a voice.

With the sound of bells ringing Cat appeared from thin air… both Sanji and Brock's eyes exploded in hearts when they saw her… also she made Ranma fell uncomfortable for some reason…

"Ash Ketchum, Gary Oak, Monkey D. Luffy, Ranma Saotome…" said Cat, "Better known as the Sailor Senshi… well most of it… most of the outers aren't here, Venus is busy with trying to get that guy Sasuke back to the Village and Mercury is battle an evil being whom I'm 99 percent sure is a guy..."

This shocked the 4 of them…

"What did you say…" said Ranma.

"Wait you guys are the Sailor Senshi?" said Dawn surprised.

Ash hung his head… "Not again…"

"Well you should be happy that the biggest senshi fangirl still doesn't know your identity…" said Gary.

"How is that supposed to help…" said Ash glaring at Gary.

"Who are you?" asked Luffy.

"My name is Cat… one of the 8 Wonders of the Black Sun…" said Cat, "We have our motives… of course one of them is getting the Silver Crystal…"

"I won't let you have it!" yelled Ash while an aura of anger surrounded him.

"What's with Ash…" said Usopp.

"Another fangirl found out his identity…" said Brock with a sweat drop.

"What number is it? 4th time?" asked Opal.

"3rd… Mina still doesn't know…" said Brock.

"Now, now... it's not just the Silver Crystal… we also seek special allies…" said Cat, "We already have who agreed…"

She napped her fingers… Buggy's ship appeared to the Thousand Sunny while Buggy appeared next to her.

"What the hell did you just do!" yelled Buggy who looked a little sick to the stomach.

"What… I told to prepare…" said Cat.

"When?" asked Buggy.

"Sorry… I guessed I spazzed out on it…" said Cat.

"Should we transform?" asked Ash.

"Is there any other choice?" asked Gary.

"Let's do this!" yelled Luffy.

Ranma just shrugged…

"Moon Crisis!"

"Mars Crystal Power!"

"Jupiter Crystal Power!"

"Saturn Planet Power!"


The senshi transformed… causing a shock to the two newbie.

"Luffy's a cross dresser?" yelled Franky.

"Ash is Sailor Neo Moon…" said Dawn who fainted.

"Now go my Jouji!" said Cat tossing a strange Yarn Ball when it hit it exploded out of the dust… was a cat like monster… a cat like monster

"Oh god!" yelled Sailor Jupiter.

"What scared of a little kitty kitty?" asked Cat taking off her hat revealing two cat ears.

Sailor Jupiter fell the ground and into the fetal position.

"This is bad…" said Sailor Saturn.

"He's near that point again…" said Neo Sailor Moon with a sigh.

"That point?" asked Dawn getting up apparently waking up.

"Ranma's afraid of cats…" said Dianna.

"But aren't you…" said Franky.

"Hamsters!" yelled Aeries.

"What?" asked Dawn.

"Ranma's convinced himself their hamsters…" said Zoro.

"It's best we don't contradict him!" said Opal, "He thinks a cat when his fear is push too much believe me… I've seen it…"

"Okay…" said Sailor Saturn summoning the Silence Galva.

"Go Buttons the Wonder Kitty!" said Cat.

Everyone anime fell the moment she said that.

"That's the monster's name?" asked Sailor Mars… even she thought it was stupid.

The Buttons the Wonder Kitty turned it's attention to Neo Sailor Moon…

"Space Sword Blaster!"

The monster's arm was sliced off.

"We're here!" said Sailor Neptune as the other Outers as well as Hermes arrived.

"Ace!" said Sailor Mars.

"Kakashi! Setsuna!" said Neo Sailor Moon.

"What took you so long…" said Sailor Saturn.

"We were trapped in a dome that cut us off from you…" said Sailor Uranus.

"It's true… it's not one of his excuses…" said Sailor Neptune.

Everyone sweatdroped…

"So you need help getting out?" asked Sailor Uranus to everyone else still trapped in the yarn

There were was an awkward silence.

"You… I think we were so preoccupied with the fight that we forgot about the yarn…" said Opal.

That's when the yarn fell off Opal causing everyone else to sweat drop.

"How can you get the yarn off!" yelled Zoro.

"I guess since the Rope Untying Jutsus one of the most basic jutsu…" said Opal.

This caused everyone to sweat drop…

"Opal you think you can cut them loose?" asked Sailor Uranus.

"Sure Kakashi-Sensei…" said Opal taking out a Kunai.

She did Zoro first as he was the only one she knew who carried sharp pointy things.

"So what are we going to do?" asked Sailor Neptune.

"Maybe should destroy the monster before Ranma snaps…" said Sailor Saturn.

"That's a good plan…" said Sailor Mars.

"Burning Mandala!"

"Deep Submerge!"

"World Shaking!"

"Dead Scream…"

"Can Opener!"

Everyone looked at Sailor Saturn…

"You named an attack can opener?" asked Sailor Uranus.

"I thought it would be a funny joke…" said Sailor Saturn.

"It's kind of funny…" said Neo Sailor Moon, "But it's my turn!"

"Moon Illusion Dispel!"

The monster with the cutesy name turned into a yarn ball then to dust.

"I'm okay!" said sailor Jupiter getting out.

"What about the cat girl…" said Neo Sailor Moon.

"As long as I don't focus on her ears then I'm fine…" said Sailor Jupiter twitching slightly.

"I guess since she's mostly human he's mostly fine…" said Sailor Uranus jokingly.

"It's our turn now!" yelled Buggy but before he could do anything Cat kicked him in bananas and nuts.

"Not yet... it's not time…" said Cat.

"Why you…" grumbled Buggy.

"Now I know for a fact that the outers… minus Saturn knows about us… we are the Black Sun we have many goals… one is to gain Allies… as you can see Buggy the Clown has agreed… and we also have Black Beard… another goal is find and kill the Asteroid Senshi…"

"What!" yelled Neo Sailor Moon.

"That's right…" said Cat.

"We don't even know who they are… who where they are…" said Sailor Saturn.

"Well we have to get them before they awaken…" said Cat, "And one of our other Goals is getting the Silver Crystal…"

There was a silence…

"You already said that…" said Neo Sailor Moon.

"Oh… right…" said Cat, "Well see ya!"

With that Cat Snapped her fingers… Buggy's ship, Buggy and herself vanished… while Buggy was extremely confused.

"Great…" said Sailor Saturn.

"I thought we were done with the cross-dressing…" said Neo Sailor Moon.

"Speak for yourself…" said Sailor Jupiter.

"We have to be ready for anything…" said Kakashi as he detransformed.

All the other senshi nodded in agreement… except for Ash (who too had detransformed), he was sitting ion the corner with the air black around him…

"What happened to him?" asked Ace.

"He's traveling with another fangirl…" said Gary.

And with that the Sailor Senshi were back in action… well not all of them Kiyo was still busy with Milordo Z and Naruto was training with the Pervy Sage… uh… Jiraiya... But who knew what would happen?

Next Time: Kiyo, Zatch along with several other mamodo teams go to fight the mamodo known as Milordo Z... but the Black Sun gets him to join up with them... what will happen? Will the other senshi be able ot help? Find out next time!