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Chapter 50: Things are Back to Normal… Sort of…

Once they got back to the Thousand Sunny (and the senshi detransformed) a party erupted. It was party yet an odd sense of Déjà vu hung in the air… it was unknown why… but it was a party, it didn't matter because of the Déjà vu… people were dancing, drinking, talking… mob of angry women beating up the Pervy sage… um… wait a second…

"You pervert! I can't bevel you asked me that!" yelled Sherry.

"What kind of sick weirdo are you!" yelled Doll.

"There's no way I'm going to be in your book!" yelled Koko.

"Your going to pay!" yelled Sea.

Same dialogue too… eerie…

"Didn't that happen before at last celebration party…" said Ranma.

"Yes… but it will different as Robin's not involved…" said Naruto laughing at the memory of Robin crushing Jiraiya's happy man.

After all the angry woman parted ways from the self proclaimed super pervert… Jiraiya mumbled "It's not my day."

Koko sighed, looked around for a place that a secluded… she found a place and began to cry.

"Why… why…" she cried… she held it in during the fight with the Black Sun and the begging of the party (she was more angry with Jiraiya then depressed at the moment), "Why did that have to happen?"

"Hey!" said a voice.

Koko nearly jumped a foot in the air when she saw Ash and Pikachu.

"Were you following me?" she said.

"Well… yeah…" said Ash, "I thought we should talk."

"Okay…" said Koko quietly.

"You know… you shouldn't blame yourself." said Ash.

"But…" said Koko.

"I did worse thing then my time as Black Lady then you did as Zofis' mind slave." said Ash.

"I tried to kill Sherry." cried Koko.

"I tired to kill everyone I hold dear, I temporally broke up most of the Sailor Senshi, I even tired to destroy my own world which would have killed one of my best friends in the process." said Ash.

"Oh yeah…" said Koko, "But how did you learn to deal with it?"

"I pout the blame on who it belongs to… the Master of the Sun… I've talked ot everyone I could, Arashi, Mina, Sammy… heck even Black Lady told me to put the blame on him… just you should with Zofis… you weren't yourself at the time so don't blame yourself." said Ash.

"But…" said Koko.

"I know… the pain may never heal and if it does it will take years probably… as long as everyone else forgives then it's okay." said Ash.

"What about Sherry?" asked Koko.

"Didn't she fight for you? Didn't she search though the ends of the earth to fight you and Zofis?" asked Ash.

"She did…" said Koko.

"Then I think she 100 percent blames Zofis and knows it's not your fault." said Ash.

Koko gave a small smile.

"You know maybe you should change I bet you want to get rid of that outfit your wearing." said Ash.

"I guess I could barrow from Nami for the time being…" said Koko.

"You might want to go with Robin…" said Ash, "You won't regret it…"

Sherry watched from nearby and gave a small smile along with Jii.

"So looks like Koko's going to be fine after all." said Jii.

Sherry smiled and nodded… things were going to be just fine.

Not too far away...

"Sure I'll take the job." said Doll.

"Minds as well… I don't have anything planned…" said Sea.

"That's great… we really need hired help." said Ruby.

"Even though we were looking for guys." said Aquamarine.

"What's going on?" asked Nami walking over the group.

"Well since you are part owner… meet the newest waitresses to the 3 Jewels Snack Shack!" said Amber.

"That's good…" said Nami with a sigh knowing the her checks will be going down… even though it made a profit the day it opened up.

"Nami you're still going to be making money!" said Aquamarine with a sweat drop.

"Yeah…" said Doll and Sea.

"I know… but it's just less…" sighed Nami.

"Man you are greedy…" said Sea.

And so the party went on for a while… after it ended everyone parted ways... they went to their home worlds or some cases different regions or Villages… well sort of, the next day Kiyo's house during breakfast.

"All right let's eat!" said Zatch.

"Can I ask a question… why are you here?" asked Kiyo pointing to Sherry, Brago and Jii.

"You agreed to let Koko live with you until she gets back on her feet right?" asked Sherry.

It was indeed true, Kiyo agreed to let Koko live with them until she got back on her feet, after all with what she went though, a change of scenery (while staying in her own world) was good for her.

"That doesn't mean you can stay with us… don't you have enough money for a hotel?" asked Kiyo.

"Kiyo… don't be rude to our guests." said Hana.

"You know Kiyo… Mrs. T has a point." said Eido.

"Says the freeloader…" muttered Kiyo.

"Don't worry we're just staying for a few days." said Sherry, "Then we're going to search for mamodos."

"Even with Zofis gone doesn't mean that I'm not giving up on being King." said Brago who then glared at the other tow mamodo in the room both froze.

"But for now I'm just here to make sure that Koko adjusts to living with you." said Sherry, "Especially with the pervert here…"

"Don't call me that!" yelled Eido.

"Well you are one." said Sherry.

Eido sighed… he hated to admit it… but it was true.

"So what time is the meeting?" asked Zatch.

"What's gotten you so impatient?" asked Kiyo.

"I guess they didn't tell you…" said Zatch looking down.

"What?" asked Kiyo blinking.

Meanwhile in the World of Pirates at that very moment…

"Really Ace… you're staying?" asked Nami surprised.

"Remember Koko said they were planning to change Black Beard's memories to that he defeated me on that day I found out where he was…" said Ace, "this way I can train for our next fight and in a way hide out."

"Hiding with us… isn't that bad idea?" asked Zoro.

"Well I guess…" said Ace.

"Try to keep a low profile while you're with us!" said Luffy with his mouth full.

"As long as that's possible…" said Sanji.

Sometime later in the World of the Mamodo Battle at the Mamodo Group's meeting.

"What do you mean that both the Black Sun and Zofis has been defeated!" yelled those that didn't know.

"That's right, Neo Sailor Moon defeated the leader of the Black Sun and Sherry burned Zofis' book…" said Dr. Riddles.

"But why weren't we involved?" asked Fulgore.

Everyone shrugged while humming "I don't know."

"Even if you weren't involved you did help…" said Kiyo, "Though not much…"

"Right now we have to talk about something very important…" said Laila.

"What about?" asked Megumi.

"Laila, Albert, Lance, Zatch and I talked about this yesterday at the party…" said Pamoon.

"There was a party?" said those that weren't there.

"Um… anyways… it was agreed that Zatch will burn our books." said Laila.

It was quiet all of a sudden…

"Are you serious?" asked Tia.

"We aren't even supposed to be here… we've been trapped in stone for the past 1,000 years. I think it's time for us to go back to Mamodo World… where we belong…" said Pamoon.

"Is that what you were talking about at breakfast?" asked Kiyo.

Zatch only nodded, "I'm going to be the one who does it…" said Zatch.

"We should go a park to burn them…" said Dr Riddles, "Doing it here would be a fire hazard."

And so everyone went to a park… and with a hint of regret, Kiyo read Zaker and set the books on fire.

"Everyone when you return to the mamodo world we will be friends right?" said Pamoon with a smile as he faded away.

"Of course!" said Zatch.

"We will all meet again…" said Laila, "but I hope not too soon… after all I'm hopping one of you win the mamodo battle."

All the mamodos nodded…

And so the two mamodo from 1,000 Years ago faded away back to the mamodo world.

"Okay!" said Zatch, "Now I think some of here will have to agree that all of us need to work together stop this fight!"

"I don't know…" said Hyde.

Tia glared at Hyde who began to sweat drop.

"Okay, okay…" si8ad Hyde who hadn't really came up with a plan in the event he became king.

"You all know all of us want to stop this battle too…" said Tia.

"So Zatch… what made you want that goal to begin with…" said Penny who never heard the story.

Kiyo motioned over to the other bookkeepers as well as Won Rei.

"When I give the signal run…" said Kiyo.

All of them sweatdroped… they knew one thing… whatever made Zatch want to become a kind king… there was a girl involved...

Meanwhile in the World of Chaos, in the Three Jewels Snack Shack, Ranma and Akane were eating there together.

"Doll certainly is popular…" said Akane motioning over to the gothic Lolita.

"May I take your order…" said Doll to a table of teenaged boys.

"Sure… would you like to go on a date…" drooled one of boys.

"Maybe another time…" said Doll with a sweat drop.

"Here's your drinks…" said Sea giving the two their drinks, "Honestly… she's drowning in tips…"

"Are you jealous…" said Ranma.

"Of course I am… I mean she was born with charm… I was born to be a leader… now I'm stuck as a waitress…" said Sea.

"You need to find your thing don't you?" said Ranma.

"I certainly do…" sighed Sea.

"Don't worry… we're give you a big tip…" said Akane.

"Thanks…" sighed Sea, "Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be waiting another table."

"At least they landed on their feet…" said Akane.

"I guess so…" said Ranma.

Back in the world of Ninjas, Naruto, Sasuke, Hinata, Sakura and Opal had placed their ears on the door of the conference room… they really wanted to hear what was going on, it was mission report/ council meeting.

"So this Black Sun has fallen?" said Koharu.

"That's right…" said Arashi, "However Orochimaru is still strong."

"Not only that but he has the Sharingan…" said Kakashi.

"Orochimaru is still a threat… however we have to wait until he comes to us…" said Homura.

"I can't believe I'm saying this, but I agree." said Tsunade.

"We have no idea when he's going to strike or how." said Arashi lying about how, knowing that Zeno could be involved next time he strikes.

"It's just like before the Black Sun attacked…" said Koharu.

"Well almost I mean we do have Sasuke back." said Kakashi.

"And Orochimaru does have the Sharingan." said Tsunade.

"And I'm back to life." said Arashi.

"But other than those things… the current situation with Sound is as it was… now we should discus your son Arashi… what do you know about the Akatsuki…" said Homura.

Outside with the ones eavesdropping.

"Can you hear anything?" asked Naruto.

"No I can't…" said Sasuke.

"Want to back to the house?" asked Opal.

Not too long later in the World of Pokemon… everything was okay... the group was walking down the road like they usually did.

"So…" said Dawn, "Everything's okay."

"Misty's back at the gym and not angry with me, May and Drew are traveling Sinnoh and all is right with the world… so I don't have to cross-dress anymore!" said Ash happily.

"Um Ash…" said Gary with a sigh.

"What?" asked Ash.

"What if we run into Mina again… and we have to help her…" said Gary.

Ash froze he had forgotten about Mina's enemy.

"Oh man…" sighed Ash.

"I know the cross-dressing..." sighed Gary, "But at least we're helping a friend."

"At least it be as often as you would if it was with the Neo Dark Kingdom or The Black Sun." said Dianna.

"Good point…" said Ash.

That's when both their communicators rang… Ash answered it was most of the senshi.

"Hey guys! I was thinking we should play video games at my house… since there nothing else to do." said Naruto.

"Sure I'm in!" said Ash.

"I minds as well…" said Gary.

Ash hung yup his communicator, "We'll heading over to Naruto's."

"And we'll meet up later then." said Brock.

Ash, Gary, Pikachu and Dianna headed into the bushes.

"They need to send time together as friends… they've never gotten the chance with Naruto…" said Brock.

"I see…" said Dawn.

At the Kazama Mansion most of the senshi were there minus, Kakashi and Setsuna, Naruto, Ash, Luffy and Eido were playing video games the rest just watched. And with the defeat friendships became stronger and new ones formed… even if another enemy shows up (that didn't involve Mina) they were would defiantly face it with it… with their friendship strong… and possibly their pride in tatters…

The End of New Lives R

(I pop into the screen)

Emma Iveli here showing you a preview for a movie… well not really… but it has movie in the title. Here it is…

(Dramatic music is being played, sense of the Sailor Senshi from before Crystal Tokyo is fighting a mysterious enemy)

The enemy: Now Sailor Moon! Prepare for a fight for your life.

(Eternal Sailor Moon is sucked though a mysterious portal)

Voice Over: Usagi Tsukino never thought of the future beyond Crystal Tokyo… little did she know she would find out what it was…

(Scene switches to Usagi talking to the modern say senshi)

Usagi: What do you mean Crystal Tokyo fell 50 years ago!

Setsuna: It's true…

Usagi: Then can't you send me back?

Setsuna: Something is wrong with my powers…

(the music stops… and all the modern day senshi stare at Kakashi)

Naruto: Do you think that is had something to do with your break up?

Kakashi (with a sweat drop): Maybe…

(Naruto, Luffy, Ranma, Ryoga and Sasuke jump him)

Setsuna (yelling him): Beating him up won't fix our relationship or this problem!

Usagi: Should I ask?

Kiyo: It's best you don't.

Voice over: But more is going on than one would think.

(Voices over a black screen)

Naruto: No I haven't seen Hinata…

Luffy: What do you mean Nami's gone missing?

Zatch: Kiyo have you heard the news! Megumi's gone missing and whenever I try to call Tia there's no answer!

Kiyo: What?

Ash: What happened? Where's Dawn?

Ranma: Oh man… I think Akane was kidnapped… again!

Voice Over: New Lives R: The Movie!

(Scene sifts back to the meeting)

Usagi: But I want to know…

Kiyo: It involves a movie… and I will leave at that… for now.

Voice over: Coming soon, rated T.

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