My vision swims. I cannot move, I can no longer stand as I fall to my knees at his feet. His voice is cold, but deep and rich as he chuckles and stoops down to pull me up. "You should not drink so much, Chiaro." He whispers in my ear. "The wine is too potent."

I can say nothing. All I can do is rest my head against his shoulder. All I can see is crimson. As is the wine, as is the cloak he wears, as is the child's blood I spilled for him.

He embraces my boneless body and pulls me to the bed where I rest in his arms. Tears run from my eyes as I cling to him. He dries them with his kisses, he freezes them. "Soon your tears will cease forever." He whispers. A smile appears on my lips, it is the only action I am capable of, too paralysed from fear that my heart will freeze for him, that I can't stop loving him.