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As a short summary this story is heavily AU. The Yondaime Hokage survives the ordeal with the Kyuubi though his son, Naruto is still chosen to be the container.

Just to let some readers know, Naruto will be incredibly strong.

Now on with the prologue for Yondaime's Legacy: Konoha's Hope

The eve of Kyuubi's attack, it had only been 3 months since the war with Iwagakure came to a conclusion. Though still recovering from the loss that war brings the people of Konohagakure were avidly trying their best to rebuild there home.

Through the bustle of the rebuilding, what seemed like a yellow blur passed numerous people. "Oi…did you just see that?" asked a villager, a bit startled by the occurrence.

"We're really sorry for the trouble!" said a young kunoichi with light brown hair and red markings on her cheeks, accompanied by a silver haired shinobi of the same age. "C'mon Kakashi, we gotta hurry before Arashi-sensei destroys the hospital!"

"Rin, isn't it just maybe…I don't know…a little too late to be worrying about him 'not' destroying everything now?" said Kakashi, as he lifted his arm to point towards the direction they had just come from.

At this new revelation all Rin could do was gape at the scene that assaulted her eyes. Construction workers stuck on roofs and their ladders broken in half. What was once neat piles of wood now scattered aimlessly on the ground. To everyone's eyes it had seemed as though a controlled tornado had just ripped through this lone street way!

"Jeez!!!...YOU BETTER SHOW US YOUR CHILD KAZAMA ARASHI!!!" shouted a now irate Rin before going to help the now stranded workers on the roofs. Kakashi, following slowly behind, taking note and chuckling at the faces the villagers were giving at the news. With his trained senses he could hear very clearly what the villagers were starting to whisper to one another.

"Did you hear that?"

"Ya, well I'll be damned…Yondaime-sama is having a kid…but I never knew he had a wife…"

"Me neither, ohhhh…I cant wait to tell my friends about this!"

'Well…Arashi-sensei. You couldn't expect to hide that kind of news forever…especially not after telling Rin, and to think…your our hokage and you trust the giddy Rin with that kind of thing.'thought Kakashi, looking quite content with his thoughts and seemingly smiling under his mask.

Just 5 blocks away, the doors to Konoha's hospital ward burst open barely hanging on to its hinges. In a passing yellow blur the infamous 'Konoha no Kiroi Senko' stopped right infront of the hospitals main counter.

"Where is she?! Where is Uzumaki Suzu?!" shouted a panicked Arashi.

Being in a startled state the medic nin at the counter began fumbling through files till she found it. "I-I'm sorry for the delay Yondaime-sama. Currently Uzumaki Suzu is in the infant ward room 107…It's just down that hall sir." With that said the medic nin pointed right behind Arashi and in a flash he was gone. "F-Fast…"

Opening the door to room 107, due to the current panic he was in he did not notice the 3 others in the room, his eyes just focused on his partner and soul mate, Uzumaki Suzu.

She was a beautiful woman, with the upbringing from a noble family and the will of fire matching that of Arashi's. She had long blonde hair which resembled silk and the most stunning emerald eyes that reflected her pristine beauty.

Staring at her, taking in her beauty for just a moment Arashi than turned to view the others in the room. Standing in the corner was none other than his sensei, Jiraiya, next to Suzu sitting on a chair was the slug princess, Tsunade, and lastly sitting on a chair adjacent to the door was none other than his predecessor, Sandaime.

Without another wasted moment Arashi quietly walked to the other chair next to Suzu's bed and took her hand in his. "Suzu-chan…how are you feeling?"

With that said Suzu turned her head to the gaze of her lover, emerald green met azure blue. "I'm just fine Arashi dear, the contractions are getting closer and Tsunade-sensei has told me that I should expect to go into labor in 8 or 9 hours." After saying this Suzu smiled at Arashi who gave her one of his biggest smiles he could muster.

"So than…our son will be born on October 10th…hnn?" asked Arashi smiling like a fool and his wife confirming his rhetorical question with a nod. "Not a bad day to be born!" said Arashi enthusiastically shooting his free hand in the air balled into a fist getting a small chuckle out of everyone in the room.

It was 1 in the morning on October 10th. Suzu was currently in labor with medic nins accompanying Tsunade to deliver the child.

Because of his sudden panic attack Tsunade asked Arashi, as well as a calm Sandaime and Jiraiya, a frantic Kakashi, and a Glee filled Rin to leave the room so the medics could work.

Pacing outside was Arashi, worry and happiness contorting his face, in an instant a Anbu member bloodied from head to toe appeared before the group of shinobi.

"Yondaime-sama! Reporting! Just south on Konoha's border and approaching fast…its Kyuubi sir!!!" as soon as the Anbu finished his brief report he fell on the ground, unconscious from over exertion and chakra depletion.

"Rin! He needs medical attention now!" commanded Arashi. "Ha-Hai! Arashi-sensei!" quirked out a startled Rin. "Sarutobi-sama, when I leave this hospital sound the alarm for all active shinobi to report at the south gate, Jiraiya-sensei I want you to go to the Hokage tower and retrieve the forbidden scroll and the scroll of sealing techniques, kak-" before Arashi could continue Jiraiya interrupted him. "Arashi…are you planning on sealing the Kyuubi?! Have you forgotten that even if you wanted your crazy plan to work you'd need an infant no more than a month old to securely seal and not risk a biju of Kyuubi's power breaking free and the option of sealing it in an inanimate object is out, from my sources Kumogakure tried to save their village from destruction from the Nibi no Nekomata and with its power alone broke free...and than resorted to sealing it in a child as well… effectively turning the child into a weapon for the village…Arashi don't tell me…"

"Jiraiya don't go jumping to conclusions, yes this is a dire situation here but I will try to stop Kyuubi myself before resorting to that. Before I was interrupted…" Arashi paused for a second to glance at Jiraiya who had the decency to flush of embarrassment.

"Now as I was saying, Kakashi I want you to stay here with Rin." "But sensei you'll need help out there…" said a bewildered Kakashi at the request his sensei gave him.

"Kakashi this is not the time to argue, in fact consider it a mission now. You alone will come out to the battle field and inform me of my sons birth. Myself as well as the rest of the shinobi of this village will try our best to kill the biju and if that is not possible we will try and hold out as long as we can for my son to be born."

"Arashi…you know how Jinchuriki are treated don't you?" at this the 2 younger shinobi's stared at the sannin in confusion.

"Y-Yes…I've seen what happens to a Jinchuriki once before on my training trip with you sensei…" sputtered Arashi solemnly.

"You are willing to put you son throu-" "NO!" shouted Arashi interrupting Jiraiya. "This village, Konoha, is too strong to take on such bias!" at this declaration both Jiraiya and Sarutobi-sama cast their faces down shadowing their expressions.

"The people of Konoha will see him not as a container but as a hero…I know it…I just know it…" the last part of the sentence Arashi just whispered.

Raising his head once again, Sandaime looked at Arashi sensing his uncertainty. "Very well, everyone you have your orders I will alert all active shinobi to meet at the south gate. We have already wasted enough time, the biju should be closing in on the village soon. Anymore orders Yondaime-sama?" asked the old man Sarutobi.

In this new beam of confidence given to him by the strong words of his predecessor, Arashi gives one more order. "Jiraiya-sensei I need you to reference any and all things to do with sealing, I will take your word for it and if we need to use the last resort I will leave it to you to find supplemental seals. Alright everyone…Dismissed!"

Three hours later and just outside of the gate an epic battle between man and demon was taking place. The nine-tailed fox itself was as tall as a mountain, fur glistening in the moonlight, its murderous intent rolling off its form flooding the area with its malicious intentions.

"OK! Throw them now while the other groups have it distracted!" as soon as Arashi gave that command 4 Anbu shinobi threw his special kunai's at the biju. At that moment Arashi and his 3 Kage Bunshin's waited for the instant his kunai's hit the beast, forming a ram seal with his left hand while wielding a Rasengan in his right.

'…Now!' thought Arashi shouting. "Hiraishin no Justu!" and in that moment all that the ninja's saw was a flash of yellow and in an instant 4 simultaneous explosions causing the monster to roar in pain and fall on it right front leg.

Acting on reflex, once the Anbu heard the howl of pain he quickly informed another Anbu member. "NOW! Throw the lightning rod kunai so Yondaime-sama can return alive!" and before the previous Anbu could finish what he was saying he let the Hiraishin kunai fly and hit the ground next to them and in a yellow flash Arashi was back with the 4 Anbu.

Despite the loud cheers coming from the scattered ninja squads Arashi stood there, focusing on the beast, waiting for the smoke to clear from his initial attack.

Before Arashi could surmise the damage he had inflicted his eyes widened as he saw the kitsune smirk and caught the murderous glint in its eyes. "Launch all flares now!" shouted Arashi.

The Anbu members looked at Arashi wondering what was wrong the pure desperation on his face showing his panic. "DAMN IT! I SAID LAUCH THOSE FUCKING FLARES NOW!" but before the Anbu could get their flares from their weapon pouches they heard nothing but the sounds of massacre ringing through the forest of konoha.

In that mere moment the Yondaime hokage for once in his life felt truly ashamed as he watched in horror as the once cheering squads of shinobi were being crushed, ripped apart, and decimated by the biju's nine tails. For the first time in his life he felt true hate for another. He stood there glaring at the smirking kitsune, as if trying to gain the attention of the beast through his killing intent alone.

His thoughts were ripped from the biju and his anger subsided when he noticed 3 different colored flares shoot into the dark sky. The highest reaching flare was the red flare followed closely by the blue and green flare, And in that instant Arashi seen his retreat plan go into fruition.

The remaining squads left began to pour chakra into 2 jutsu, namely, Doton: Retsudotenshou and Suiton: Daibakufu no Jutsu. Concentrating as much chakra as the shinobi's could mulitple connecting swirling vortexes of earth formed below the kitsune ultimately catching it off guard and dragging it in. the second part of the plan was to simply fill the now swirling vortex with water and create a pool of mud to slow the biju.

As the plan began to work and the movement of the biju were being impeded a loud shout from behind Arashi was heard. "Doton: Yomi Numa!" and a huge surge of chakra signaled the appearance of none other than Arashi's Sensei Jiraiya followed closely by Kakashi with a look of grief, pain, and anger in his eyes.

Turning his head back to the Kitsune noticing that it was sinking deeper into the ninjutsu made swamp of the three techniques his eyes widened at his new revelation. His past attack utilizing his 2 prized jutsu's did no damage to the biju, it stood there unharmed!

Being pulled out of his thoughts by a firm hand on his shoulder Arashi turned to see Jiraiya staring him straight in the eye. "Arashi...please come with me to the hospital." At this news Arashi looked straight at Jiraiya but his face betrayed nothing. He then turned his attention to Kakashi who had his hitai-ate in the normal position revealing his sharingan eye.

"Explain! What is going on back at the hospital!" shouted Arashi concern now racking his mind for Suzu and his son. "No time." Said Jiraiya calmly. "Kakashi, did that sharingan of yours copy that technique alright?" asked Jiraiya and was responded by a nod of confirmation.

"I'll be fine Arashi-sensei, Jiraiya-sama I'll try my best to keep the jutsu active but I don't have chakra reserves like you or Arashi-sensei so get what you need done and I'll keep this thing occupied till you both come back." Spoke the 14 year old jounin Kakashi.

"Very well give us 45-60 minutes tops, all you need to do is control the output that I've already put into the jutsu. You'll be able to hold up I believe in you brat." After saying that Jiraiya looked at Arashi and said. "I've got no time to explain lets just get back to the hospital pronto!" with a nod both Jiraiya and Arashi vanish from the battle field.

The door to room 107 in the hospital was opened. Sarutobi and Tsunade stood at the foot of the bed faces downcast towards the floor. The scrolls brought by Jiraiya lay on the far side of the room next to Suzu's bed. Arashi inspecting the room noticing his lover Suzu holding their baby boy in her arms, a smile creeping on his face seeing the bundle of joy feeling his mothers face.

"I'm here Suzu-cha…" that's all he got out of his mouth when she turned her head to look him in the eyes…tears flowing freely down her face. "Suzu-chan…whats wrong?" Concern tearing at his very soul.

To his question all Suzu did was turn her gaze away from his and back to their son. "I gave him a name Arashi dear…" uncontrollable sobs in between words made it hard for her to say what she needed to say. "His name is Naruto…I havent chosen a clan name yet I wanted to leave that decision to you…Arashi dear…"

After hearing this Arashi slowly took the closest seat next to Suzu. He looked at his son Naruto and placed his index finger in his hand for his son to squeeze. Before he could ask the question again Suzu spoke up. "Tsunade-sensei…could you please tell Arashi-kun whats wrong…please." desperation clear in her voice, she did not want to tell him.

"Arashi…" he turned to face the woman and old man at the foot of his lovers bed. After making sure Tsunade had Arashi's attention she continued. "During Suzu's labor…we encountered complications."

At this Arashi felt his breath caught in his throat, he paled for a moment before nodding to continue. Sarutobi saw how his student was having a heard time voicing her words and took it upon him self to say what needed to be said.

"Arashi-kun…during the birthing Suzu lost a massive amount of blood." "Than you could just give her a tranfusion right? I mean that shouldn't be a problem right?!" Arashi assumed but couldn't help but feel the tears welling up in his eyes at the conclusion this was drawing him too.

Tsunade seemed to regain her bearings and continued where Sarutobi left off. "That should be the case Arashi…but Suzu came from a clan whose kekkei genkai involved chakra - cell regeneration tha-" "Than she should be alright right?!" "Let me finish Arashi." Tsunade put a regretful hand up to silence the pained man. "Because of her Kekkei Genkai is the reason she is still alive right now but her chakra is fully depeleted and a chakra infusion is impossible now…As you can suspect, the blood transfusion can only be done by members of her clan but they were unprepared for the sneak attack of the Iwa nin platoon that night a year ago…"

Noticing the tears flowing freely from Arashi's eyes and the confused look he gave she continued. "To do a successful chakra transfusion Suzu would need to have been in better condition than she is now, true before the medics went to the field to assist in the battle we were able to close the wounds done by the birthing process, but only slightly, that type of procedure actually needs to be operated on and as of now Suzu does not have enough blood to survive an operation like that."

"I'm sorry Arashi…Suzu has a little less than 2 hours to live…" beginning to succumb to the sadness tsunade begins to cry freely for the loss of another precious person.

"Arashi dear?" Suzu Chirped softly. "The battle with the Kyuubi…were you able to defeat it?"

At this Arashi quelled his tears and shook his head. "No, it seems I have to seal it into our son to save the village and its people." Arashi said remorsefully.

"Arashi dear, if I had one last request you would fulfill that request with all of your ability right?" Suzu asked already expecting his answer. "Yes! Anything!" at his expected response she smiled at her son than at Arashi.

"Than I wish for you to use my soul for your jutsu Arashi…myself with Sarutobi-sama and Jiraiya-sama have already come up with the supplemental blood seal, Reikon Tensou Chishio Fuuin no Justu, the soul transfer blood seal jutsu. All that's need now is for you to get the blood seal written onto your chest by Jiraiya-sama and everything else is set."

Tearing his gaze away from hers, tears once again threatning to flow he casts his gaze to the floor, thoughts filling his mind of the times they spent together and now she was asking him to kill her with his own jutsu.

She cupped his chin and lifted his gaze to meet hers once more, tear filled azure blues meeting determined emerald greens. "Arashi dear, you know I came to this decision myself. I'd give anything to be able to live with you and our son dear but fate has been cruel to us both and now we must make a decision."

Tears no longer flowing from his eyes, her determination and confidence finally passes on to him. "Though my time is limited in this world Arashi, my last wish is for you to use this jutsu, Arashi dear and live out your life protecting and teaching our son." After saying this, she gave Arashi a weak smile. "Though I will not be there for our son, at the very least Arashi dear…one of us will." and with that said her weak smile turned into one of the most beautiful smiles Arashi has ever seen, full of determination to protect her love and ensure her sons future as the next hero of Konoha.

At this Arashi stood up taking his Hokage robe off and undoing his jounin vest and undershirt. "You know Suzu-chan," she perked up and looked at his lean form. "I think Uzumaki Naruto is a good name."

In the room everyone smiled to the proclaimation of the childs full name. With a new resolve Arashi stood in front of Jiraiya ready to have the blood seal done.

"Arashi-kun," spoke up old man Sarutobi while moving Suzu's bed to be parallel length wise to the wall for more space. "Jiraiya and myself have come up with a variant of your Shishou Fuuin Jutsu and doubled the seals as well as create a new surrounding set aptly naming it, Hakke no Fuuin Shiki, to supplement your forbidden jutsu, Shiki Fuujin."

"In other words," the old man withdrew a scroll from his casual robes, bit his thumb and ran some blood across the opened scroll, formed some quick seals, and slammed his palm into the scroll itself revealing a table with a basket in the center big enough for naruto to rest in cushioned with sheets. Around the table itself were 8 candles with seals etched on them with channels leading the melted was to more seals around the basket itself. "This new Hakke no Fuuin Shiki will not only reinforce the seal when the death god finishes imprisoning Kyuubi, but it will also, in time, merge both the Kyuubi's and Naruto's chakra into one…theoretically."

At this revelation Arashi raises a skeptical eyebrow 'I need to look into that later' thought Arashi, the theory of strenghting the seal was sound but the merge of chakra would take longer than a makeshift jutsu made in 3 and a half hours despite being Jiraiya a seal master and Sandaime the professor.

Despite that, he was focusing on the work Jiraiya was doing, biting his thumb drawing blood and scribbling a row of 5 seals on his chest. Checking the seals once more on his chest he could see the complexity put into it as well as the fact that it wasn't only 5 seals but 10…seals written within seals.

"So, Jiraiya-sensei how does this seal work again?" asked a very concerned Arashi not wanting the break the last request he was going to make sure he kept for Suzu's sake.

To his surprise Suzu spoke. "Its actually quite ingenious, as you have probably noticed they are double seals…seals within seals and they react to a single blood source. So above my heart as well I have the same seal markings in Jiraiya-sama's blood."

"The blood seals and hand seals were taken from your Shiki Fuujin jutsu Arashi dear, the fact that the Death God holds onto your soul in the process of extracting and imprisoning the intended target of the jutsu we've merely changed the seals slightly so the Death God uses another soul for the sacrifice. A soul linked to these blood seals."

"And your sure that these seals are the real deal?" asked an amazed Arashi.

In unison everyone in the room looked at him, smiled lightly and said. "No clue!"

Arashi stuttered slightly sweatdropped from his head, the voice of Suzu brought him out of his confusion. "Arashi dear…how much trust do you place in all of us here?"

At that Arashi realized what she meant and smiled at his brave lover. "I trust all of you with my life Suzu-chan…you better believe it."

Standing there staring at his beautiful lover one last time before engaging the demon fox a firm hand is placed on his shoulder. "Arashi, its time, I can sense the Doton: Yomi Numa losing its power…soon the kitsune will be free."

Arashi walked towards Suzu and gave her one last kiss before saying. "Suzu-chan, your so beautiful and kind and strong. You entrust your life to me for the sake of our son, your bravery in this knows no bounds." While saying this Arashi wraps his Hokage robe around Suzu letting the robe comfort her. "From today and into the future, you will be known as a hero Suzu-chan, the hero who saved the life of a Hokage, spared a village from destruction, and gave Konoha a new hope for the future. I will honor your wish, it's a promise of a lifetime! I will protect our son and teach him everything I know so that one day, like all of us in this room Suzu-chan, our son will be a hero worthy of carrying the will of fire!"

"Kid, one last thing, once you get out there summon Gamabunta, with that surge of chakra I'll start the handseals for the Reikon Tensou Chishio Fuuin no Justu. Once the seals on your chest begin to glow your good to go." with a nod to Jiraiya confirming what he had to do Arashi took one last look at Suzu before leaping out the window of the room and heading towards battle.

Within a minutes time they felt a strong surge of chakra and Jiraiya began his hand seals. With the seals glowing gold Suzu thought one last thing before she felt the grip of the Death God pull at her. 'Arashi dear, take good care of Naruto, as long as you have him, there is always a piece of me with you. Our Legacy Dear, is Konoha's hope. I love you both with all my heart. Goodbye…"

His seal glowing gold on his chest he began his seals. "Gamabunta don't move this'll all be over soon old friend." An odd silence of concentration radiated from both summon and summoner until it was time to call the attack. "FUUIN JUTSU: SHIKI FUUJIN!"

While holding the seal feeling no pain from the Death God Arashi began to pour as much chakra he had into quickly sealing the kitsune. Deep in concentration Arashi's eyes suddenly shot open and a single tear fell from each eye.

"Yeah, I made that promise Suzu-chan. I'll take care of Naruto with the entirety of my being. As long as Naruto is with me I'll never forget you Suzu-chan. He'll be stronger than the both of us Suzu-chan. I love you. Goodbye…"

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