FASH: Alright, here's a not-to-weird pairing before I go into my delusional fangirl phase and start pairing Sena with everyone. What is it with me and making the main character of the series a complete whore? Well, not really, but... Sort of.

Disclaimer: I'm not saying that it would turn into a smut-fest, but if it were mine I think I would have more hinting at certain unconventional pairings and what not...



When Sena had created a list of New Year's resolutions in his head, the first one was the same as the second one and also the third, and finally the fourth was to succeed in football in his second year, even though Hiruma and Kurita wouldn't be able to play because of Deimon's rules.

The first three things may have been all the same, but it seemed far to important to just have one space on his list.

Sena was going to tell Hiruma all about his feelings for the older quarterback.

He wasn't quite sure when his admiration and fear for the blonde had turned into a crush, but Sena couldn't stop his feelings and embraced them secretly, treasuring every command the quarterback gave him, every smirk, every chuckle, every 'Ya Ha.'

In fact his crush had become fairly obvious to most of him team mates, most of them giving him the thumbs up about it and keeping tight lipped about it around Mamori. She didn't need to know that Hiruma had a much stronger hold on Sena than just being his captain on the football team.

So today, on the first of January Sena woke up early, although he'd been up late due to festivities the night before, he'd showered and brushed his teeth and hair until he was sure he looked perfect before making his way to school, a spring in his step. 'I wonder if Hiruma-san will like me back?' Sena thought hopefully, a blush spreading over his cheeks and resisting the urge to cross his fingers for good luck. 'I hope I'm not just his teams' ace running back to him, I hope I'm... More.' Deimon came into sight and Sena felt himself blush even harder. 'I wonder what kissing Hiruma-san would be like?' Sure he'd had a couple of dream where there was kissing, and sometimes a little more than just kissing, but he wanted to know what kissing Hiruma-san would really be like!

'I bet he'd want a fight for dominance with his t-t-tongue.' Sena took a hold of his by now beat red cheeks and shook his head from side to side as quick as he could. 'Stop thinking these bad, bad thoughts before you actually confess Sena! Hiruma-san might not return your feelings...'

Except according to most of the team it seemed pretty much like Hiruma would return Sena's feelings, so Sena felt there wasn't too much to worry about.

He came upon the club house and stood before the door with his hands shaking slightly and his mouth oddly dry. 'Here goes nothing.' He thought as he reached for the knob, then he noticed that the clubhouse door was open, just by a crack, already. 'That's odd.' He thought, retracting his hand just a little.

Kurita had told him Hiruma would be here this morning, but Hiruma didn't seem the type to leave a door ajar, there was less privacy that way.

'Maybe he has company, and I should come back later.' Sena thought, pressing his ear up to the door.

All the could make out was some heavy breathing and a gasped. "Fucking dreads."

'Agon-san is in there!?' Sena thought curiously, opening the door just a little more and peering inside. His eyes widened and he quickly turned away from the door, shock and depression overcoming him.

Hiuma and Agon had, well, been in a 'passionate embrace', along the same lines as the ones Sena sometimes dreamt about him and Hiruma having.

But that was impossible now, wasn't it? Sena bit his lip and tried to fight back the tears that stubbornly kept filling his eyes. 'I shouldn't be here, I really shouldn't be here.' He thought to himself, clenching his fists as some of the tears rolled down his cheeks.

And then he ran, thanking every deity that he had every heard of that practically no one was out yet, until he reached the riverside, collapsing on the hill and starring at the water, shimmering a bit in the sunlight.

'I wonder how long Hiruma-san and Agon-san had been together.' Sena thought to himself as he pulled his legs up to his chest, wrapping his arms around them and resting his chin on his knees.

'I guess that's what I get for being too confident.' He wiped the tears from his eyes, his lips and hands were beginning to tremble. 'But I really thought that maybe he'd like me back.' He clenched his eyes shut and willed the tears away. 'And everyone who noticed thought he'd like me back. But I guess Hiruma-san kept his relationship secret from everyone, how were they supposed to know I had absolutely no chance to be with him at all?' Sena smiled bitterly and burrowed his face into his knees, determined not to shed any more tears, and to hide his face until he was sure the redness around his eyes would be gone.

He wasn't sure how long he'd been sitting there, because he'd been spending all his time repeating a mantra of: don't think about it, don't think about it, in his head and had forgotten how many times he'd said it, but it seemed like he'd only been hiding his face for a couple minutes when he felt a had grip his shoulder gently.

"Sena?" The brunette didn't have to glance behind him to know it was Riku speaking. "What is it?" Sena asked gruffly, trying to shrug his shoulder out of Riku's grasp, but the other boy just held on tighter his eyebrows drawing together in concern.

"Sena, have you been crying?" "What does it matter?" Riku dropped to the ground beside Sena, petting Sena's hair in a way similar to the way one pets a dog. "Because as your big brother I have the right to know about any girl who breaks your heart." "What if it wasn't a girl?" Riku looked about to say something then paused and blinked slowly a couple times. "What?" Sena burrowed his head deeper into his knees and didn't respond so Riku moved his hands from Sena's mop of hair to shake his shoulders. "Come on Sena, don't hide from me." Sena lifted his head up a bit peering at Riku from the corner of his eye. "I'm not hiding from anything." "Then look at me face to face."

Sena sighed drearily and turned to face Riku, who upon seeing Sena's red rimmed eyes placed a comforting hand on each of the boy's shoulder. "Do you want to talk about it?" Sena bit his lips, eyes drifting away from Riku's gaze. "Not really." Riku's eyes narrowed a bit, but he decided not to push the matter, so he stood up and then pulled a fairly unwilling Sena to his feet.

"What are you doing here anyways?" I asked may parents if I could visit some old friends today, so come on Sena, let's go have so fun! It's the first day of the new year, a clean slate." "Hmph." Riku wound an arm around the shoulders of his unusually frigid friend. Had they both been of age Riku would have taken Sena out for a couple of drinks, possibly with the ulterior motive of finding out what exactly Sena meant when he mentioned that it wasn't a girl who'd broken his heart, possibly not. But alas, since they were both to young to partake in any sort of alcoholic beverages, he decided to stick with something oriented to people their age.

So he ended up dragging a fairly unwilling Sena to the arcade.

"Hey Sena, I challenge you to a DDR duel!" He had said as soon as they entered the low lit building. Sena took one look at the large, flashing machine and firmly said. "No."

So Riku dragged him around the arcade, showing off his 'awesome' skills and winning a fair amount of small stuffed animals, but Sena just began to look more and more depressed as time wore on, and even giving Sena all the plushies he'd won didn't seem to help the situation.

Sensing that his plan to make Sena tell him what was wrong and to get the boy smiling again wasn't exactly working, Riku decided on a different method, and dragged a still fairly unwilling Sena with him to the movies. He even paid for Sena's ticket, but Sena evened it out by sneaking off and buying popcorn and a soda, offering it Riku as a token of thanks, at least that's what Riku supposed it was supposed to be. "I could have got that stuff." Riku complained lightly as they made their way to the theater. "It could just count as a belated birthday present or something." Sena didn't reply and Riku sighed, having a conversation with a cardboard cutout of a smiling Sena probably would be more fun. 'Oh well, maybe he'll be in a better mood after the movie.'

Unfortunately the only movie that they wouldn't have had to wait for was a chick-flick, and Riku couldn't help but notice all the couples in the theater... He gave Sena a look from the corner of his eye, the brunette still looked miserable, and Riku wasn't sure if wrapping an arm around Sena and cuddling with him would really help that.

'Damn, this is harder than I thought. Was Sena just dumped by a longer term boyfriend that I didn't know about?' Riku frowned and glared at the screen, the main character was crying as she professed her love to some well muscled guy who said he'd never be able to love her back. Most of the girls in the audience were sobbing and...

Hearing a couple of sniffs beside him Riku turned, shocked to see Sena, bitting his lower lips with tears trekking down his face.

'Did I just make the situation worse...' He couldn't stand to see the sight of a crying Sena so Riku grabbed onto the other boy's hand and pulled him out of his seat, leading him away from big screen, and for the first time that day Sena willingly followed him.

And so, deciding to go with something safe and almost certain to bring a smile on Sena's face, Riku quickly guided him to an ice cream parlor.

Sena took a good look at the store his was in, and his eyes drifted to the multiple stuffed toys he was still carrying around. "You know Riku, we've been doing very date-like things together today." Riku blushed and looked away. "Really? I didn't notice." 'I guess we have! So is this what a date with Sena would be like?' He frowned a bit, walking beside Sena as they were ushered to their seats and given menus. 'No, I'm sure Sena would be much happier if we were on an actual date. I've got to find out what's getting him so depressed.' Riku gave Sena a look from over the top of his menu, eyebrows drawing together slowly.

The waitress came by a few minutes later, and seeing as Sena was stuck in some sort of dream land, Riku ordered for them both.

Seconds after the waitress left Sena slumped forward, his forehead coming to rest on the table with a 'thump'. "Riku, have you even been in love?" The blue eyes boy sputtered for a moment. "L-Love? Well, uh, sure, I guess..." Sena grumbled in reply to the stuttered answer and Riku was slightly thankful that the boy wasn't looking at him, he didn't know how he would explain his blush.

There was an awkward silence enveloping them until the waitress dropped off their orders and Riku, looking thoroughly pleased with himself, bravely announced to Sena. "It's your favorite."

Sena, who during his childhood had been a real sucker for ice cream, raised his head with one eye peaking open.

And there, in front of his undeserving eyes, was God's most wonderful creation. A scoop of chocolate ice cream and bubble gum ice cream. The chocolate was smothered in caramel sauce and hazelnuts while the bubble gum was covered in gummy bears. "You remembered my favorite ice cream." Sena said skeptically and Riku snorted. "Of course I did! What kind of big brother would I be if I forgot something as simple as your favorite ice cream?" Sena couldn't help but break out into a smile and as soon as he did Riku slammed one fist on the table, the other pointing at Sena victoriously while the brunette blinked at him curiously. "Ah-ha! Today's objective has been accomplished. Operation make Sena smile is a success!" Sena blushing, slipping lower into his seat to try and hide from the curious gazes of the other patrons.

"Was I really that bad all day?" Sena asked softly and Riku crossed his arms and nodded. "Yeah, but luckily your big brother is here to solve all your problems, once you decide to tell me what's going on that is." "I'll tell you later, besides, you should visit Mamori-neesan today too." Sena said as he prodded at his chocolate ice cream before scooping a bit and gingerly place the spoon in his mouth, a low sound of approval reverberating through his entire being as his eyes fluttered closed.

Riku gulped, wondering if Sena always looked like this while eating ice cream. The blue eyed boy openly stared at the boy until Sena curiously glanced up at him and told him that his strawberry ice cream was melting. So Riku, trying to be a little less suspicious, quickly dug in.

"You know Riku, we haven't really been eating properly today, and now I'll be too full to eat a nutritious lunch." Sena scolded lightly as he chewed on a couple red gummy bears, Riku just shrugged his shoulders. "I don't care and I know that you don't care. You had a look of utter rapture on your face as you were eating." "I can't help it, I don't get ice cream very often." "Yeah yeah, excuses excuses." Riku took out his wallet and began taking two one thousand yen notes. (Approximately 20 bucks.)

"Riku, you're not planning to pay for me again are you?" Sena asked and Riku just cocked an eyebrow at him. "So what if I am?" "I'll pay for myself! It's not like we're on a date or anything. You paid for my movie ticket already, and you won me all these cute little stuffed animals. The only thing I've paid for today was the popcorn and pop at the theater." Riku sighed. "Fine, whatever you want sweetheart." "Don't call me that!" "Fine, if I have to. Do you want to head over to Mamori's after this?" Sena smiled warmly at the mention of Mamori."Sure!"