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Sena gazed at the walls of the train station dully, pursing his lips together as he took another glance at his watch. It was one forty three, Riku had two more minutes before he was officially late, not that Sena really expected him to be on time, after all, Riku always seemed to move at his own set pace.

Sena stiffened a bit when his eyes were covered by a pair of hands, a familiar voice whispering right against his ear: "Guess who."

Sena smiled a bit and shrugged his shoulders. "Oh, I just can't tell at all, I would say that it was the person who was supposed to meet me here, but I'm pretty sure they'll be at least five minutes late." The hands were removed and Sena could hear Riku sigh behind him.

"How rude, and to think that I came here on time just to make you happy." Sena turned around and patted Riku on the shoulder. "I know, truly I am a horribly person... So, what are we doing today anyways?" "Oh, it's a surprise." Sena cocked one eyebrow. "A surprise? Is it a good surprise?" Riku turned Sena back around and began steering him out of the station. "You'll see, you'll see."

Riku had planned the day out perfectly! There were no flaws, he was sure of it! First he was going to take Sena to his house and re-introduce him to his mother before whisking the brunette away to the fair that was located on the other side of town where he'd win Sena as many stuffed animals as they bother could carry, or at least he'd try. Near the end of the day he'd set the mood a little while on the Ferris Wheel and he'd tell Sena how he felt before the other boy went home, letting the other boy think everything over, no pressure.

'It's perfect.' Riku clenched one fist, grinning up at the sky looking slightly crazy. 'I'm sure if I get my feelings across Sena will be sure to respond. He's at least bi, so that's not a problem, and he trusts me, trust is important in a relationship!'

"Riku, why are you smiling like that?" Riku stopped his train of thought and allowed his gaze to wander over to Sena who was walking beside him. "Huh? Uh, nothing." "Are you sure, you had a pretty big grin on your face." "Really?" "Yep." Riku turned his head, cheeks slightly pink. "I was just thinking about how much fun we'll have tonight is all." "Okay, it kind of looked like you were planning to take over the world or something." Sena chuckled as Riku sputtered indignantly for a moment.

Riku managed to keep his mind from wandering for the rest of the trek to his house where, as he had predicted, Sena was warmly welcomed by his mother, in fact, is was a little hard to drag him away from his mother...

"Aw, Riku-chan, you never let me meet any of your friends from school and I haven't seen Sena-chan in ages. Can't you stay for a bit and have some tea?" Riku frowned a bit at the question so his mother instead turned to Sena, who took a cautious step back.

"Sena-chan, don't you want some tea?" "W-Well, ummm... I suppose so?"

It was nearly an hour of tea, snacks and small talk before Riku's mother was satisfied with the amount of time spent in Sena's company and shooed them out of the house to 'go do teenager-type things.'

"Well, you're mother is-" "Strange? I know." "Actually I was going to say nice." Riku reached out and patted Sena's shoulder with a sigh. "I suppose she is nice, but you have to admit, she's also kind of strange." Sena gave a bit of a smile. "Strange in a nice way." "You're too kind Sena, too kind." Riku said, withdrawing his hand and grinning brightly. "Anyways! Let's get going!"

They had been walking for a few minutes when Sena suddenly perked up beside him, a large smile making itself know on his face.

"We're going to a fair?" Sena asked suddenly and Riku paused, looking at him with wide eyes. "How did you guess?" He asked, he was sure that he hadn't given any hints as to what they'd be doing! Sena chuckled a bit behind his hand before replying. "You know I can see Riku, I can see a Ferris Wheel practically straight ahead of us. Where else would we be going." "Ah, maybe I should have blindfolded you then." Riku said as he rubbed the back of his head bashfully, blushing a bit when Sena grabbed his hand and began tugging him along. "Come on Riku, don't just stand there, we have a fair to go to!"

Well, Sena seemed awfully excited about this, good.

In mere minutes they had both reached the fair grounds, had payed for their admission and Sena was dragging Riku around everywhere like an over excited child.

After Sena had looked at every single attraction there was he anxiously turned to Riku. "What do we do first?" "Well, what did you see that you want to-" "House of Mirrors!" Sena replied without waiting for Riku to finish his question, immediately tugging Riku in the direction they had just come from.

'He's so excited, it's really cute.' Riku said, not really minding that Sena was dragging him around when he was fully capable of following behind him without any help, even tough he was getting a couple of weird looks... Oh well, at least he was holding Sena's hand. 'His skin is really soft, he's got feminine hands...'

Sena was having the time of his life, he hardly ever went to these types of things, he was in the middle of dragging Riku to a popcorn stand when he saw something out of the corner of his eye, he turned his head to get a better look and still, eyes going wide.

"Oi Sena, why did you stop?" Riku asked, casually glancing in the direction Sena was staring. Directly across from them was a game booth where you had to knock down a tower of cans with a baseball to win one of the prizes.

"So... So cute!" Sena exclaimed beside him before practically skipping to the booth and buying three baseballs.

Sadly, so blinded by the cuteness of one of the prizes, a red teddy bear with big blue eyes, Sena completely forgot that he could not aim. So after a rather pathetic attempt which resulted in no cans knocked down and a rather scared looking game moderator Riku decided to come to his rescue.

"Which one do you think is cute?" He asked, eyes racking over the various stuffed animals before Sena pointed at the red teddy. Riku smiled and handed the man behind the counter enough money for three baseballs, knocking down the tower of cans withing two shots.

"Uh, here."Riku said dully as he held out the teddy bear to Sena, blushing a bit more than he would have liked. 'This feels like a date.' Sena took the bear slowly, staring at it in something akin to awe before throwing himself at Riku and wrapping both arms around the other boy's neck. "Thank you!" Riku blushed, muttering: "You're welcome." Under his breath before carefully detaching Sena's arms from his neck. "Now then, how about that popcorn?"

"Hey Riku?" Sena asked once he had finished his popcorn. "Yeah?" Riku answered casually, eyes starring of in the direction of the setting sun. 'It's almost time...'

"Thanks, for today, and yesterday and the day before. I... I really appreciate it and I know if it weren't for you I'd probably be huddled under my blankets in my room crying my eyes out." Sena blushed a bit and held the bear tightly to his chest. "So yeah, thanks a million." He finished, giving Riku a small smile which the other boy reciprocated ten-fold.

"I'm just glad you're not depressed over it anymore. Anyways, I think we have time for about one more thing before you should start heading back, how about..." Riku paused for a moment in mock thought. "The Ferris Wheel?" Sena blinked slowly, eye moving towards the towering structure. "The Ferris Wheel? I don't know, I'm okay with height, but that doesn't look very safe." "Aw, come on Sena." Riku wrapped an arm around Sena's shoulder in a vague attempt to be comforting. "I'll be right there the whole time. Besides, we'll be completely safe, they check these things out before they let people on them." Sena slumped over a bit, pouting. "I suppose you're right... But I refuse to look out the window." "Fine fine, do what you want just as long as you're there." Riku said as he began walking towards the line for the Ferris Wheel, his arm still slung around Sena's shoulder.

The brunette was tense during the wait, his eyes were glued to the massive wheel in front of him and he tensed up even more when it was their turn to go on, sitting in the very middle of one of the seats with his teddy in his arms while Riku lounged on the seat across from him.

With every sway and movement of the ride Sena would flinch a bit and grasp the red bear tighter, not allowing his eyes to wander away from his own shoes.

'Alright, so the whole setting the mood in the Ferris Wheel by looking out into the sunset idea has been smashed to pieces, but I'm sure I can salvage something from the wreckage.' Riku stole a glance at Sena feeling more and more like a bastard when he saw how scared the other boy seemed to be.

"Sena, I'm sorry I made you get on this ride." Sena finally stopped looking at his shoes and instead brought up his head to look at Riku, a small, albeit forced, smile on his face. "It's okay Riku, but I think I'd feel a bit better if you weren't sitting all the way over there, I kind of feel like a little kid, holding onto this bear for comfort." The brunette placed the bear on his left side, sifting over a bit to make room for Riku on his right.

Riku was dumbstruck for a moment before carefully moving to Sena's side, lightly gripping the brunette's hand, Sena smiled up at him. "Thanks."

Riku stared out the window in a daze, biting his lip and fighting the blush that wanted to make itself known. 'Sena's hand really is soft.' The machinery creaked a bit as it came to a stop again and Sena gripped on Riku's hand a bit tighter, shifting closer to the fair haired boy.

"Hey Sena..." "Hm?" "Is there anyone other than Hiruma that you like?" Sena closed his eyes in thought for a moment. "I don't think so, why?" "Well... Because... Because..." Dammit it wasn't supposed to be like this! He was going to tell Sena before he went home so he'd have time to think things over, but then again his plan didn't seem to be working quite well in the first place so... 'Oh well. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.'

"Because I like you." Riku stated firmly before pressing his lips over Sena's briefly, pulling back and immediately turning to face the window, staring at his red faced reflection.

"I wanted to tell you a bit later, so that you didn't have to feel like you had to respond immediately, but this sort of seemed like a good opportunity." Riku twiddled his thumbs anxiously for Sena to say something, anything, but the other boy stayed completely silent.

"I-I haven't ruined out friendship because of this, have I?" Riku asked cautiously as turned to face the other boy who appeared to be dazed. Riku gulped nervously. "I can understand if you don't like me that way and don't want to give it a chance, but I really would hate it if I just destroyed our friendship."

"... When I saw you again after so long I was really happy, and then, when you found out I was Eyeshield 21 and was going to be your rival on the field and treated me coldly I... I was really upset." Sena said softly and Riku winced a bit. 'I was a bit mean, wasn't I.'

"And now we're friends again and I'm really happy when I'm with you, but, I've never thought about you in a romantic sort of way." Sena shyly brought his eyes to meet Riku's. "Sorry.""That's okay, don't worry about it." Riku somehow managed to smile encouragingly. "I just hope that one day you'll be able to find happiness with someone." Sena's eyes widened minutely for a moment before smiling back lightly. "Thanks."

A fairly comfortable silence fell between them and Sena shifted closer and gripped at his hand, squeezing it slightly whenever they swayed a little too much for Sena's liking and soon enough the ride was over, and it was time for Sena to start heading back.

"So, have you come up with a name for your new teddy bear?" Riku asked humorously, trying to break the silence that had overtaken them, inwardly laughing when he saw Sena's face go pink.

"Is it weird that I name my stuffed animals even though I'm in High School?" Sena asked bashfully and Riku had to suppress his smile. "To tell the truth Sena, yes, yes it is, especially since you're a guy." "Oh." "But don't let it get to you, it's one of the reasons why you're so cute."

Sena stopped walking and Riku turned around quickly, an apology already forming on his lips until he heard Sena ask: "Do you really think I'm cute?"

The fair haired boy stood in front of Sena and cupped the boys face in his hands. "Yes, I think you're adorable, I have for a really long time." Sena blushed to the tips of his ears. "How long? How long have you liked me Riku?" Riku closed his eyes in thought. "I can't remember the exact date, but I formed a little crush on you back when we were kids, when I moved my feelings sort of tamed down, but then I saw you again and saw what an awesome football player you had become and... The feelings just all came back." "Did you really mean it, when you said that you just wanted me to find happiness with someone?" Riku sighed, did Sena already have someone else on his mind and just wanted his blessing or something?

"Yeah, I meant it, because you know, when you love someone you're supposed to just want their happin-Huh?" Sena had wrapped his arms around his waist and was hugging him tightly.

"Do you really like me that much?! You'd keep me happy even if it makes you sad?" Sena asked, the question muffled in his chest and Riku wrapped his arms around the other boy gently.

"As long as you're happy Sena." The brunette slowly pulled himself out of the embrace and gave Riku a chaste peck on the cheek.

"I really do like you Riku, and I think that you could make me happy." "R-really?" "Um-hm." Sena moved just a bit closer so that his lips were hovering mere centimeters from Riku's own. "And I want to try my hardest to make you happy." He closed the distance between them before pulling away with a big smile on his face.

"I know what I'm going to name my teddy bear now." Riku openly gaped at him. "You've decided that you'll be my boyfriend and you've just kissed me and that's the first thing that you say when you pull away?" Sena's smile widened and he held the bear tightly to his chest. "I'm gonna name him Riku-kun." "W-What?" Riku sputtered indignantly, staring at the bear. "But it doesn't look like me at all!" Sena took Riku's hand and once again started walking in the direction of the train station.

"But at least this way I'll always have a Riku to comfort me when I'm sad." "Sena, there is such a thing as a phone you know." Sena pouted at him, gripping 'Riku-kun' tightly. "You should be happy I named it after you. I promise I'll cuddle it every time I think of you." Riku slumped over in defeat. "... First I was jealous of your cat and that was bad enough. Now I'm jealous of a teddy bear." "Eh? Why would you be jealous of Pitt?" Riku sighed and slowed down when he saw that they were approaching the train station. "I'll call you tomorrow, I know school will start soon and we won't really be able to see each other much, but during spring break, would you like to come over to my house again?" "I'd love to." Sena replied and Riku, not really being able to help himself, leaned over and pressed his lips firmly against Sena's.

For so long he'd wanted to kiss those lips, and now he finally could.

'Life is good.' He thought to himself as he watched the train leave the station, because even if they lived in different towns and couldn't see each other too often, Sena like him back and really, what else mattered?