A/N: So this is my lovely collection of one-shots. I think I'll give you guys 2 or 3 today and write them as I go. I already have the ideas for 6… yay!

Possible stories so far:

Emmett and the dog

Carlisle's lesson

Alice and the Stock Market

Esme's concoction

Edward's scavenger hunt

A trip to the bottom of the sea

Bella and her Loestrin problems

You should know what you're getting into

Rose gets drunk

Truth or Dare

Mike's stupidity


Katie: You know that you don't own twilight correct…?

Me: and…?

Katie: You spend way too much time on your dumb conspiracy theories.

Me: When my conspiracy theories come true don't come running to me.

Katie: -rolls her eyes- Yeah, a devilishly handsome vampire is going to come pick you up any second, and you're going to fall in love and you're going to go through tons of danger, but love conquers all by the end of it.

Edward: You ready to go Liz? We're meeting Alice back in Forks.

Me: -smirks- BYE KATIE. Told you.