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-Royally Yours-

Atobe hated his work. He resented the fact that he, the sole heir of Atobe Corporation, had to work among a bunch ofcommoners in the neighbourhood movie theatre. It was way below his glorious rank.

But he was obligated (obligated! The word itself made him shudder), since he loved having money and his father recently stole all his credit cards for the one and only reason that "his son wouldn't date guys".

Since Keigo refused to end any relationship, he shut his mouth and decided to earn money by himself.

So there he was, standing still, wearing the ugliest outfit ever designed. The boss had called it "a proper work uniform" but, obviously, he hadn't taken a good look at it. It was orange, for God's sake!

He truly hated his work. Apart from the clothes he had to wear, his job itself bored him to no end. Standing in the doorway, he had to tear movie tickets and direct the customer to the correct projection room.

To top it all, the place lacked budget so they had conveniently forgotten to install air conditioners, making the temperature unbelievably hot.

Atobe Keigo had spent two hours already at the same spot and he was sweating. Being a tennis player, he was used to it, but he wasn't wearing proper t-shirts and shorts. He felt caught within his uniform… caught and sticky.

"This is gross…" he muttered under his breath, after indicating the way to an old woman. He still couldn't believe that an Atobe was stuck in the lousy movie theatres. It just plain sucked.

Suddenly, a pair of arms circled his waist from behind and interrupted his thoughts. 'Who in the world-'

"You look terrific, Monkey King."

Turning around, he caught a glimpse of mischievous cat-like eyes looking up at him with amusement.

"Move away, brat. Working here," he ordered, trying to suppress the vexation in his tone. After all, it was his first time being insulted and finding that he was unable to retort, for he knew it was utterly true.

Oh, how he hated his work…

The smaller boy pulled away reluctantly, a hint of a pout only visible to Atobe.

"What's the fabric of the shirt? It's itchy… and orange," Ryoma remarked with a blank expression; his signature face.

The diva sighed loudly. "You should have seen the cap. I bet they bought it in a 100 yen shop."

Ryoma laughed sincerely at his boyfriend antics. The latter one smiled. Money couldn't buy laughs from his lover; it was something hard to get.

And it was somehow magic. It erased all the wrongness Atobe felt in a single instant.

In fact, Atobe was genuinely happy. It was the first time that Echizen came to see him at his work.

Speaking of…

"Why are you here anyway, brat?"

"Regulars' activity of the week."

The not-so-worker quirked a brow. "Watching a movie in this sorry place? That sounds pretty lame to me."

Ryoma shrugged. "My suggestion. See ya later, Keigo."

With that, he walked away, leaving Atobe jaw opened. Regaining his composure seconds later, the grey-haired teen smirked.

Way too often, people misunderstood their relationship. They said it would never work, that their ego would get in the way of love. Atobe was too arrogant, Echizen was too independent.

But time proved them wrong.

Weren't they both stuck in what could easily be Tokyo's worst movie theatre?

A situation both found unacceptable- yet they were both there because they wanted to. It proved a lot.


Two minutes later, Fuji tapped on Atobe's shoulder, a mischievous smile displayed on his face.

"Saa, Atobe. I'm afraid Echizen forgot his mission when coming to see you."

The grey-haired teenager frowned. "What did he come for?"

The tensai cocked his head to the side, refraining from answering at once. He enjoyed seeing Hyoutei's diva impatiently waiting for him.

"You see, Keigo-kun, Ryoma suggested that we'd come here but it seems like it was only to see you," said Fuji, his smile broadening at the different reactions his statement provoked. "Thus the team is here, but we don't know what there is to see."

Atobe managed to give a professional reply. "Aah. 'Royally Yours' offers various stories, all centered around-"

"I'll take a pamphlet," interrupted the Seigaku Regular. With a nod, Atobe handed him a schedule of the many things there were to be seen. Fuji cast a brief glance at it while walking away. The first few words caught his curiosity though. So he kept reading.

ATORYO- For the sake of the snark

Royally Yours; your number one source of Royalty

1.Royally Yours

Mou, you're reading it now! As been revised just for the sake of this list!

2. Hair-

Just a moment of interaction where you learn nothing (save for the necessity of having perfect hair when you're Atobe Keigo)

3. Therapy-

Atobe and Ryoma are tricked into going to a therapist, where they have to solve their problems.

4. Meeting the Family-

It had been suspected that Nanjiroh would not react nicely to his son's gayness. Well, it's confirmed. Keigo meets the Echizens.

5. First Kiss

Atobe and Ryoma's first kiss from Fuji point of view.

6. Things Money Can't Buy

Piece of insight on Atobe.

7.Table for Four

AtoRyo, TezuFuji, a double date in a restaurant. In which Tezuka and Fuji scare the Royal Pair away.

8. Allergy

In which the mighty Atobe has allergies. Of course, that's Karupin's fault.

9. Every Time We Touch

Really, that oneshot is only an excuse to make Keigo sing –rolls eyes- It's Ryoma's birthday. Atobe decides to awe him. Read it while listening to "Every Time We Touch" by Cascade.

10. I did it for the team!

Ryoma arrives late at practice. But that was to help Seigaku beat Hyoutei. Really.

11. Inspiration

The theme of Echizen Ryoma's final writing production?

"What are you going to be, ten years from now?"

Expect OOCness.

12. Amusement Park

Kind of sequel to 'Inspiration'. Echizen's exam somehow fell between Ore-sama's graceful hands. Hence the trip to an amusement park.

13. Even if

Beware of the fluff. When one is missing a date, where could he be? Why, angsting under the rain!

14. 10 Things Ryoma Hates

I like list. And I don't think this one has to be explained.

15. Challenge

Before the match, before the evil laughing, one challenge: the winner decides who the loser must kiss.

16. Fangirls

It's very official. Atobe Keigo has fifty devoted fangirls, thus forty-seven more than Ryoma. Just why this turns on Ryoma is another question… Prolly has the most unsatisfactory ending ever written. On purpose.

17. Gold

Little Keigo once asked his mother about the meaning of the word "Gold". But gold can be so many things…

18. The Little Prince

AHERM! Warning, people. Angst ahead.

"The little prince was too young to love, but young enough to hurt…"

19. Lost and Found

Sequel to "The Little Prince". Character Death

20. Purple Kiss

Two things leaded to a kiss: a competition between Atobe and Oshitari and a purple shirt.

21. Deathly Week

Ryoma has been mourning all week for different people. Contains HP7 Deathly Hallows spoilers.

22. Water Park

Atobe brings Ryoma for what he thinks is the brat's birthday. An excuse to see Kei-chan chest naked D

23. Is this my Fate?

Red Thread of Fate, that's so troublesome…

24. Happy Birthday?

Ryoma throws Atobe a surprise party for his birthday… one week late.

25. Be My Santa

Atobe –demands- that Ryoma offers him a Christmas present. Handmade.

26. Of Sleepovers

Tezuka and Fuji are at Atobe's for a slumber party. Read: Tezuka and Fuji are at Atobe's and involuntarily mind scarring Ryoma. Kind of.

When Fuji got back into the darkness of the projection's room, his friends all seemed a bit awkward. The heat was terrible and there was nothing to be entertained by, save for many publicities and movies previews. Some of them actually looked interesting, but nowhere near enough to be amusing.

Swiftly, Fuji sat beside Ryoma. "I went to see Atobe for the pamphlet. I don't see why you wanted me to, since we had decided to pick a random movie."

"Che," Ryoma said, looking away. "That's just in case I come back."

Fuji laughed lightly. "Saa, I'm sure it'll be useful then."

He paused a little before adding: "I told Atobe you were sent on a mission."

"So what, Fuji-senpai?"

"You weren't." Fuji opened his eyes to stare at Ryoma. "That makes me a liar."


"Except if you go on a mission now," Fuji stated, a foxy smile curving his lips. "I happen to have something interesting."

"Mada mada dane."

But the tensai ignored the mocking reply, leaning in to whisper in his kouhai's ear instead.

When he was done, Ryoma smirked. "All right."


Minutes later, Ryoma was pulling Atobe Keigo in the bathroom.

"What are you…" Atobe questioned as the small prodigy unbuttoned his shirt.

Ryoma looked up and stared into his boyfriend's blue orbs. "You do know you look awful in orange, right, Monkey King?"

Atobe frowned, not quite getting it. "I'm working, brat."

"Wrong. You're necking with me in the bathroom," Ryoma corrected, taking off his jersey. "Or at least, you should be."

"What are you doing here, Ryoma?" Atobe asked while Ryoma resumed taking away his work uniform.

His boyfriend grinned.

"You remember what Fuji-senpai said about sending me on a mission?"

He stripped of his t-shirt as the grey-haired diva nodded, "Vaguely."

Ryoma smirked. "This is it."

Ending Note: If you haven't guessed, the pamphlet contained the list of every oneshot you'll find in my ever-growing collection. The summaries are a bit sketchy, yes.

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