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Ooooh my God! I just watched Atobe's Gift Prince of Tennis Movie Special! It's so freaking good and touching! Atobe is such a great person, being the friend he is to Kabaji on this special day! It's also the first time I heard Kabaji say more than "Usu" o0.POT fans have to watch it. After reading my oneshot, that is… X3

So I may begin… Enjoy!


Atobe looked at Ryoma. Ryoma looked back at Atobe. And then, together, they looked at the old man on the other side of the desk.

"WHAT?!" they asked, completely synchronized.

"Well, you're here for a love therapy, and the first exercise is…"

"No, you don't understand," Atobe interrupted. "We've been tricked into coming here."

"Look, for you to both get along well, you have to write all of your problems on a sheet and…"

"That's ridiculous. We get along just fine," Atobe retorted, his eye twitching.

The elder looked startled; this information obviously messed up everything. If he didn't solve their problem, he wouldn't get paid. And if they had no problems, he couldn't solve them.

"Hum… and what does the other mister say?" he inquired hopefully.

Ryoma took a moment to register he was spoken to. With an expressionless face, he simply answered "Mada mada dane."

Unfortunately, the doctor took that as a clue that he could go on with the session.

Both men were staring at him, bored and irritated, as he gave them paper and pen. But their eyes met and they exchanged a similar message. They could bitch at each other and have fun, since they were given the opportunity.

Pen in hand, Ryoma gazed one last time at his counterpart before jotting down every ideas he could think of. Specifically the ones that would upset Atobe.

-He is a monkey king.

-He's always late because he takes three3 hours to get ready, just like a girl.

-He makes me feel like I'm not good enough without even knowing it.

-He won't let me be on top… (He had the decency to blush while writing that one)

-It's absolutely no fun to have him paying me burgers. That darn diva makes me feel poor.

-He calls himself Ore-sama. It doesn't annoy me, I just felt like I should say it. Yeah, he had an incredibly huge ego.

-But he's nothing selfish. The man is too damn perfect. No, it's not a good thing. It scares the hell out of me.

-He flirts with everyone solely for the fun of having people fawning over him

-He always asks me to do useless things and I have to accept because I pathetically love him - which may or may not be a good thing.

-This is stupid. I really can't think of anything else because Monkey King gets everything and he got me to love him. I guess that can't be counted as a problem…

"Time's up. Exchange papers. Solve your problems only after reading it all," the therapist instructed.

The two tennis players did as they were told.

"That much?" the older one pouted, trying to sound insulted.

"What did you expected?" Ryoma taunted with an arrogant grin. Then, he unfolded the paper and started reading his boyfriend's neat writing.

1. He tries to show off, but even as an adult he's nothing but a brat

Listing his faults with numbers, that was just like Atobe Keigo. The brat mention made him scowl lightly. He had grown up! (Meanwhile, Atobe was rolling his eyes for being called Monkey King again)

2. He still oversleeps in the morning… but it's always my fault if we're late? Yeah, right.

3. He lacks the ability to make of conversation … I have a best friend like that; I don't need a lover like that as well.

4. He drags me to burger joints and ramen restaurants…

5. He seems to think he can make me do anything he wants

6.…And even with my Atobe pride, I can resist doing things for him. And the biggest reward I can get is a smile. Stop it, stupid doctor, whatever you think. You never saw him smile. (Obviously, he thought that they were going to give it to the old man…)

"I still really think that this 'consultation' wasn't necessary. We still have no problems to fix," Atobe affirmed. "Right, Echizen?"


Keigo stared at the younger one with an angry confusion.

"Ryoma…" he warned admonishingly. He didn't say anything else: his eyes told it all.

"I'm sorry," Ryoma apologized with an innocent smile. "You are right, and we shall go now."

Atobe turned back to the psychologist therapist and gave him a bit of money (which is quite a lot, since he is an Atobe). The doctor's eyes grew wide.

"Why… if you don't have any problems, then there's no need to pay…"

"Turning down money?" Atobe raised an eyebrow, a smirk curling his lips, knowing that nobody could refuse it.

"No! Huh, no, that's not what I meant… I mean, why would you…?"

"You kind of made him write he loved me and approve that I am perfect. I will keep this paper for as long as I can. And he said I'm generous. So here, good day."

The therapist didn't seem to understand all of it, but he bowed and said thank you anyway.

They walked away, and he only caught on few words, which happened to be "monkey king", "brat" and "be awed by my perfection". The last sentence was muffled by a kiss, he could tell.

Were all tennis stars this strange?

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