"Hello Edward."

None of us spoke. Alice and Jasper looked as though they hadn't heard Carlisle's voice, but simply stared at the gorgeous vampire that held my hand in disbelief. Bella had the same incredulous look on her lovely face, but turned her head in the direction of the weak voice. She let her amber eyes take a quick glance at my hard expression before she stepped forward towards the unfamiliar man on the couch.

"Bella, no," I said quietly, gripping tighter on her hand and pulling her back. I had no idea what emotions were displayed on my face, but I couldn't care less. My once vibrant, genius father figure was staring at me from his place on our white couch, his hands in his lap and his eyes fixed directly on my own. "Carlisle," I nodded, reluctantly letting go of Bella's calming touch and moving closer to him.

Carlisle smiled slowly; but it cracked and faded as quickly as it had come. He seemed deep in thought, though his deathly black eyes were still as depthless as before. "Have you brought Esme?" Carlisle's pleading tone did not go unnoticed. I could feel my dead heart breaking for Carlisle; only the loss of the most precious part of his life could bring him to this state. Glancing up at Alice, I noticed her frantic eyes flickering between Bella and Carlisle. She took no notice of me whatsoever. Jasper, on the other hand, seemed to take notice of no one. He stared at the ground, his hands at his sides.

"Carlisle…" I started, but no words came. My mind was running wild with useless encouraging words, but I knew better than to try to comfort Carlisle. The only words he needed to hear had to come from Esme herself. All I could do was tell him the truth. "No," I told him simply and firmly.

Carlisle nodded, his eyes seeming to unfocus, and turned away from me. I glanced back over my shoulder to see Bella standing where I had left her, shaking her head with agony clearly etched on her perfect features. She obviously felt as though this new pointless Carlisle was her fault, but I knew otherwise. If I had never left, Bella would never have demanded to be changed. If I had never left, Esme would not have fled. If I had grown a goddamn brain and never left…

"Bella?" Alice whispered. Her eyes had stopped their flickering, focusing now only on the new magnificent vampire in the room.

Bella smiled shyly. She nodded her head slowly, taking a step toward her best friend. "Hi Alice."

"Oh, my God." I felt myself smirk quietly at Alice's reaction. Her mind raced a thousand miles an hour, her thoughts becoming jumbled in my mind. Alice couldn't believe how amazing Bella had become; her mind wondered why Bella was here with Carlisle, but most prominent was the question of how Bella was a vampire.

"Bella!" Alice screeched finally, throwing herself across the room to grab Bella in her arms and twirl her around. They were a circled blur of laughter and rejoicing; Bella's musical giggle and Alice's fairy-like tinkle were blended into one heavenly song. I glanced at Jasper, finally seeing his sad eyes staring at his love and mine in a moment all their own. A small smile repeatedly appeared and disappeared from his handsome features.

The girls stopped finally, their hands held tight and ecstatic smiles plastered on their faces. It was a hysterical sight to see; both beamed joy as their laughter died down.

"Hey Bella," Jasper called out. Bella's magnificent eyes flicked toward him, the smile widening. "You look good." Bella let out a small breath and nodded.

"You too, Jasper." He shook his head at her in a disbelieving way. Allowing his resolve to falter, he crossed the room quickly and took her in his arms, laying a soft kiss in her chocolaty brown hair. Jasper backed away quickly however, grabbing Alice's small hand in his own and pulling her to his side.

I looked back to Bella to see her look happier than I had ever seen her. I imagined it was the happiest she had been in over six months, and I decided not to ruin the moment with questions about the deteriorating man sitting just close enough to hear rustling around.

I moved toward the luscious scent emanating off of Bella's silky skin and wrapped my strong arm around her waist. I could feel her smooth strands of hair tickling my skin as she rested her head on my shoulder.

It was a moment; that was the only way to describe it. Being reunited with my family, no matter how different or broken, was almost as good as I had imagined. What made it better was the knowledge that now I was with my other half, the part of me that filled my soul and unbeating heart, my Bella. I would be with her forever, hundreds of years. We would see decades pass and laugh at the fads; we could live on our own, without the worry of my danger to her; we could show each other how very much we desired one another, make love like all the love in the world was ours. I was sure it was in that moment, anyway.

There was only one thing that seemed could make the moment any more blissful, and before I had time to finish my thought, Carlisle's limp voice broke through the silence with a truth that sliced.

"I wish Esme was here."

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