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Happy Hour

Dean and Sam had been in the room waiting for me and Kim to start a chapter that has been hanging for sometime. But hey, Kim and I have been busy!
Dean: Where the hell are those two?
Sam: Why are you even anxious? Not like they are giving us an award in this fic. In case you forgot we were about to get in trouble and...
Sam was interrupted when he heard loud laughing and steps approaching the room clumsily. Him and Dean frowned.
Dean and Sam together: What the hell?
Kim and I: Gimme, gimme gimme a man after midnight!!! – singing ABBA
Me: It's almost New Years!!!!!
I said opening the door harshly, holding a bottle of champagne in my hands. Kim was holding another.
Kim: Happy Fucking New Years boys!
Dean and Sam exchange a look.
Dean's look said: Santa is giving me a late Christmas present, and Sam's look said: Oh please.
Sam: Are you drunk?
Dean: What a stupid question.
Me: We not drunk, we happy!
Kim: Ok enough to write fic, aren't we Lil?
Me: We sure are! Let me sit, out of the way.
When I try to sit down for the first time I aim wrong and fall on my ass and start laughing at myself like a moron, Kim joins me and laughs also.
Me: Sheesh... Chair...where's it? Oh here it is. – I use the chair as a support to get myself up- That's gonna be purple tomorrow.
Kim: It'll match your new purple dress! – Kim said as if it were awesome news!
Me: That's true!
Dean: Sam, do I speak that much bull when I'm drunk?
Sam: Umm, you get quite embarrassing.
Dean: Man... I wish I was drunk, this would be more fun.
Me: Can someone hold this chair for me to sit? It keeps moving!
Kim: The chairs not moving silly, your pants are.
Dean: Oh god…
Dean held the chair that wasn't moving at all and Sam made sure I actually sat on the held chair.
Sam: Here, sit down.
I turn on my Computer… with some difficulties.
Me: Ok, let's get this party started.
Kim: Ok, so Dean... Dean was about to get trouble.. wasn't he? He had bad sex with the witch.
Me: Okie dokie. Hey Kim, that hot rock singer sent me a message, yay!
Kim: The one you… examined during that party, from ted to hoe and all in betweens?
Me: Shhhh, announce to the radio, will ya? Yeah, the gifted one!
Kim: What he write?
Me: Come here and read.
Dean and Sam exchanged looks once again
Sam: Oh c'mon, don't we have a fic to do ladies?
Dean: Shut up Sam, I want to know what naughty things she does.
Sam: Does?
Dean: Did, I meant naughty things she did.
Kim: Wow Lil, what did you guys really do?
Me: I don't kiss and tell but... Oh man!
Kim: What? What?
Kim and the boys saw me make a weird face, closing my legs tight.
Me: I feel the "condition". Ugh!
Kim: You always have the "condition". You should give him a call.
Dean and Sam: The "condition"?
Kim: Yup
Dean: What's the "condition"?
Kim: It's the uh, it's when she horny as hell and literally 'bout to pounce on the next hot thing in front of her. Like when sex on your mind every second of the hour.
Sam: Of the minute you mean.
Kim: Sure.
Dean: I know that condition well.
Me: Dean? – I said giving him a naughty look, approaching him.
Dean frowned again for the one hundredth time.
Dean: Yes?
Me: This condition is hard to deal with alone. I need someone to just fire out my put, what do you think big boy?
Dean smiled, after all someone was actually offering him sex. Dean never refused sex.
Dean: Well, if you need help, who am I to deny?
Sam: Whoa, whoa, whoa tiger, not when she's like that. – Sam said, stopping Dean from helping me. What a killjoy.
Kim: Psh. She always like that, it's almost a permanent condition, not new.
Me: Hey! It is not!
Sam: Ok, ok. Let's focus on the fic uh?
Dean: Dude? Come on this is like a Christmas miracle, we might as well enjoy it!
Sam: Christmas is over Dean.
Dean: So it's a little late, don't question what the fat red man gives us and when he gives it.
Sam: We have a fic to do!
Dean: We have girls to do!
Sam: This attitude right here is what got us in trouble in this fic!
Dean: Your attitude is what makes people write wincest fics!
Kim and me: Ewwwww
Dean: Exactly my point! You are choosing a fic over girls!
Sam: Do you know the kind of damage they can cause when they become sober and realize we took advantage of them?
Dean: After I'm done with them they won't complain whether or not we took advantage of them.
Kim: Wow, I'm so drunk that that didn't make me horny.
Dean and Sam glanced at her, one eye furrowed in question.
Dean and Sam: Wow she is drunk.
I threw my hands in the air to get the attention on me and threw a smile at the boys.
Me: I'm still horny though… and waiting.
Sam frowned.
Sam: It's like they switched personalities.
Dean: That's a possibility, it is a supernatural fic.
Kim: I need a drink…
Sam: Kim, no!
Sam snatched the Champagne bottle out of her hands before she could down the rest of it and pointed a finger in her face like she was a bad dog.
While Sam was distracted trying to get Kim not to drink and Dean was standing in the room not knowing what to do, I took my chance to sit my lovely ass in the PC and get what I wanted, when a woman has a condition, they need to be served ASAP!
Sam continued to yell at Kim.
Sam: No more drinking. Now can we please-
Sam turned around and stopped mid sentence, his mouth hanging open at his half naked brother.
Dean stood in the same spot Sam had left him, only now he was shirtless and staring at his chest in confusion. Dean looked up from his deliciously muscled chest to Sam, whose shocked face had turned angry.
Dean: Sam I swear I didn't take it off or go near her!
Sam: Then how'd your shirt come off?
Dean took a step closer to me and Sam rushed over to shove him back.
Sam: You're going to get us in a lot of trouble! Don't go near her.
Dean: It's easier said then done.
Sam: Just don't move.
Kim: Lil types it, Dean does.
Sam: What do you mean Lil-
Me: Aren't you thirsty Kim? -I said to get him off my tail.
Kim: Give me back my Champagne Sam.
Kim went to snatch the bottle out of Sam's hand but he held on tightly.
Sam: Kim, let go off the bottle! Come on!
He ripped her hand off the bottle and raised the bottle up above his head so she couldn't reach it. I needed to distract him so I could have my fun with Dean and Kim seemed to be doing a fine job.
And bye bye Dean's pants! Leaving Dean with nothing but his underwear.
Dean: Ok, this is getting out of control.
Kim: I'm fine! Give it back!
Sam: You are not fine! Gimme the bottle!
Kim was practically climbing the front of Sam's body to reach her Champagne bottle when I had a thought. Sam needed to get in the mood. He needed some love!
Sam felt a huge urge to kiss Kim; he glanced at me in my seat and began to yell at me when his urge controlled him.
Kim: Lil, make him give me my Champagne b-
Sam suddenly kissed Kim, and not a lip kiss, but a deep tongue kiss.
Me: Good, let's keep Sam that way for a while. Now for the grand finale, or beginning...
Dean eyes went wide and turned to me.
Dean: I can't believe you just did that!
I ignored him and started typing away.
Dean: Lilith, I'm all for the sex and all, but you're clearly not in the right state of mind… and now I'm walking to you, great...
Dean walked closer to me and I typed it so that Sam was completely overwhelmed with his… other brain. Dean was going on and on about how I should stop so I typed it so he would shut up and made him kneel beside me so I could kiss him. I turned in my seat and locked lips with him. He shrugged and kissed me back. I don't kiss and tell, but I'm a great kisser! He wouldn't complain.
Dean: I'm not gunna get in trouble for this right?
He mumbled around my lips.
Me: No.
Dean: Can you just type everything down so I have evidence that this is all you're doing?
Me: I can't type and cure the condition at the same time. Now shut up and kiss.

He also had no objections to that.

Me: Wait! Something is not right. – I said wondering what was missing.

Dean: And you just realized that? – Dean asked with sarcasm.

Me: Oh I know! – I said and gave him a naughty look. – You're shirtless and I'm not, that's not fair now, is it? – I said winking at Dean, he smiled.

Dean: I guess you're right.

So I typed the magic words and well, let's say Dean never had such a greater smile on his face.

Dean: I'm so gonna get in trouble by morning.
Sam grabbed Kim by the waste and picked her up, spinning around and shoving her onto the computer desk. His hands searched her body before he practically tore off her shirt. She reacted to him almost mechanically, yanking his shirt up his body and over his head. Sam bent to Kim's chest, licking a clean line up her neck while beating his tongue almost frantically, matching her heart beat so that the sensation rode her pulse. His teeth nibbled on her earlobe, making her giggle beneath him and pull him closer. Sam started to undo his pants.

I ignored them and typed it so that Dean had the same burning passion that Sam was displaying. All the moaning and grunts coming from those two were driving me wild, if I didn't have the condition before this, seeing Sam shirtless and undoing his pants was sure making me suffer from the condition now.
Dean's eye went a little wide when I was done typing and he nudged himself closer to my seat and started kissing my neck. Dean was right there, so close to me, shirtless, with his fine muscles exposed, incase you don't know I have a things for biceps. While he kissed my neck, I passed my hands over his biceps, than scratched his arms with my nails making Dean moan in my ears. His lips touched mine once again and I couldn't resist biting his slightly, he also bit mine, making me moan this time. I also kissed his neck, gently at first and moving down. My hands continued to explore his body, from biceps to his firm abdomen, feeling muscle by muscle. Dean touched my thighs and squeezed them hard with his hands; I had no objections at all. Dean's skin was warm and started getting sweaty. I decided to go further, so my lips went from his neck to his chest, kissing him, feeling him, going down little by little. Dean leaned his head back and let out another moan.

I hadn't noticed it but Sam had been creeping closer to the computer tower while making out with Kim. He kicked his foot into the button that turns the computer off and the screen went black.

Dean pulled back and took a deep, deep breath before Sam kicked my chair and I wheeled all the way across the room and away from the computer.
Me: What the hell Sam!?!
Dean: Damn it Sam! What did you that for? It was beginning to get interesting. Man, I need to breath. That was... Was…

Me: Breath Dean. In… out… in... out. I also need to breathe. Man!

Sam: Mm hmm.
Dean: Sam! Get off her!

Me: Yeah get the fuck off! You killjoy!
Sam: Mm hmm.
Me: Sam! If I don't get any neither do you!
Dean: Seriously dude if that's the case you should have left the computer on. Now if we take advantage of them there won't be evidence. And seriously! Why did you do that?
I marched over to Sam and yanked him off of Kim.
Me: I said if I can't get any neither can you! How dare you take advantage of Kim that much and spoil my fun with Dean? That's not fair! Now my condition is worse! Thanks a lot!

Dean: Yeah Sam, thanks a lot!
Kim: Yes! I got my Champagne back!
Kim shouted, holding up her Champagne bottle for all to see.
Kim: Thank you thank you thank you!
She hugged the bottle to her, completely oblivious to everything that had been happening.
Me: I think I need a shower.

Dean: So do I. A cold one.

Sam: Same here.

Kim: I love this Champagne.

Dean: Dude, you couldn't even make her forget about her Champagne.

Sam: You couldn't satisfy her lust with a kiss.

Kim: Why does my mouth taste like skittles?

Me: I don't know.

Dean: Sam had a bag of skittles while we waited for you two.

Kim: I like skittles. I want skittles.

Sam: I don't have any more.

Kim: But you taste like skittles.

Sam: But I don't have.

Kim: I want skittles.

Me: Kim he has no skittles, none of us do.
Sam: Just get to the fic please?

Me: We need to get dressed first.

Kim: I don't want to, it's too hot.

Me: You're getting dressed.

Kim: Fine.

Ok readers, now we need a pause so everyone gets dressed and in a few minutes you'll know what comes next.....

...just a little bit more....

...few more seconds....

Ok, read on!

Sam: Now can we get to the fic?
Me: Fine, we work on the fic.

Dean: When they sober up we are so getting in trouble.

Dean mumbled, turning on the computer. I grabbed my seat from across the room and sat down.

Me: Relax, my computer saves the drafts every five minutes, and we were surely making out for longer then five minutes after I typed.

Dean: Really?

Me: Yes.

Dean: Yes! We have evidence they took advantage of us and not the other way around.

Me: I'm not that drunk, I'll remember it all in the morning anyway.

I looked at Kim who had never gotten up from the computer desk and frowned. She was downing the rest of the Champagne like it was water.

Me: Kim I can't type with you on the keyboard.

Sam: Oh no, no, no! You are not getting back on the computer. I don't trust you.

Me: What? Who's gunna type then?

Sam: Kim can type. At least she won't abuse her power over us.

Kim: Okay, I like typing.

I didn't have any time to object before Kim rolled over and fell to the floor. She shoved me off the chair and sat her ass on it much more smoothly then I had done earlier, though I swear she was way more drunk then me.
Kim typing:
Dena was in touble for he had bin cauht by the witc, whos he had nt ben able to pefm seex woh.
Sam looked over her shoulder; the boys always inspected our writing to make sure we wouldn't mess with them.
Sam: Whoa, whoa, whoa Kim, you are typing it all wrong. People won't be able to read this.
Kim: What? Are you saying I'm not drunk enough to type this?
Sam: Do you mean I think you're way too drunk to type it?
Kim: Sam what the hell does that mean, speak English.

Me: I can read it.
Dean: Of course you can, you are just as drunk.
Kim and me: Not drunk!
Sam: Let me type for you, you tell me your idea and I type it. I promise to write exactly what you and Lil think of for this fic.
Dean: Oh no, let me type, please! – Dean said wishing that had been his idea.
Kim: Sam, no I type, I type ok.
Sam: You don't speak ok.
Me: Wow this is blurred, what happened to the screen? I need a new screen.
Sam: Ok, let me sit.
Dean saw Sam sitting down and ran to dispute the seat.
Dean: No, no, no! This is a chance in a lifetime, get off! – Dean said sitting his ass in half the chair, Sam sitting on the other half.
Sam: Get off Dean!
Dean: Come on man let me sit, they tortured us. I'll make it up to us. – Dean said giving Sam a shameless look.
Sam: First you want to sleep with them which would get us in trouble and now you want to literally screw with them to get revenge?
Dean: Yes.
Sam closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose, thinking really hard about what Dean wanted to do.
Since he had also been a target for our mean ideas, he actually decided to let Dean do what he had in mind.
Sam: I'm going to hell for this, but we might as well take advantage of them in some way while we can.

Just before Dean started typing, a weird song came up on the radio that had been playing from the corner of the room on low volume. Kim decided to sing along.
Kim- I remember all my life....raining down as cold as ice… shadows of a man...a face through a window crying in the night, the night goes into morning just another day, happy people pass my way...
She started singing along a song that came up on the radio, Mandy. Not really singing, more like yelling slurred words.
Me: Wooo, cool! Look in their eyes, I see a memory, I never realized, how happy you make me oh Mandy!
Me and Kim: You came and you gave without taking, but I sent you away oh Mandy, well you kissed me and stopped me from shaken oh I need u today oh Mandy !
Dean looked behind his shoulder frowning. He looked back at Sam with a disgusted look.
Dean: This is your doing isn't it?
Sam looked shocked.
Sam: What do you mean my doing?
Dean: You're the only one in this room who'd put that radio station on!
Sam: No I-
Dean: Don't deny it Sammy! Change the station!
Sam: Fine!
Sam changed the station to another song that I knew and Dean hated.
Dean: Oh my god this is worse!
Kim: This song sucks.
Me: No it doesn't! I like it. (Starts singing) – Making love out of nothing at all – Air Supply.
Sam: I like this one too.
Dean: Change it back, I rather listen to that other crap.

Sam: Forget about the music! Let's write the fic!

Dean: Sam's right let me write the fic. – Dean said with a very evil smile now, he wanted pay back for the mean things we've done in the other chapters.

Dean: So many ideas, what do I do first? I think...

But Dean's magical moment was interrupted when we all heard a loud thud. He and Sam frowned and looked behind. Kim had just passed out due to the Champagne she had been drinking. She was snoring! I didn't even know she snored but she was snoring! Her Champagne bottle tucked safely under her arm.

Me: Kim? – I said kneeling down beside her. – Dude? That's gonna hurt tomorrow.

Dean: Oh come on! That's just not fair! – Dean said standing up and approaching Kim also, cursing his bad luck.

Sam let out a sigh.

Dean came close and pouted.

Dean: So that's what a woman looks like when she's passed out and drunk.

Sam: As if you didn't know.

Dean: I'm usually drunk when that happens Sam.

Sam: Sorry, forgot who I was talking to.

Dean: I didn't think she snores.

Me: Me neither.

Sam: She probably doesn't, the way her heads resting against the desk could be causing it.

Dean: Thank you boy genius.

Sam: Don't hate because I'm smarter then you.

Dean: Your book smart, I'm street smart. My kind of smart comes in handier in our line of work.

Sam: You wouldn't know how to use your street smarts if it weren't for my book smart information on the things we hunt.

Me: Stop bickering.

Sam: Guess we're not writing anything today, she's so drunk she passed out!

Me: We can throw a bucket of water on her face! Like in the movies and she'll wake up!

Sam: We are not doing that.

Dean: Why not? – Dean asked with an innocent face. Sam gave him a look.

Sam: Lil, you sit and wait ok? Dean take her to the bedroom and I'll make Lil some coffee before she also passes out.

Dean: Fine, I can't believe this. – Dean said picking Kim up.

Me: Psh, I no coffee, I'm fi(yawn)ne… fine.

Sam: Right, sit down and I'll be right back.

Sam left for a moment to make coffee and I sat in the Pc and started typing a very non coherent message to the hot rock singer.

As soon as Sam comes back to check on me with the cup of coffee, he saw me, drooling on the keyboard and Dean sitting on the other chair feeling unhappy.

Dean: Did you go harvest the coffee grains? You took so long she fell asleep.

Sam also sat next to Dean.

Dean: You know, we could type the fic anyways.

Sam: They're passed out, it's not fun.

Dean: Well, since they are passed out and we can't have our fun, Sam and I wanna wish, also on behalf of the girls a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Sam: And hope they can actually write a fic in 2009!

Dean: And hope we don't get in trouble in 2009 when they wake up in the morning. Anyways...

Dean and Sam: Happy New Years!! To all of our readers!