Satay: the most diabolical place on Earth... my bedroom! (random lightning) Ahem... The members of the Z fighters we will be 'interviewing' today will be arriving soon. They're really very eager to meet me. Now, since Yuko the Saiyan has Goku and Vegeta, Tempz99 has both the bad guys and the girls, Radiza-Saiyajin-Goddes has the Saiyans, Dragonballgeek101 has the kids, and The Ultimate Saiyan has the Ginyu Force, I kinda had to make do. I'm happy with who's left over, but I would have loved to have interviewed Vegeta. Mm...Vegeta (drools) Uh...anyway, (wipes mouth) I think our first guest is arriving now!

(Hole opens in the ceiling and Yamcha drops through wearing his basketball uniform)

Yamcha: What the -? Where am I?

Satay: Hey, Yamcha! How are you today?

Yamcha: I'm confused...

Satay: Well, you just wait for a second, the others will be here soon.

Yamcha: Others?

(Hole opens in the wall and Krillin is catapulted into the room. He lands on Yamcha's lap)

Krillin: Yamcha? How did you get to Kame House so quickly?

Yamcha: (sounding oddly sinister) You're not in Kame House any more, Krillin.

Krillin: I'm not...? Who's that?

Satay: (mysteriously) My name is not important for the moment. We've just got to wait for the others to get here.

(Hole opens in the ceiling again and Tien and Chiaotzu drop through)

Tien: What in Kami's name?

Chiaotzu: Where are we?

Satay: Hi, guys. (shyly) Hi, Tien.

Tien: Uh...hi?

Satay: (giggles like a schoolgirl)

Chiaotzu: Tien, I'm scared.

Tien: Me too, too.

Satay: Ok, we've only got a few more people to show up. They're taking their time though, aren't they?

Krillin: I know why we're here! You've got some diabolical scheme to take over the world, so you're capturing all of us to make sure we can't stop you! Oh Kami! I bet Goku and Vegeta will be next.

Satay: (rolls eyes) You underestimate me, Krillin. Who needs Goku and Vegeta? I'll be happy once our last two guests get here and I can start the interviewing process.

Tien: Yo-you're not going to kidnap Goku and Vegeta?

Satay: Kami, no. Why would I? Other people are interviewing them. I put dibs on you guys (grins)

(Hole opens in the floor. Piccolo and Dende are pushed up through the hole.)

Piccolo: What the hell?

Dende: Now, Piccolo. That's hardly appropriate.

Piccolo: Oh, I'm terribly sorry, Dende. What I meant to say was: Holy crap, what the hell?!?

Dende: (frowns)

Piccolo: (smirks)

Tien: Dende? What's Dende doing here?

Satay: I think he's cute. Aww...look at his little antennae.

Dende: Uh... alright then...

Satay: Aww!!!

Piccolo: Hmph... Why are we here?

Satay: Oh right, the interview thing. First I'll introduce myself. My name is Satu. I'm 16, and I'm a girl (I know you guys know that, but with a name like Satu, no one else is really sure). Also, you can call me Satay.

Krillin: Uh...why?

Satay: Because it's one of my nicknames!

Yamcha: But your author's name is Satu-D-2.

Satay: Another one of my nicknames, which also gives the reader a clue on how to pronounce my name the Australian way...not the original Finnish way... (sidles up to Tien) You can call me Saucy Satay if you wanna.

Tien: Uh...

Satay: Anyway, you guys get comfortable. Krillin, you can sit on my bedside table, Yamcha on the toy box – yes, I still have a toy's not like I play with the toys anymore (shifty eyes) – Piccolo, you can do that floaty thing you do. Dende, can you do that too?

Dende: Uh... Yes?

Satay: Well then, that's better. Kami it's crowded in here! I shouldn't have used my room.

Chiaotzu: Where do Tien and I sit?

Satay: You can sit on my bed...with me (blush). Don't worry, I'll sit on the pillow and you guys can space yourself around and...yeah.

Krillin: Is that a poster of Vegeta?

Satay: No... (pulls down the numerous posters from the walls) Ok, now we can forget that and move along.

Yamcha: Are you going to ask us any questions?

Satay: Well...not really. That's for the fans to do. They've gotta leave reviews with questions for you or me or whatever! They'll also give you food...if they're kind.

Krillin: Why can't you give us food?

Satay: Because if I open the door you'll escape... I'm not going to hurt you, by the way, so don't try attacking me.

Tien: You're not another one of those half-Saiyans that we never knew existed, are you?

Satay: Kami, no! I'm just a human (albeit a super genius who got an A in Maths B on the first try ;) ), although I eat like a Saiyan (basically inhaling my food, always first finished at the dinner table by a long period of time, I consider a drink to be a get the idea...). But I'm cute, so you wouldn't hurt me...would you? (puppy-dog eyes)

Tien: Uh...

Piccolo: (groans) I'm so tired of this... Let's get this over with then.

Satay: Alright. You heard the Namek, let's get those reviews/questions rolling in! I'll update when I've got enough (cough-at-least-5-cough) and we'll get started :D:D:D:D

Yamcha: Why do I have a sense of foreboding?

Chiaotzu: I don't know...but I've got it too.

Satay: Aww... Chiaotzu, you're so cute!

Chiaotzu: AH! Tien!

Tien: Don't worry, Chiaotzu, I'll protect you.

Satay: I'd be more worried about yourself, Tien. (growls and does that little paw-swipey thing)

Everyone: O.o"

Satay: (ignoring them) Oh yeah, and if you want any other people added, then just put that in your review as well. I'll put them in if I deem them suitable :D:D:D:D (deem is such a weird word...) (and yes, I know I spell Chiaotzu weirdly...I just can't break the habit now...) Also, ss talos also has Yamcha, Tien, Chiaotzu, and Krillin, so make sure to send the same questions to as me to them, ya? Ya.

Krillin: How can I be in two places at once?

Satay: (hissed under breath) Shut up, Krillin. (smiles like a game-show host on crack to readers). Please review!