Fateful Night Chapter 1

Firstly, thank you to anyone who is reading this! It is my first ever fanfic and I've had the idea in my head for a long time. It will have a fair bit of OOC (Out Of Character). Hojo is Kagomes' dad in this fic, therefore, he is Mr. Higurashi. Inu-Yasha doesn't exist in this one either. The rating may change with later chappies. It is SessxKags and WILL NOT CHANGE. By the way, it takes place in modern times and fluffy is a vampire. If you review please be nice, I don't like flames, they make me very, very sad. Constructive criticism only please!

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Kagome sat, staring out her bedroom window as the rain poured down from the sky, streetlights cast shadows on the pavement as the darkness thickened and grew. Maybe I should take a walk…It has stopped raining. So, she got up, stretched her tired limbs and proceeded to put on her black Converse and a black, warm, fluffy jacket. Bundled up and ready to go Kagome waved a quick 'bye' to her mom, Mrs. Higurashi and closed the door quietly behind her.

Walking down the dark, deserted street, she had a strange feeling of being watched. Turning, she saw nothing but the cold street. A feeling of foreboding came over her. She sped up; unsure of where she was going when she suddenly bumped into something warm, but oddly cold. Falling onto her bottom, she blushed then looked up. Her eyes opened wide in surprise, then embarrassment, then lastly, terror. She was looking straight up at the most beautiful, terrifying and obviously blood-sucking man she had ever seen.

"Umm…I-I'm sorry…" She stuttered nervously, backing away slowly as she stood up again.

" Don't be sorry, but watch out where you're going from now on. You don't want to be hurt do you?" Asked the man, " My name, is Sesshomaru, and yours?"

" Ka-Kagome…"

" Well Kagome, good night." With that, Sesshomaru turned and walked calmly away. Kagome stood for a moment confused and then her feet, seemingly of there own accord, started her off towards her home. Less than a minute after, Kagome had started off towards her home again. A hand, in a quick motion, clamped over her mouth, then, another hand covered her eyes. She tried to scream, but no sound emerged. Then, nothing, whoever had grabbed her, quickly pinched one of her pressure points and she was out cold.

Kagome awoke in a dimly lit room; she was sitting in an extremely comfy chair. It took her a moment to realize that everything else in the room was black, and that she was not alone. Sitting in a chair opposite her was, Sesshomaru? The man from last night…? Is it still nighttime? What is going on!

" Sess –Sesshomaru?" She stuttered out, confused and rather shocked.

" Yes, that is I." He answered, looking at something affixed to the wall behind her. She turned, trying to see what he had been looking at, only to find herself gazing into complete darkness. " What are you looking for?" He asked, " Something in particular?"

" N-No…" She answered, hesitantly, " Just, looking around." She looked around the darkness, as if to prove her lie. All of her limbs felt heavy, and she felt light-headed. A light in the darkness caught her eye, blinking, she realized that it was only a figment of her imagination.

" Now, human," Sesshomaru said, chuckling, " do you know why you are here?"

" No..."

" Then I suppose I must explain, I am a vampire. Do you know what vampires do?"

" I'm not stupid!" Kagome exclaimed, regaining her composure, and her confidence. " Vampires drink blood, obviously!"

" Yes, that is correct."

" Wait a second…Oh My God! You are going to drink my blood?" Kagome shrieked, " This is so not happening!"

" Ah, but it is happening." He replied calmly, " Now, don't worry Kagome, it won't hurt at all." We like Kagome, keep Kagome, Kagome stay! Silence beast! Sesshomaru got up and walked slowly towards Kagome, watching her shrink back, away from him. " Now, now, we can't have you afraid can we?" Kagome trembled as he neared her.

" Get-get away," Kagome said shakily. Oh my god, oh my god, I'm going to be eaten by a vampire, oh my god…"go away…"

Must have Kagome, Kagome blood mine! Mine! Kagome mine Again Sesshomaru silenced his beast. But suddenly his eyes bled red, his demon blood taking over. A low growl was emitted from his lips as he leapt the rest of the space between him and…The woman his demon had chosen as a mate. Take now! Take Kagome, mate scared, comfort mate! So, Sesshomaru sat beside Kagome and took her trembling form into his arms. He emitted a soft, almost purr to calm her.

Vampires purr? Wait a vampire, me, here NOT GOOD! But he is being so sweet…Kagome found herself relaxing in his arms. Sesshomaru smiled, he could tell that she felt safe as it was in her scent. He began to stroke her hair in a steady rhythm. Feeling her melt into his arms. A small smirk adorned his lips, his demon side long since subsided.

" Kagome, dear, I really must feed." He whispered into her ear sweetly. Kagome lifted her head, looked straight into his eyes.

" Will it hurt?" She asked quietly.

" No, it will not, in fact, if done properly, a vampire bite can be even more pleasurable than intercourse." Kagome looked surprised and he smiled at her reaction. " You make it all too obvious that you are a virgin."

Kagome was in shock. This was crazy and just plain weird. What is going on…Ohhhhh…She moaned as his fangs pierced her neck, blood flowed out of the wound. From shock, surprise, and pain, she fainted.

Hmmm…I wasn't expecting that. Sesshomaru wiped her delicious blood from his chin and smiled. She was perfect. Mate. Mine! Mate, yummy, MINE.

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