I apologize for my very, very long absence, there isn't really any excuse, and I've been unable to think of anything

I apologize for my very, very long absence, there isn't really any excuse, and I've been unable to think of anything to write. But, I'm giving another chapter a go, and I'll see where it goes.

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Fateful Night Chapter 18

Sango, Miroku and Sesshomaru all appeared in the room in the blink of an eye, panting. They looked around, with nearly identical expressions of one who is trying to find the source of something extremely unpleasant. Eventually, Miroku spotted the record player, and pointed accusingly at the offending item.

"AH-HA! So that's what's making this racket!" He exclaimed, and his two companions immediately looked towards an oblivious Kagome, who sat in apparent bliss at the sounds the machine emitted. She looked up at them in confusion, and smiled.

"You like it?" She shouted over the music. Only Sesshomaru was able to pick up her words, and shook his head 'no'. A frown crossed Kagomes face, and she got up, turning off the record player that Sango was, unsuccessfully, trying to turn off. Kagome glared at her friends, upset that they had interrupted her while she was remembering the past. "Why did you guys have to come and turn that off? It took the girls and I ages to come up with the bridge."

The others stared in disbelief, "Kagome," Sesshomaru said quietly, figuring he was the least likely to get her upset, "that sounded like animals dying in the most brutal fashion" To the extreme shock of all, Kagome smiled brightly.

"That's exactly the sound we were going for!" She exclaimed, a huge grin plastered on her face. She ran up and hugged Sesshomaru tightly, burying her face in the silk of his shirt. Still shocked, Sesshomaru wrapped his arms loosely around her. What a strange sound to aim for. He looked down at her as she loosened herself from his arms and walked to the music-filled box, digging for a moment and pulling out the cover for the record that she had been playing. She held it up proudly displaying the gruesome art. "My high school band!"

Sango smiled slightly, remembering those years. She had probably been the only person in the entire school who hadn't been afraid of those four girls. Even the teachers were afraid of them, never giving them detentions out of fear of being alone with them. Miroku grinned, also remembering. He'd tried to hit on those girls many times, each attempt ending with him either unconscious or in the hospital.

It was only Sesshomaru that was unfamiliar with that chapter of her life. Looking into the thoughts of those around him, he was quite surprised. Surely that wasn't the some Kagome! This girl was not the sweet, gentle woman he knew. The Kagome he knew was a completely different person. Something must have happened, and he was determined to find out what. Deciding that he would inquire later, Sesshomaru turned his attention back to the no longer reminiscing group. They now stood close together, apparently gossiping about someone they had known in high school. He could only catch snippets of the quickly spoken conversation.

Miroku looked up to see a thoroughly confused Sesshomaru staring at the small huddle. The lecher smiled and approached the much taller male, leaving Kagome and Sango to gossip.

"Confused?" He asked, with a smile that was, for once, not in the least lecherous.

Sesshomaru nodded and asked, "How is it that Kagome is so changed from her high school years?"

"I was wondering when you were going to ask that. Well, as far as I know, nothing really happened, she just grew out of that style. I think she kept in touch with the girls from Brutality –that was her band- Yura, Sakura and Yuki, I think, for quite a while…ending about when she met you, actually. They've probably been calling her twice a day ever since she hasn't been home."

With a slight frown, Sesshomaru replied, "That may be a problem, I do not need her reported missing, and having police searching. Should that happen, you and Sango would almost certainly be questioned."

Miroku nodded in understanding, "Do you think she should call them or something, so they don't freak? Kagome may have changed, but they haven't. They would probably think you were the coolest person –or monster- alive, are you alive?"

"I am not alive, as it is usually described; I died when I became what I am. As for what they would think of what I am, they cannot know."

"So have we made our decision?"\

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