Chapter 3

High school drama


But at school things were different. When we finally entered high school everyone thought Milton was one of those cool genius guys, for he didn't talk to people, he did well on tests, and always seemed to know the right answer to anything and everything. So naturally, he became popular fast. I on the other hand, seem to come up on people's radar as "Milton's twin brother". Some people didn't even realize I had a name until the end of our junior year.

Our lives seemed normal at school, and even at home. In our sophomore year the orphanage finally turned us away and found an apartment for us to live in. That was also the year that Milton and I were old enough to apply for jobs. I was fortunate to find a job as a filler and part-time secretary for a businessman. And Milton worked for the Mafia, or so I thought for the first few weeks of our jobs. It turns out that he actually was working at an ice cream parlor, which shocked me out of reality. I passed by his work place once, and saw a random person tip him. The next thing I knew he was singing the Back Street Boys. That night at dinner, I didn't say a word.

After the second month of my work, my boss started acting strangely towards me. Muttering things like "I'd like to tap that" as he passed by. A few days later he apparently committed suicide by hanging himself with his tie, and that night Milton came home with a brief, happy smile on his face. I never figured out what he was smiling about.

Half way through our sophomore school year I began to hear rumors about my brother and me. It had something to do with me liking someone, but even if that were true… why was Milton involved?

An upperclassmen approached me in my classroom during lunch one day and said, "Hey Nero, you might want to look out for yourself," he grinned, "not many like the idea of you getting special treatment just because he's you're brother. "

Later that day the same upperclassman was found barely alive after being mauled by something in the bathroom. Apparently that same upperclassman had many enemies. But after that I pondered what he meant about "special treatment", Milton didn't give me any better treatment than he gave any other. Except that one time when I didn't get a good grade for the semester and the teacher started giving me a bad time about it. Milton visited the teacher and when the grades went out I had an 'A' in the class. I wonder what Milton said to him.