This is a little prequel to The Lion King II, showing what happened to Simba's son Kopa (From The Lion King- Six New Adventures). This will also lead up to my future story, The Lion King IV


Chapter One

Nala sighed, as she looked out from the cave, not able to sleep. She watched as Simba looked out toward the night sky and his newly acquired kingdom, taking it all in. It was only the night before when Simba had regained the throne of the Pride Lands, taking his place as king, and Nala as his queen.

Nala, having fallen in love with her best friend, had happily agreed to take the role as both ruler and mate. The months apart had been too long, and she was eager for an excuse to make up for lost time.

Still…Nala wondered if they had acted too quickly. After all…Simba was back home for the first time since cub-hood. It would take a while to relearn his lessons of ruling the kingdom, after pushing them out of his head. Some of the animals were already wondering if he could handle it. They even wondered if banishing Scar's followers to the Outlands was really a good idea. It may just cause more trouble…

This wasn't the only thing on Nala's mind that night. She also wondered how long she could hold the secret to Simba, before he found out…

"Are you still awake?" a voice asked. Nala looked up to see Simba smiling at her.

"Yeah…" Nala replied, returning a small grin. "Just…nervous. That's all."

"Oh, don't worry," her mate, told her, lying down by her side. "It's going to be hard to adjust, I know. But we'll get through it…together."

Simba nuzzled against Nala and laid his paw on her belly. For some strange reason, the gesture felt uncomforting to the young lioness, and she flinched.

"Are you all right?" Simba asked, alarmed.

"Yes, I'm just a little sore," Nala assured him. "I think a hyena got me good."

"Are you sure you don't need to see Rafiki?" her mate asked, still not convinced.

"I'm fine," Nala told him, licking his cheek before getting up. "I'm going for a little walk, and maybe the pain will go away."

"All right…" Simba said, reluctantly. "Just be careful."

Nala smiled at him, and exited the cave. She walked for a short distance to the bottom of Pride Rock, making sure Simba couldn't see her. She then sat down, and felt her belly with her paw. She was convinced she could feel something moving inside, and was sure it wasn't her dinner.

Great Mohatu…Nala thought, beginning to sob. I think I'm pregnant!