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Screams echoed around the forest, and the vixen didn't care. Her eyes were squeezed in pain. Her ears were flat and her face was damp with sweat. She let out a scream and fell down on her back breathing harshly. It was hard, and she wasn't about to lose this one.

Another scream came from her mouth and pushed one last time. Her strength was quickly fading. A cry alerted her and she quickly started to take care of the young kit. His cries were loud and shrill, but she could care less. Quickly she pulled him close to her.

"Oh young one," she said softly brushing her damp hair from her eyes. "I'm sorry that you are the only one." She held him close, "yet you must learn to be quiet." She quickly looked around to make sure that no one was around.

He let out a whimper but fell quiet after hearing his mother's calm voice soothing him. Slowly she got up and leaned back against the tree. She hated the woods; they reminded her of a prison that she just escaped from. If his father found him, she would die and he wouldn't...

No, she better make this quick, she knew that. She looked around and held him in one arm as she pushed herself weakly from the tree. "Hello precious."

Widen her eyes; she turned around to see a cold smile of the man she just escaped from. She held her kit close to her, she wasn't about to leave him to defend himself.

He looked over at the kit that was cuddled in her arms and looked back at her. His hazel eyes narrowed, "One?"

Holding herself carefully she pressed the kit tighter to her, but not tight enough to make him wake up or to make him cry. That would only anger him. "I see," he smirked as he took a step forward and began to walk over to the vixen.

Tears streamed down her face as she watched him coming near. Her instincts told her to run and fast as she could, but her legs were frozen in place. As if ice was obeying him.

"You are a disgrace of our race," he said walking over to her grinning sadistically, "I think the kit will do better off without a weakling for a mother."

Streams of tears fell down faster and her attack mode and defend mode kicked in. She summoned her plant powers even though it was dead of winter and slammed him against the tree using the branches the tree had. "I won't let you take him away from me," she cried, "he's the only one I have."

"And he shall be your last." He smirked at her as he got rid of the branches. The vixen cried harder as the ice started to freeze her. He walked over and then took the kit away from her arms. Not gently, he basically tore him away from his mother. "Doesn't look like he cares much...He'll learn greatly from me, unlike you."

Her eyes narrowed and she muttered, "I hope hell shall befall." She looked at her enemy, "He shall carry it with him."

The man frowned, "You are speaking in riddles woman, and I do hate that."

"You won't get him to learn your powers." The vixen said breathing shallowly since the ice was freezing her from the inside out, soon she would die in the winter's day. "I pray that he'll show you what you done wrong. Let the fates see your death by your son!"

The man waved his hand in a diagonal motion and her breath caught in her throat. Her heart failed her and stopped beating. Crumpling, she fell down to the ground. Her eyes were closed and her position reminded him of the first time he saw her sleeping. Angelic and not fearing any death.

Looking down at the kit that was fast asleep in his arms, he frowned and then said, "You'll do best to be called Youko, and in honor of your mother, Youko Kurama shall be your name."