The Gods of Dark and light

A Star Wars/Stargate Crossover

What happens when the Ori, a god-like race of ascended beings currentl rampaging through the Star Gate Universe come to the Galaxy Far Far Away? Those who do not follow the path of Origin must be destroyed.

Characters: Everyone I could find in the Star Wars Universe. And the Ori.

Prologue: The Seeds of Forever (A Long Time Ago, In a Galaxy Far, Far Away)

The ship appeared with a flash of hyper-spatial radiation that many millennia in the future would be labeled after a sentient name Cronau, who thought himself brilliant for discovering something that had been known and documented before his race even discovered space travel.

Almost immediately upon emergence into real space, the massive craft began listing, and soon the listing turned into a completely uncontrolled tumble. Toward the rear of the elongated oval ship, brief bursts of orange flame marked ruptures in the hull. The explosive out-gassing and flames acted like weak thrusters, further disrupting the ship's flight path.

Inside the dying craft's bridge, a desperate captain shouted to his navigator: "Where are we?"

"Unknown galaxy," the navigator called back. "The enemy struck as we were entering hyperspace. We super-accelerated to intergalactic speeds."

"Ship status?"

The navigator turned, her brows creased and her lips white. "Sir, she's done for. There's nothing I can do."

The captain nodded his acceptance of the navigator's word. He would sense a lie as surely as he could sense the navigator's distress. "Is there any hope Atlantis was able to track us?"

"I don't see how, Captain," the navigator said. "We're four galaxies away." She left her station as, through the view port, the stars spun chaotically with the tumbling of the ship. "And we both know that the Wraith are moving on Atlantis. They won't be able to save us."

"There's a habitable planet nearby!" sciences called out. The view port blinked as the ship's fading sensors honed in on a jewel of a planet, shining with the same green vibrancy and beauty as their lost home world.

"Can we make it in our jumpers?" the captain said.

"With only a few days flight," sciences replied. "But captain, we never established gates in this galaxy, and the jumpers aren't hyperspace enabled. We will be trapped there."

The captain gave a decisive nod and stood. "It's better than the alternative. Without thruster control, this ship will tear itself apart in minutes. Give the order to abandon ship; we'll make best speed to the planet and worry about the next step after we survive this one."

Rev 7.5.2011