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Chapter One

Seto and Joey had been married for three months when Joey approached Seto with the idea of wanting to adopt a child. Seto liked the idea and he went to talk to his Attorney about looking into it for them.

"I will get back to you as soon as I have any information Allister told" Seto. Allister did come investigating and from the same Orphanage where Seto and Mokuba had grown up in, there was a little girl who needed parents.

He went to speak to the man in charge and asked him "a lot of questions and one was would a gay couple be allowed to adopt a child from there?"

Mr. Phillips said "that if they checked out and it was found out that they could provide a safe and healthy environment for the child he wouldn't stand in their way."

Allister called Seto and told him "about the little girl and how she needed a family and that if he wanted to they could go and talk to Mr. Phillips and see the child. Seto told Allister that they wanted to go" and Allister said "that he would take them there himself."

When they arrived at the Orphanage, it brought back memories and some weren't very good. It still looked the same nothing had changed and that bothered Seto.

They were shown to Mr. Phillips Office and told he would be right with them. "Let me do all the talking" Allister told Seto.

Mr. Phillips was a mean looking man and Seto didn't like him at all. Allister shook his hand and introduced Seto and Joey to him.

He didn't use Seto's last name because he wanted to see if they would qualify or not. Mr. Phillips asked "both of them a lot of questions and some really weren't very nice."

Allister stepped in and told Phillips "that if he didn't stop his harassment he would file a complaint with the Board and he settled down."

"I really don't think that you two would be good material to adopt any child" he said.

"What if I used my real last name" Seto asked him?

"Well what is it then?" Phillips said sarcastically

"Kaiba" Seto said.

Phillips nearly fell off his chair and he said "Mr. Kaiba why didn't you say so when you were first brought in here?"

"I had to see how this place was being run and I don't like what I've seen he said. You are fired he roared at Phillips."

"You can't fire me" he said.

" I say he can, came a voice from behind Mr. Phillips. It was Maximillion Pegasus. I happen to own the Propriety that this place was built on and if I want to I can close it down and build anything I want here."

Mr. Phillips said "yes sir and started cleaning out his things and he left the building."

Pegasus walked over to Seto and Joey and said. "Let's go see the little girl shall we."

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