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Chapter Eight

It had been almost one years since the first two children had been adopted by Seto and Joey and then Yami and Yugi, Tristan and Tea, Duke and Serenity, Valon and Mai, Bakura and Ryou, Marik and Malik all came back to adopt another child because they had so much love to give the children and then eight other families came and they all adopted two or three children. So after that there was five children left and Pegasus and Croquet got married and they adopted the five children and that was the happiest day for the Orphanage because there weren't any children left behind.

Pegasus closed down the Orphanage and moved everything to his Island just in case any other children needed a place to call home they would be living with two of the biggest children in the world, Pegasus and Croquet.

Today there is going to be a huge party for everyone who adopted children because Pegasus has asked them all to come and celebrate with him and his family. It was one of the happiest days in both Pegasus's and Croquet's lives because they were able to see the young ones that had come to mean the world to them.

So from a small beginning with Seto and Joey adopting their two children to now children who thought that the world had forgotten them came to understand just how much they could love and be loved.

Every year after that there was a reunion party where the children could come back and reminisce with each other and tell how their lives had changed because of two men who showed them the love that they had never had, Pegasus and Croquet….


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