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Ukulele Charm

It had been a bad day for Stitch.

Flashback. . .

Stitch jumped up and fired at the things in white that moved like paper.

"Lilo!" he cried out. He ran though the brush until he found what he was looking for.

But she was unconscious, behind her were two of the large ones, the ones with the giant swords. And next to them was a man in a black robe.

"Is this the girl you want?" he had blue hair. Stitch went completely alien, he tried to attack when he pointed a large sword at her when Stitch stopped. "I'd like to make a deal, if you come with me," a portal of darkness opened up "I will let her go. But if not," the sword then grew sharp blades.

Stitch then did the only thing he could. He walked into the portal.

Saix smiled. He then did as he promised and let the girl go.

End Flashback. . .

He crawled around his tank and licked it.

"Doesn't look like much." the one with the eye patch said.

"This thing's heart may be the key. It was created artificially, so it might aid us." said scar-face.

Stitch then found the point in the jar that was the weakest.

"Bye-bye!" he said. Both Nobodies raised an eyebrow when the tank exploded and Stitch escaped.

Stitch ran through the hallowed halls, he had nowhere to run.

"Need help?" the blue alien turned around to see another man, but the hood was up. "I'll help you out, but you have to promise to find a kid named Sora, and not to mention this little talk. Got it memorized?" Stitch nodded. "Good boy." he then opened a dark portal. Stitch jumped though.

Stitch now found himself on some sort of castle, he looked down and saw a boy, a duck and a dog.

"Sora?" he then followed them.

Later. . .

"Hey little guy!" Sora said as he kneeled to get a better look at Stitch.

"Hi!" Stitch said.

"What's your name?"

"My name Stitch!" he stood up. "Can Stitch help?" he turned to the computer "Stitch can help fix computer." Stitch then ran over to the computer "And fight! So Stitch can get home!"

"Home? What's your home like?"

"Island! Stitch live on island. And Lilo! Stitch promised self get back to Lilo. Lilo Stitch's best friend!"

Sora felt akin for the little guy. Both grew up on an island, where back home was a girl waiting or them.

The first time Stitch was summoned. . .

Stitch jumped forward. He saw a man in black, but he had a large guitar with him. Several water clones appeared out of nowhere and attacked him, but Stitch drew his lasers and fired at them.

The man the started to strum the sitar again, but Stitch drew his own instrument.

The two musicians played off against each other, but then Stitch drew a laser with a third arm and blasted him away.

Stitch's time was done.

The last time Stitch was summoned. . .

Stitch stood against the man in armor, he drew both guns and his ukulele. He jumped at the man, only to be blocked by flaming chakrams.

But he rebounded and jumped at him again. But he was pinned down by two lances.

"Pathetic." the armored man said.

"Stitch not pathetic! Stitch cute and fluffy!" then with all his mad alien strength Stitch pried himself off the wall and launched at him.

He clawed, shot and played music at the man until his time was done.

"Stitch." Merlin said. Stitch looked up. "I believe I have found a way for you to get home."

"Stitch go home?" Merlin nodded.

He then opened up a blue portal and Stitch jumped in.

When he landed his paw touched soft sand. He looked around and saw that he was now back on his island. He looked around and saw a small girl sitting on a beach.

"Lilo!" Stitch.

And so the unlikely hero was reunited with the same girl who waited for him everyday on their island everyday.

The same could be later said of Sora.

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I admit I didn't use Stitch a lot, but he really helped in the tournaments, especially the Hercules one. How did he help you?