Whoo… I was not on the computer for only one day, and I find I have twenty-seven e-mails in my inbox… How very interesting… Well, this is my 3rd AU, yay. This is going to be a bit shorter than I really wanted it to be since I am fearful that this computer will die on me again. And sorry to disappoint all of you curious ToTA people reading this because this is for Symphonia. I really don't want to state that in the summary. Oh, yeah. For all of you speedy readers, I suggest you read slower to get the sort of sense of "drama" I want you to have.


The calming shades of orange, pink, yellow, and gold slowly filled the simple room and got brighter as the minutes went by. A mirror on one end, hanging over a redwood drawer. A coat rack standing by the only door, solely used to hang a large straw hat aloft the stone floor. A wooden chair against the wall… The soothing light soon fell on a lone figure sitting silently on a bed in the corner of the room. She had locks of pink hair that brushed past her neck; her head was tilted toward her hands in grief… Or was it anger…?

Her delicate hands were settled on her thick dress, her thin fingers wrinkling the top brown layer of linen. The sapphire orbs attached to the metal bands around her sleeved wrists stared at her like two following eyes… Eyes of pain… She gritted her teeth as her hands pulled on her dress, pinching it stressfully.

'I have to get away… I must escape from here…' The girl, no older than her early teens, carefully lifted herself from on top of the crimson red mattress of her bed and intently made her way to the single-panel window at the opposite end of her room. She held one of the curtains wide open, letting more of the sun's rays to flood the room as she mutely gazed out to the pristine waters of the sparkling blue sea and beyond.

'Why am I forced into confinement in this… this prison…? A prison, it was. Not allowed to enter the world that cursed her into solitude on that island, far away from any town or people. A place where nothing seemed to change after days past. Locked, with no way out except to commit such a treason. Was this merely because of who she is…? Her heritage?

The sunlight dimmed as it fell into the horizon. The area around her darkened, just like her mood. Her complexion reflected off of the crystal-clean glass to reveal her unnaturally pale skin and longing pale blue eyes. A lock of her velvety pink bangs fell over her un-blemished face, but that was the least of her worries.

'Do I really deserve such a treatment? …Am I the one at fault…?' She had pondered over such thoughts often, given the several days of silence she spent there. She frowned, shaking her head slightly. 'No… This- My punishment… This is all because of one person… This is because of him.'

She promptly stepped back, her hand clenched to her side, and glared angrily back at her reflection. The form on the window pane warped and twisted. There, watching her was an older red-haired male wearing and unfaltering grin that she despised worst of all… or, at least, that is what she convinced herself. She glared at it with much hatred; the bitter anger in her eyes welled up, almost to shatter the glass by a whim. She stiffly kept her place and hissed, "I hate you… Zelos…"

She did not say another word, nor move at all. It was like the feelings she suppressed for so long would burst out once more, yet nothing happened.

…She made her choice…

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