Magicked Lands
Magicked Lands

The Paths Open

Voyager was in very bad shape. In the last sector, a peace treaty had went bad and several ships had come after Voyager.

 "We're venting plasma" said Harry. The last enemy ship had retreated and it was a great relief to the crew. "Is there a nearby planet?"asked Janeway. "There's an M-classed planet coming up soon" said Tom. "Land us there" she said. "Begin repairs on decks two and five"she commanded and Harry relayed the message to Engineering. She finally sat back in her chair relaxed. Battle had taken a lot out of her. . .and her ship. A large planet showed on the viewscreen and Tom took Voyager down for a landing. Everything went smoothly and soon, Voyager was rested on a large plain. "I want to have a first hand look outside" said Janeway. "Scans show that there's plenty of oxygen, clean water, and edible plants" said Harry. "Sounds just like Earth" said Chakotay. She smiled and took Chakotay, Tom and Tuvok with her outside.


Chakotay breathed in the fresh air. "It feels so good to be outside of the ship" remarked Tom. They all took out their tricorders and began to scan as they walked towards the forest. "I'm picking up lifesigns" said Tom. They reached a clearing and found a very large structure. Almost like a mansion, but not by Earth terms. A woman with long blond hair, had part of it twisted in a bun and the rest lay down. Her eyes widened at the sight of the away team. "The Emissary has come!" she shouted. The away team looked at each other confused.


At the woman's shout, several other women and men had burst out of the building. They had been ushered in and Janeway had never got a chance to say that she didn't know what they were talking about. The only thing that was said was, "the emissary is here!" and there was such a clamor until they reached a large circular room. Another woman with long brown hair that was held back from her face with a simple barrette. She bowed and took to introducing herself, "I am Freya, Emissary, we are grateful that you have come" she said. Janeway held up a hand, "I'm sorry for the misunderstanding, but. . .I'm not your Emissary" she said. "Our elders and myths have told us that you would come on this very day" said Freya. She brought a piece of parchment out from a pocket and gave it to Janeway. Surprisingly, it was in English. She read it aloud:

"On the first day of Awakening, a star will fall. With it, brings the Emissary.

She will have scarlet hair and steel-blue eyes.

She will posses magic of her own and magic of machines

She whose name is Karthene

The Emissary who will deliver us from the Empress"

Janeway finished reading it. "The description is accurate" said Tuvok. "Oh come on! You don't really believe this, do you?" asked Tom. "Karthene, it's too much of a coincidence with Kathryn" said Chakotay. Freya looked at them happily, "Karthene is the old version of Kathryn. Your name rings true. You are our Emissary" she said. "Now we must determine your field of magic" she said and brought out four crystals and set them on a table. "Wave your hand over them" she said. Janeway did as she was told, and the last crystal lit up with a light blue. "A mage!" she said. She took out another set of crystals, but these were shaped differently. "Do it again" she said. Janeway obliged and the second one lit up. "You are a wielder of Fire" she said. She let Chakotay wave his hand over the first set of crystals. The first lit up with a bright white light.

"Oh my, we never get many of these!" said Freya. "What?" asked Chakotay. "You're a paladin. A righteous warrior blessed by the gods and light!" said Freya. Tom rolled his eyes, "Typical" he said. It was Tuvok's turn, he waved his hand and the third lit up with a mellow green. "You are a seer, able to see into the future" said Freya. Tom waved his hand not really expecting anything, but the second crystal lit up with a light yellow shade. "You are a healer." Said Freya. "Now, we have pre-made rooms for you, the children will escort you there" said Freya.

She made way for four children. One girl and three boys. The girls took Janeway and each boy took the others. "I'm Carmione" she said. "That's a nice name, mine's Kathryn. "We're really glad you came. The Empress is taking more and more of our land" said Carmione. She led Janeway into a room with several other children. All girls. There was a cushion that remained empty and Janeway sat there.


To be Continued