Two days later, the Gizmonic President was sitting at a podium on a stage.

All the Gizmocrats were standing before him.

Dr Solomon and Dr Paul were standing next to him, holding Dr Erhardt in their clutches.

To his left, Mike, Joel and the Bots were standing nearby.

"Gizmocrats of Gizmonic Institute," said the President. "Today, it is with great pleasure that we honor our great heroes, Mike Nelson, Joel Robinson, and their robotic companions, Crow T Robot, Tom Servo, Gypsy and Cambot."

There was applause.

Crow saluted.

"Dr Solomon," the President continued, turning to the sane scientist, "for your services in this escapade, I am promoting you to Chief Supervisor of your sector."

Dr Solomon saluted while Dr Paul simply glared at him.

We can't exactly send Dr Paul to jail. He thought he was doing his job.

"As for Dr Laurence Erhardt, we are sentencing you to two years in the brig for stealing government property, as well as going under the false name of a mad scientist, when you are in fact a mildly peeved researcher."

"Sez you, Mr Customs Man," Erhardt retorted, before being nudged by Solomon.

Then the President turned back to Mike, Joel and the Bots.

"As for you lot, is there anything we can do for you?" he asked.

Mike sighed.

"I just want to have a home and job and some normal clothes. I've been wearing jumpsuits for the last four and a half years," he sighed.

"I wanna pony!" said Gypsy.

"I want to decide who lives and who dies," said Crow.

"Again?" Joel asked.

The President chuckled.

"Well, I'll see what I can do," he said. "I think I could very well fund you an apartment in the area of your choice."

Mike grinned.

"Thanks, sir," he said.

The President turned to the crowd.

"Mr Michael J Nelson, everyone!" he said.

Everyone began applauding.

Mike, Joel and the Bots waved to the crowd.

Gypsy tapped the President on the shoulder.

"Excuse me, do you have a phone?" she asked.

The President reached into the podium and pulled a phone out.

Gypsy opened her mouth and a card fell out.

"Could you dial that number, please?" she asked.

While this was going on, Joel pulled Mike aside.

"You know, that overnight cook job is still open, if you want it," he said.

Mike was excited.

"Awesome!" he cried. "I love fish."

"And, there's a vacant apartment a few doors down."

"Is it any good?" Crow asked.

"How good do you want?"

"Practically the equivalent of Caesar's Palace."

Joel chuckled.

"Well, we could smarten it up a bit," he said.

Just then, Gypsy came up.

"Guys! You guys! Guess what! Guess what!" she cried.

"What is it, Gypsy?" Mike asked.

"Well, I called that guy I met at the restaurant back, and he said he'd help me start up my own company!"

"Oh, that's great, Gypsy," said Joel, patting her head.

Gypsy cooed happily.

"Oh, do you guys wanna join me?" she asked.

Everyone looked at her unsurely.

They weren't very sure if that's what they wanted.

Finally, Crow broke the ice.

"FFFT!" he said.

"Are you sure?" Gypsy asked.

Mike quickly spoke for everyone.

"That's okay, Gypsy," he said. "We're not exactly up for that fast-paced world. That's more your scene."

"Yeah, you're right," she said, nuzzling him. "Well, he's going to meet me at the Hot Fish Shop tomorrow, so we should probably get back over there soon."

"How do we get there in time?" Tom asked.

Cambot flew in low.

"Cambot? What is it, boy?" Mike asked.

Cambot motioned to the CT, which was still sitting on the podium.

Mike grinned. He approached the President and Dr Solomon.

"Well, thanks for your help, guys," he said.

"Oh, no problem," said the President. "Is there anything we can do for you?"

"Well, you could transport us back to the Hot Fish Shop in Osseo," Joel said. "I left my car there."

Dr Solomon nodded. He started typing a command into the CT.

"Okay, guys!" he said. "Gather around."

Joel, Mike, and the Bots got into a group.


Everyone grinned.


In flash of light, the MSTies disappeared.

One Week Later…

Seated in front of their little TV on the couch, Crow and Tom were relaxing. Cambot was hovering behind them, watching TV with Crow.

Mike was in the kitchen making lunch.

Tom was reading from a booklet.

"Boy oh boy, this ConGypsCo stock is up! I mean, way up!" he said.

"Well, Gypsy did wanna let us in on her public offering, but we said no," Mike reminded him from the kitchen.

"Well, if you remember, I made a fart noise," Crow corrected. "She only took it as a no."

Mike finally entered, carrying a bowl.

"Well still, it all worked out. I mean, we were very fortunate to walk away from that crash," he said.

Crow and Tom agreed.

"And, I guess if we were all multi-billionaires, you guys wouldn't have moved in with me," Mike continued.

"True," Crow agreed.

"Yeah, that's right. Sweet garden level living; one bedroom, one half bath, and on the bus lines!" Tom said proudly.

"Suh-weet!" Crow said.

Tom chuckled.

Mike brought the bowl he was holding a bit closer.

"Hey, who's for rice?" he asked.

"Would you sit down?" Crow protested. "The movie's about to start!"

"C'mere, dummy," said Tom.

Mike quickly moved around the couch and sat between Tom and Crow.

Cambot continued to hover behind them.

It suddenly became a very familiar scene to him.

The TV Announcer came on.

"WTMJ-TV in Milwaukee presents our Saturday Afternoon Movie, The Crawling Eye," he said.

"The Crawling Eye, the Marty Feldman Story!" Tom riffed.

"Oh. Forrest Tucker. He's the guy that makes sure the tree's shirt-tales are tucked in," Mike commented.

Crow couldn't help but notice something.

"This is kind of familiar, isn't it?" he asked.

Tom looked thoughtful.

Cambot decided to fade to the credits.


Bill Corbett: Crow T Robot / Observer (Stock Footage)

Michael J Nelson: Mike Nelson / Dr Lyle / Buisness Mogul

Joel Hodgson: Joel Robinson

Patrick Bransteg: Gypsy / Dr Ray

Kevin Murphy: Tom Servo / Dr Mickey / Profesor Bobo (Stock Footage)

Paul Chaplin: Dr Paul / Little Kid

Bridget Jones Nelson: Dr Carnage

Josh "J Elvis" Weinstein: Dr Laurence Erhardt / Tom Servo (Stock Footage)

John Goodman: Dr Solomon

John Lithgow: Gizmonic President

Beth "Beez" McCeever: Waitress

Trace Beaulieu: Crow T Robot (Stock Footage) / Dr Clayton Forrester (Stock Footage)

Mary Jo Pehl: Pearl Forrester (Stock Footage)

Jim Mallon: Gypsy (Stock Footage)

Frank Conniff: TV's Frank (Stock Footage)

Associate Producers: Michael J Nelson, Kevin Murphy, Bill Corbett

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Costume Designer: Beth "Beez" McCeever

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"LOVE THEME FROM THE SATELITTE OF LOVE" by Joel Hodgson, Josh "J Elvis" Weinstein. Performed by Michael J Nelson and Man or Astroman.