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Thunder rumbled overhead; white lightening forked across the sky, sending everything into a flash of white light. In a distant corner of my mind I heard my skirt being ripped as it got caught in branches protruding from the skeletal trees around me. But I didn't care.

I didn't care about anything anymore.

I was running, simply running to be able to run away. It was childish, foolish, but in my most desperate time I held onto those beloved thoughts of childhood. My mind kept screaming at me, exclaiming in a terrible frenzy, "Run!"

"Run now!"


"Keep going!"

"Don't stop!"

And of course the one omnipresent thought above all.

"Run, if you run fast enough, you'll be able to escape it all. If you run fast enough, you'll leave your feelings behind you. Better to feel nothing at all than all of the world's sorrow on your shoulders."

And so I ran, and I kept running; hoping to escape all of my emotions and be left with nothing.


Blissful, numbing nothing.

But the euphoria, or lack of, never came. The blessed relief that was nothing never graced me with it's presence.

I wasn't surprised.

I was logical, practical. I knew that it wouldn't help but to give me a stitch in my side that throbbed as I inhaled and exhaled, but that instinct to run had overpowered everything else.

I stopped, utterly exhausted after running away for so long and failing so miserably. It was then, as I was gasping and breathing heavily in hopes of recovering my long lost oxygen, I realized that I was utterly lost.

It seemed expected now, after everything that had happened, it felt like this was supposed to happen.

Things never seemed to go the way I wanted them to. After everything, I thought that maybe, just maybe, something would actually be good, but now I know.

I know that nothing will ever make my life a good one.

And now I know, I was meant to be alone, and now it was fitting.

I was lost in my aloneness.

Quietly, deftly, a creature looked in on Isabella Swan as she was being torn with her depressing thoughts. This creature, this graceful and beautiful feline, was feeling odd. Very odd actually.

Here he was, this great creature of the forest, the king of the unknown, the embodiment of grace, and majesty in his every gaze. Here he was, staring at this girl, this ordinary girl, who was crying silently to herself. But the oddest thing was...

...he couldn't read her thoughts.

The thoughts that were tearing through Isabella's mind, the things that made such a raucous noise in her own head, he couldn't hear at all.

That in itself was not unusual, it was unheard of!

And then it came, the agony, intensified by millions. He was prepared to react to the smell and sound of blood, that sweet life water pumping steadily through her veins. The despair she was going through now only intensified the need for the crimson liquid to spill and for him to lap it up, and spreading life through his body.

But he hadn't been ready for the utter need for the girl's blood. He had dealt with temptation before, but never on this level before. It had always been a struggle, and now it was almost an impossibility.

The proud feline couldn't help but continue to stare at the girl, even when his golden eyes started growing darker, until finally they were almost black. He should get away now. Never see this girl again and abstain from indulging in a practice that he had thought that he had cured in himself such a long time ago.

But he couldn't go.

It was strange, more than strange, but the huge cat wanted to help the girl so badly, to make her silent tears go away. He knew it was another impossibility though; he wouldn't be helping the girl at all by being so close to her.

Walk away, and he was trying, he really was, but his claw-studded paws couldn't seem to move. Just as his eyes wouldn't move from the pitiful form once again.

A young man skillfully ran through the forest at a leisurely pace; his dark skin and hair allowing him to be all the more inconspicious to the casual observer. But who would observe him here? It was deserted here, the stories of the haunted woods had been driven too deeply into the minds of those who truly believed them.

All were terrified of the creatures said to roam these parts. Offerings were made, so that the demons would be satisfied and let the people outside the forest live in peace and relative safety.

Jacob truly believed these stories, but he also believed other things that had been unconsciously left out of the stories.

Like the fact that the creatures were possibly more evil than known before, or that they could be much less dangerous than thought before.

Or that they could be destroyed.

All in all, Jacob wasn't worried.

After all, there were other parts of the stories that were unknown to the casual observer as well.

Such as the fact that werewolves roamed these parts.

The forest was magic. It was an evil place filled with evil creatures that were dangerous during the day, and lethal at night.

These rumors had been shared and spread throughout the world away from the haunted, wooded realm for as long as anyone could remember. These terrible beings had always been known. They had always been feared.

But where was the proof? Where was the founding in all of those chilling stories told by the fire late at night? What could possibly ground these rumors and allow them to be fact? What was capable of causing spasms of fear and adrenaline to course through the body whenever the stories were told?

No one had ever asked how or wondered why? The devils were just always there. Hundreds of generations had grown up accustomed to the fear that had been instilled in them from the moment of their birth. No one had ever known who started these rumors, or how they had started upon the things in the forest. But no one was willing to find out, as they were perfectly comfortable to maintain a safe distance between the start of the ancient trees and themselves.

But of course there were always rebels; those who wanted to answer these questions themselves. Most who entered into the forest never returned, but those that did wouldn't speak for the remainder of their life, twitching and wincing with fear whenever a sudden move was made.

A pity, the people would never gain the proof that they didn't care to know. They were happy that way, though. Enormously glad were they that they wouldn't have to undergo the ordeal of trying to find substance to the stories.

But anyone who saw the grizzly, lumbering through the woods with mighty speed and sound, with the white wolf, graceful and beautiful to an unimaginable degree. And the stag, the light and thoughtful mighty deer sprouting enormous antlers that spread out in a fearsome pattern, gathered with the black falcon, flying and spinning and twirling through the sky as if she was one of the wind's own herself. Indeed, anyone would have seen the truth behind the stories if they ever had seen the mighty animals gathered together, searching for their wayward brother.

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