The first of many- Be warned.

Disclaimer: I- L.M Wilson- do so solemly swear that none of these charecters are mine. But for the record, if you couldn't figure that out on your own, I'm laughing at you right now.

(Who reads those things anyways??)

"Day one: Butterscotch…"

"Day Three: Amber…"

"Day Six: Ocher…"

" Day Eight: Clouded gold…"

"Day eleven: Dark gold…"

"Day thirteen: Brown-gold…"

"Day Fourteen: Black…"

"Day Fifteen: …Absent…"

Bella sighed and looked down at her notebook. She'd been keeping track of Edward's hunting cycle for the past couple of weeks. Not for any real reason besides curiosity and boredom, but she had. For Bella, it was interesing to be able to learn even the smallest thing about her vampire boyfrien and his large, closely knit family. They were- after all the stuff of myths.

It had mostly seemed to be a pointless attempt, but it had illuminated one fact that -for some reason- struck her oddly: Because he was around her, Edward got hungrier, faster.

She twirled her pen in hr hand and glanced over at the god-like vampire next to her. As if he sensed her stare, he looked up as well and flashed her the special crooked smile he reserved especially for her. Bella smiled back, feeling her pulse speed up as it always did. after studying his dazzling eyes for a moment, ahe looked back to her paper, holdidng her pen carefully:

"Day one: Butterscotch."

( FIN!! Oh but be afeared by little friends, I shall be BACK!!!)