NOTES: Someone requested this the last time I asked for prompts. I nearly had Rodney filking to 'So Please You, Sir' in the dining hall, but figured it was a little further than Rodney would go unless he was under an Influence of some sort. And that might take, you know, plot.

Clinging Prerogatives

Rodney wasn't sure who'd decided that Atlantis needed a Gilbert & Sullivan society but the next person to walk into the science labs tra la la-ing was going to find themselves on the end of some very pointed sarcasm.

It was unfortunate for AR-1 that Teyla had a good ear for music and an ability to hum quite catchingly.

"Teyla," Sheppard said warningly as their team-mate began humming 'With Catlike Tread' beneath her breath.

They were pacing through the eucalypt forest seeking out a power source Rodney had found on the scanner.

Teyla looked puzzled. Sheppard elaborated. "The singing?"

"Oh." The smile she gave was apologetic. "I am sorry, Major. The music is...memorable."

"It's annoying," Ford remarked as he paused by a tree. Then, as though realising what he'd said, he hastily added, "Not your singing, Teyla. The songs themselves."

"And you're not making it any better," Rodney snapped. Although Ford had it right. Teyla's voice was low and clear and she could hold a tune better than some of the idiots who'd tried to hum their way through verse and chorus.

"You're not making it any better, Rodney." Sheppard gave him a sharp look, then swung back to glare at the unoffending surroundings. "If I knew who suggested the Gilbert & Sullivan society, I'd shoot them."

"Somewhere where it hurts a lot." The vehemence earned Ford three querying looks. He shrugged. "I don't like musicals."

Teyla made that noise that wasn't quite a sigh. "I will not sing any more."

They reached the red-rock caves where the source of the energy reading came from. Not a ZPM - not that Rodney had expected one on this planet - but what seemed to be a fungal power source that would probably stir the hearts of the expedition botanists.


Rodney was feeling slightly grumpy. Which was, he later reasoned, why he began to hum 'So Please You, Sir' to himself.

"McKay!" Ford's complaint came a split second before Sheppard echoed it.

Teyla hummed the next section of the song, earning her a hard look from the two military men.

That youth at us should have it's fling is hard on us, is hard on us!
To our prerogatives we cling so pardon us, so pardon us
If we decline to dance and sing!

If this was a musical, their team-mates would have broken into song and dance like that episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Okay, so this wasn't a musical. Neither Ford, nor Sheppard broke into tra-la-las. Sheppard rolled his eyes and stalked on, and Ford followed behind.

But Teyla looked at Rodney with the faintest hint of a smile softening the austere lines of her face, and walked back to the Gate in silence and harmony.

- fin -