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Don't Play Matches in the Lab

Lesson 2: Learn that Sora won't Learn ANYTHING

Sora always LOVES experiment. He loves to play around with the substances, observing how the color of some certain mixture changes and moreover-playing with matches. But one day something happened, involving Sora, matches, and of course-Riku

It was the experiment day…

"We'll play with matches!" Sora embraced the silver haired boy joyfully.

"Yeah, yeah… But don't get burned, kay?" Riku smiled. "You're reckless…"

"Okay Mister-super-ultra-careful…" Sora answered with a pout and began to play with the matches. First, he would fire it, wait until it burned half of the match, then hurriedly hold the burned part of stick so that the whole match is able to be burned perfectly. He did it a couple times when the teacher snapped, "Sora! Stop playing with the mat…"

"OWIE!!!" Sora accidentally burned his finger. "It hurts…" he cried.

Hurry, the silver haired bent down, "Let me see your finger, kay?"

"No, Riku. It's damn hurt…"

"Yes, but let me see it. I won't hurt it or something. Trust me…"

The brown haired obeyed. Slowly, Riku hold Sora by the wrist. He observed the little boy's finger closely and put it in his mouth to give it some couple of licks. Sora blushed, and the bell rang. The student left- leaving the chemistry teacher with a satisfy smile. She is glad that Sora had learns not to play with matches anymore; but… is that right?...


When the students went down to their next class, Sora cheerfully said, "I love the way you make my injury feels better, Riku! Maybe I should play with matches more often!"


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