Hello! I proudly present to you my new, 20 minute master-piece (master piece- ha, I wish!)

It is a very, very short one-shot of a love letter that James sends to Lily over the summer holidays-

and the response that he gets!

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Also, for those of you who are bored of my trashy stories and feel like reading some talented authors' work, look up 'koonelli', or 'Chelles', who are two of my very favourite authors.

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Dearest, darling, wonderful, fantastic, pearl of my heart, Lily Evans.

How does thy holidays proceed thus far?

Is thy heart swollen with sorrow at thy vast distance from myself, does thy soul ache so passionately as mine for us to be together once more, in those heart warming moments of witty conversation and insults?

Oh sweet Lily, how I yearn for the moment of wonder when we might be reunited once more!

Oh darling woman of my dreams, If only thee could comprehend how I love and adore you, how ardently I admire and love thy wit and intelligence, thy charm and grace, and the handsome features which so become thy lovely face!

No love is as genuine as my own for thee, no passion so fierce, no adoration so complete and obsessive!

No lady can match thee in beauty, nor any more in intelligence, kindness or hilarity!

Oh mirage of delight, I love thee as much as the stars above, as much as the most perfect read rose, or the finest diamonds and gold, for surely no flower, nor and precious gem could ever match such beauty and light as that which radiates around you!

Oh sweet wonder of the universe, my love is eternally yours!

Your faithful admirer and future, God-given husband (and official stalker),

James Potter.


Shut-up, you sardonic bush-pig.


PS. How thy hell did you get my address?