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Riza was out of work for a little over a total of two weeks, and people had noticed Roy's frequent absences. Only the higher ups and the others involved in the raid on the underground city knew he was actually on working away from the office.

"Have you guys heard the latest rumors?" Jean asked with a grin as he walked into the office on the fourth day of Roy's "mysterious" absence.

"Marriage and honeymoon," Kain reported with a frown, already pulling out his wallet.

"I believe you all owe me something," he said, and collected money from his co-workers.

"I think I'll take Schiezka to that classy restaurant on the other side of town tonight," he said, picking up the phone and waiting for the operator to connect him to the restaurant.

Later that day Denny poked his head into the officer to give Jean his winnings. "Why don't you and Maria come with me and Schiezka tonight," Jean suggested.

"Can't make it," Denny replied vaguely.

"Why not," Jean prodded.

"We've kind of got plans," Denny quickly elaborated a blush rising to his cheeks when all the eyes in the office turned to him.

"Good man, I was counting on that," Jean smirked. The rest of the men in the office gave a collective grumble and were, once again, pulling out their wallets.

Denny walked out of the office growling about people profiting off his personal life.

Roy Mustang dutifully strolled into HQ during an hour that he would have never thought he'd be there, 0600 hours, more than two hours earlier than his usual arrival. He dropped a stack of completed documents on Jean's desk and grabbed the new stack from his desk, and the one from his first lieutenant's desk.

With those tucked into his black leather suitcase, one he hadn't used in years, he walked in the brisk morning air to Riza Hawkeye's apartment. On the way he stopped at the café his neighbor owned.

"Morning Roy," Jeff greeted. "You're up early again."

"Yeah, off to work. Can I get two croissants—"

"Cinnamon apple tea, and coffee for you?" Jeff finished for him, already grabbing two cups from beside him.

Roy was about to question his neighbor's knowledge, but dropped it, knowing the question would only be answered with a knowledgeable grin and reply of 'I have a good memory.' Instead he shocked Jeff with his statement, "Actually make that the peach tea, keep the coffee."

"Good to know she's trying something new. How's she like the book?"

"She's not quite finished yet," Roy replied. That statement was another shock to Jeff. He thought she would have finished it quickly. Roy chuckled at his friend's bewilderment. "She insists on doing her paperwork every day," he said, omitting the other reason for her slow progress on the novel.

Roy could barely hear Hayate's paws dancing on the tile floor over the ringing of the phone as he juggled, briefcase, cup holder, and bag in one hand, unlocking the door with the other. He quickly closed the door, shoved the keys back in his coat pocket, and set down everything in his other hand as he lifted the receiver of the telephone. "Hello, Hawkeye residence," he answered.

"Good morning Roy is my granddaughter up?" A familiar voice asked.

"General Grumman? How'd you know it was me?" Roy asked.

"General Sierra told me you'd probably be there, something about her not taking it easy on her leg injury. You know, he was one of my subordinates here in Eastern also. Of course, he was promoted and transferred to Central long before you were here. He helped me write up the letters concerning some of the regulations that got changed recently. His wife worked for the military before they got married. I remember how shaken up he was when they both got called into the Fuhrer's office. He told me they were either forced to end their relationship or have one of them retire. His wife, back then girlfriend, left and found a job at the local hospital with the medical skills she possessed. Now I'm just rambling. Is Riza awake?" he asked.

"Let me go check," Roy said, putting the receiver on the table. He reached down to pet Hayate and turned to walk down the hall, but stopped when Riza emerged, dressed for the day with a towel draped across her shoulders. "Your grandfather's on the phone. You should just stay in your room like the doctor said."

"I'm not going to sit in bed without a shower," she replied while she slowly made her way to him. He got a chair from the table and made her sit down as she talked with her grandfather. "Yes, I'm fine. It was nothing really. Yes, a bullet grazed his arm. No, they haven't found Scar…"

Roy put the drinks and croissants on the table, and then opened his briefcase and separated their piles of work.

Riza skin jumped at the contact of Roy's fingers on her stomach. "Stop, I'm almost finished," she scowled, moving his hand back to her shoulder. She took a second to find her place at the bottom of the second to last page and continued reading.

Joseph listened to Charlotte insist on being read a bed time story by Elizabeth. The girl seemed to be clinging to all things familiar in their new home. He briefly wondered how long it would take his niece to adapt to the foreign ways of Mertz, but something told him that it wouldn't take long with Elizabeth there to help him teach her. He half listened as Elizabeth recited the tale of Snow White to the half-asleep Charlotte, but his mind was elsewhere, on the first night he had watched the ritual between the two. It was that night that he knew Elizabeth was the only woman he'd ever want to take as a wife. He was brought back to the present when Elizabeth gave him a light push.

"She's finally asleep," Elizabeth told him, closing the door halfway as they walked into the hall.

"You've always been good with her, Liz," he said, grinning at her.

"If it weren't for her I don't think I ever would have changed my mind about you," Elizabeth joked.

"So you married me because my niece?" he asked, drawing her closer than the night he'd accused her of having more than a "professional relationship" with his charge.

"Let's just say she won my heart before you did," she elaborated.

"But I've still won your heart" he stated with a smirk, wrapping his arms around her waist. She didn't get the chance to nod in response before he claimed her lips for his prize.

Riza smiled in satisfaction as she put the book on the little coffee table in front of her and moved the blanket aside in order to get up.

"Where do you think your going?" Roy asked, pulling her back down against his side.

"To put my book on the shelf," she answered.

"No, I order you to stay here," he said, pulling her closer, so that she was almost in his lap.

"We're off duty, Sir," she retorted, glancing at her watch.

"The doctor gave strict orders to keep you off your feet as much as possible. If you want the book put away I'll do it," he said.

"Just leave it there for now. If you put it back I'd just have to put it in the right place later," she replied, covering herself with the blanket again, and shifting against him.

"Comfortable?" he asked when she finally settled.

She nodded and mumbled, "Tired, too," as she yawned into her hand. He looked at the watch on her wrist in shock. It was much later than he'd thought. He'd been so caught up in watching (and distracting her) while she read that the time flew by without warning. "It's late. You'll just worry me if you walk home now," she said, reading his mind.

"I guess I can use your couch if you insist," he said, thoughts of going home already vanquished from his mind.

"I do," she affirmed, closing her eyes.


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