Chapter 1

Hinata's POV

Hello there, my name is Hinata Hyuuga supposedly the next heir to the Hyuuga clan's fortune and responsibility, until father decided to disown me and pass the title to my little sister Hanabi Hyuuga. Now I'm forced to move out from the head family's house and into a medium sized, but still surprisingly luxurious villa, located within the Hyuuga compound, close enough that I still get to see almost everyone including Neji-niisan, but far enough that I seldom see father, but I'm still allowed to visit my sister from time to time. Although I still rely on my weekly allowance that the clan provides for my daily needs and miscellaneous spending, I do have a part time job down at the village's main hospital as a caretaker, its hard finding a good job when you haven't graduated yet.

Tomorrow I'm starting high school at Konoha's very own ninja academy, although I am both anxious and excited I'm still a tad bit nervous since I'm not sure whether Naruto and I will be in the same class together, but who am I kidding he never notices my presence anyway, even if we'll end up as seatmates his eyes will always linger towards Sakura, the most popular girl at school, next to her best friend Ino of coarse. The only time he ever notices me is when he needs help answering test questions and oral exams.

I suppose I'm not too happy about him using me as an "answer dispenser machine" considering he never said thank you to me once, but I don't let that bother me too much.

My social standing in school is pretty low considering I don't have any real friends, only mere acquaintances. My love life is a total bust, my crush hardly knows I exist and I'm the only girl at school who haven't received a single confession (sigh), who could blame the male population, I don't even consider myself attractive, but the bright side is my interest in boys is abnormally low.

I silently stroll around the Hyuuga compound to feel the comforting midnight breeze against my hair and skin, its starting to become a part of my nightly routine before going to bed. I sat in my usual spot, on a huge rock where I could get a full view of our man made fish pond…er lake considering its huge capacity.

I silently gazed at the moon, as I take deep sighs from time to time. I wish I was like the moon, lighting the seemingly grim darkness," I wish I was like that to someone, but all I ever leave people with is regret" I thought sadly as I gently grabbed a nearby rock that strangely resembled that of a heart.

After fondling with it for a while I wondered, "Hmmm, I've never really been fond of wishful thinking…much, but maybe if I can skip this rock all the way across the lake(which is close to impossible) maybe fate would be kind and let me soon meet the one destined for me, if there is such a person."

I stood up as I carefully take aim, I was about to hurl the rock when a huge ruckus emitted from behind, interrupted my concentration, my set angle was ruined and I accidentally threw the rock to who knows where, while I quickly turned around.

My eyes widen as five of my clan members were chasing a hooded figure jumping from roof to roof, as I was on the verge on running towards my clan members to help, the rock I threw earlier flung from behind and hit the hooded figure straight at the noggin, making him groan and fall just a few feet away from me.

I quickly approached "it" as I was set in battle position, with my byakugan activated, although my hostile pose wasn't really intimidating, considering the fact I was wearing silky blue pajamas.

I gulped as the stranger quickly regained consciousness while clearly grabbing kunais out of a secret compartment. I managed to muster enough courage to plunge at him with chakra covered palms, but he easily evaded my attack as he threw kunais that I luckily evaded, but with my quick reflexes I managed to land a good hit at some of his vital organs, but that didn't seem to affect him much as he quickly grappled my arms and legs rendering me completely immobile.

My clan members quickly arrived, including father. They quickly had him surrounded with blazing Byakugan eyes ready for combat. My assaulter knowing he's cornered was swift at pointing a kunai at my neck while gently piercing it through my skin.

My clan members backed away showing concern, but father…continued forward showing no emotion as my assaulter drove the kunai a few centimeters deeper into my skin, while backing away towards the main gate.

Once there, he quickly let go of me as he quickly vanished into the darkness, quick enough that father couldn't react in time. I slouched at the traumatizing experience, only Hanabi and some female helpers approached me to help, while father sent out a party to chase after the intruder, all the while tightening security around the compound.

I cringed at the thought of not being able to do anything, I silently sobbed on my bed as I cried myself to sleep.

Sasuke's POV

I twitched as Orochimaru glared at me both in a despicable and disappointed manner. "My-my Sasuke I can't believe you shattered my high expectation, but no matter… we can retrieve the artifact some other time, but it's up to you on how to execute the procedure, whether by sending a spy, killing someone or by ransom, I don't care as long as you obtain your objective on your own, it would be a good training activity for a young lad like you …dismissed!" Orochimaru said as he signaled Sasuke to leave the room.

I muttered curses as I gently rubbed my sore temple, "If only that stupid rock didn't hit me in the head, then I would've easily infiltrated the Hyuuga's storage room of ancient treasures.", I thought bitterly as I held the rock that led to my failure. I could easily crush it with my bare hands but this will serve as a lesson. I quickly placed the rock back in my pocket as I slowly entered the library.

I quickly skimmed through the Hyuuga clan's files, now that the security was tightened due to his little attempt, it would be impossible for one man to succeed. Now the situation demands a more clever and cunning approach.

As I reached the Hyuuga clan's records about the current and past head familys, a picture of a girl caught my eye, wasn't this the girl I confronted earlier this night? "Hyuuga Hinata…" I spoke softly as I read her profile, turns out she's around the same age as me and goes to Konoha's very own ninja academy. "Daughter of the current head Hiashi eh?" I said with a hint of interest, maybe she would be of use to me somehow.

Hinata's POV

I walked slowly in the school's hallway with my head down to avoid any eye contact with anyone. As I reached my assigned classroom I saw Sakura and Ino chatting on the doorway with Naruto standing beside Sakura, completely blocking my entrance towards the room.

"Ano…Please e-excuse me." I said while making gestures with my hands,but Sakura and Ino was quick to block my entrance, "And what if we don't want to move?" Ino said while crossing her arms on her chest with a cheeky grin across her face, "Yeah, who are you to make us? We're the most popular girls at school, and your just some girl who got kicked out of her daddy's house due to failure." Sakura added as she defensively placed her hand on her hips.

"But Sakura-chan…" Naruto was quick to shut his mouth as Sakura quickly glared at him along with Ino. "A-no…All I wanted was to peacefully g-get into the classroom." I said as I fiddled with my index fingers while keeping my head down to avoid their hurtful gaze.

"Listen, the classroom's window is open, you can go outside and crawl through there if you want to, now wouldn't that be a lot more convenient for all of us?" Sakura said as she poked my forehead painfully while teasingly smiling and laughing along with Ino.

"B-but… the doorway is f-for everyone to use." I said as I ignored their laughter, while slowly looking at them with a calm but sad face. "You never quit do you? Bitch!" Sakura screeched as she was about to slap Hinata right in the cheek, while Ino and Naruto stared in horror.

I silently closed my eyes as I prepared for a huge wave of pain on my cheek, but remarkably it never came. My eyes shot open as a pale hand tightly gripped Sakura's hand. None was able to speak because of shock, so my "savior" did, "The Hyuuga girl is right, everyone has the right to use the doorway." He said as he slowly slip pass them while dragging me along with him.

As I was comfortably seated along with him as my seatmate, I softly said " Arigato". He simply nodded in response as he neatly stacked his textbooks on our desk, after which silence soon took over. I stared at the floor for a few minutes after deciding to start a conversation seeing as he has no intention is doing so.

"Umm, How d-did you know my last name was Hyuuga?" I asked while not tearing my eyes from the wooden floor. "You have the clan's trademark…Byakugan is it?" he said while eyeing me. I nodded in understanding, I was about to ask his name when the school bell rang, after which students came flooding in, along with the teacher, Kakashi-sensei.

Before the class started, my classmates were already chatting and gossiping about the new comer. I blushed at how maybe they've mistaken me as his girlfriend or something…I sure hope not.

"Good morning class today we'll be taking up our villages history of how it came to be, starting with the first Hokage, but before that let me introduce to you your new classmate, Uchicha Sasuke. Please stand to let your classmates recognize you." Kakashi said with his usual subtle smile.

Uchicha-san lazily stood up as he made a small bow making every girl except me squeal in delight as the boys groaned in jealousy.

"He's so Hot!"

"aaah Sasuke-kun look at me"

"No me"

"You're my ultimate dream boy Kyaaah!"

Remarks like this could be heard at every direction, I silently twitched as the noise was getting into my nerves. I was so focused in blocking the noise out of my system that I didn't notice Sasuke was questioningly staring at me. I blinked in confusion as if saying "What?".

Sasuke's POV

Hearing the other girls' praise I turned to Hinata with confidence that she too will say what the majority thinks about me. I smirked and asked "So, any remarks about me?" I scooted a little closer knowing her voice couldn't compete with the noise.

She blinked at first and soon fell into a deep thought, I waited patiently. Soon she slowly opened her eyes and said "The usual." she stated along with a small nod.

My eyes twitched in utter disbelief, and so did everyone else seeing as how the class suddenly got quiet. Although the comment didn't seem to affect me at all, but in reality it smacked me in the face so hard that I thought everything went black for a split second.

"The usual? My my Hinata must have a bad taste for men, as expected from a loser."

"How dare she say that to my darling Sasuke?"

"Don't believe her Sasuke!!!"

Even though I remained in perfect composure, I was completely motionless until…"Hina-chan!!! Can I borrow your notes? I wasn't able to finish copying them yesterday because I fell asleep." said some blonde guy running towards Hinata.

"U-mm uh H-h-ere y-you go Na-ruto-k-kun." She said with a visible blush that quickly spread throughout her face, while handing her notebook with quivering hands that are quickly turning paler by the minute.

"She must really like the guy." I thought as I quickly inspected the boy. "Hmm, short stature, unruly hair, clashing orange clothes, tanned skin that comes with a goofy face and a stupid cheerful wide smile." I scoffed at how she could like a guy whose overall attributes are obviously a LOT lower than mine.

Insulting? Sort of, shocking? Yes.

If I'm going to carry out my plan I have to make her fall in love with me to gain easy access into the compound, I could try being like that guy ,but (shivers) not a chance, I'd rather do it old school like the act of courting. Even though I've never courted a girl before, I'm sure my boyish charms will win her heart. I mean girls fall in love with me all the time even though I'm simply just standing quietly in a corner.

I was so busy constructing a well thought out and organized plan in my head that I didn't notice the pink haired girl I faced earlier already pushed Hinata off her seat while seductively sitting on Hinata's previous spot.

"Sa-su-ke-kun I'm so so very sorry about the little incident earlier, I promise to be a good girl from now on." She purred as her arms snaked around my neck as she tried to place her legs on top of my lap.

I growled in frustration as I quickly shoved her filthy hands and legs…along with her off me as I quickly tried to help Hinata up.

As I bent down to help, her eyes quickly opened from the sudden contact of my hand.

Hinata's POV

As I regained composure from the short fall I could clearly see all of Sasuke's face sure he was handsome, but I wondered why I'm not blushing, even though I know I'm really shy around boys. My eyes quickly wondered towards a small grayish blotch on his forehead, flashbacks from last night flooded my mind, could he be the intruder? But I quickly shove all the thoughts at the back of my mind knowing that it might just be coincidence, maybe he just bumped his head somewhere.

But when Sasuke continued to bend forward something familiar fell of his jacket.

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