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Chapter 2: (May contain OOC, but noteSasuke is just acting nice


Hinata's POV

As I regained composure from the short fall I could clearly see all of Sasuke's face sure he was handsome, but I wondered why I'm not blushing, even though I know I'm really shy around boys. My eyes quickly wondered towards a small grayish blotch on his forehead, flashbacks from last night flooded my mind, could he be the intruder? But I quickly shove all the thoughts at the back of my mind knowing that it might just be coincidence, maybe he just bumped his head somewhere.

But when Sasuke continued to bend forward something familiar fell off his jacket.

My eyes widened as a very familiar rock managed to fall towards my side, I quickly grabbed and stashed it safely within my pocket before Uchiha-san had time to realize what was secretly going on.

"you alright?" Sasuke said in his usual tone, as he offered one hand while stuffing the other into his spare pocket. I politely accepted his hand while securing the rock before gently rising.

He escorted me towards my seat, I gulped at random death glares coming from all directions with in the classroom, seeing as the cause had been his hand that still wouldn't let go of mine until I was neatly tucked between the chair and table.

As we we're both seated properly and so was the rest of the class, Kakashi-sensei finally glanced up from his orange "textbook" and eyed Sasuke, before turning his full attention back at the whole class.

"Alright class, now that you're all settled down its time to gather your summer homework. Pass all skillbooks forward." Kakashi said as he patiently waited for the skilbooks to stack on his wooden desk.

As everyone was about to finish passing their skillbooks forward, Kakashi-sensei stood up and declared "Mr. Uchiha, I understand your behind a bit, so I'll give you at least 2 weeks allowance to finish the assigned summer homework, and since 2 weeks is nothing compared to summer vacation, I'll assign a private tutor from the class to speed things up for you, so let's see who do I choose." Kakashi said as he scanned the classroom looking for a reliable candidate.

He continued scanning the classroom, while crossing out deranged fangirls which included Sakura and Ino from his imaginary list.

"I-I hope Ka-kashi-sensei won't pick me…" I thought nervously as I managed to remain calm in my exterior appearance. I cast a small glance towards Sasuke…He seems bored.

Sasuke's POV

"I hope that old bastard doesn't carelessely pick anyone…or else." I thought as I rest my chin on my hands as I continued to space out, not really caring whoever my private tutor will be.

"I pick…Hinata." Kakashi gleefully said as he pointed towards Hinata. I silently smirked at how interesting it might get when Hinata's duty as my "Private Tutor" will start. "perfect"

Hinata's POV

"I pick…Hinata."

(random gasps and whinings)

My whole body froze from the statement, "Me..? B-but…" I thought in pure panic, this cannot be happening, I'm going to have to spend most of my after school hours w-w-ith him?!

"Sorry for the bother Ms. Hyuuga, but you're the only one I find truly reliable when it comes to academics." Kakashi-sensei said as he handed me Sasuke's empty skillbook, which I shyly accepted. "And don't worry points will be added to your final grade, so consider this as an extra curricular activity." He added while walking back towards the front.

As I continued to stare at the skillbook cradled within my palms, a small nudge erupted my trail of blunt thoughts, I stiffened…I knew exactly who it was.

I whipped my head fiercely towards his direction.

As I met his gaze, a coy smirk can be discovered across his features. "So…" He said as he inched closer. "When does my "Private" lessons start? How about this evening, at your house?" He said huskily as his warm breath reached my sensitive neck and his fingers crawling up towards mine, which was still holding the skillbook.

I was about to protest until…

"Sasuke-love, forget about what Kakashi-sensei said, I'll be more than willing to be your tutor, and maybe in the end of each session we can have a little "Private" time of our own." She said as she seductively winked while hugging her books tighter in order to attain extra cleavage that can easily be seen with her provocative top.

"Not interested…" Sasuke said as he rolled his eyes to the side while swiftly grabbing my hand and dragging me towards the exit, leaving a very confused and fuming Haruno Sakura behind.

We kept on walking, until I finally regained my ability to talk "Umm…Uchiha-san where are we going?" I innocently asked as I struggled from his grip. "To your house, where else?" He said, obviously irritated.

"G-gyah…N-no Uchiha-san we can't, father doesn't allow v-visitors right now, because of what happened last…nevermind." I said as I unconsciously poked my index fingers together.


"G-gyah…N-no Uchiha-san we can't, father doesn't allow v-visitors right now, because of what happened last…nevermind."

"Damn, and I almost had it…" I thought as I mentally punched my self in the face because of another failed attempt, "So, where do you propose we stay? Library?" I asked as my eye unconsciously twitched on its own.

"W-we can't stay in school, we still have a lot of work to do and I doubt we'll finish before the school closes. Umm, what about your place Uchiha-san?" she asked while fixing her wrinkled sleeve.

I froze…Oh sure Sasuke, invite her to Orochimaru's place for a cup of tea and cookies, and see how she reacts!?

I quickly shook off all negative thoughts from my system, I think the old snake gave me an address to where I'll be temporarily staying during my time in Konoha.

I quickly searched my pockets for a piece of paper I stashed earlier this morning. As I continued searching a small crunching sound caught my attention and when I pulled it out a short address was written. "Score"

"Here." I said as I handed the paper towards the Hyuuga Heiress. She shyly took the paper and analyzed it for awhile.

"This place isn't far from here, let's get a move on." She said as she jogged pass me. I quickly followed while adjusting my speed in order to catch up.


Sasuke's apartment:

"Uchiha-san, I never knew you were fond of interior designing…" Hinata asked as she closely examined the furniture and wallpaper, it was simple yet detailed enough to look classy, the dominating color was dark blue with gold linings.

"Hn…" I grunted while throwing the keys into a ceramic bowl shaped like a coiled viper ready to strike.

I watched her unpack random textbooks from her purple tint backpack, as I continue to watch she shyly glanced up and asked. "Uchiha-san, so…where do you want to study, the living room?" she asked while scribbling random notes on a small notebook.

I shook my head, she glanced at me questioningly.

I slowly made my way pass her, I managed to make my way towards the bedroom's door. As I slowly opened it half way, I smirked as I saw her die for a sec, seeing as the only thing you could see right now was the king sized bed adorned with sensual silky sheets complete with unlit scented candles…I wonder where that came from.

But as I fully opened the door a large study table can be seen complete with a portable study lamp, office organizers and etc.

I gestured her to come in as I ignored her sigh of relief, once there she neatly placed the skillbook kakashi gave us earlier in the afternoon.

"Well lets get started, first we're going to have to start with the easier subjects like Japanese literature which is located on page 53 on your skillbook." She timidly said as she turned the pages for me.

Does this girl think I'm autistic or something? I was about to rant at how I can perform simple tasks on my own just fine, but soon smirked at how I can turn this into a little opportunity.

I eyed her as she continued to turn the page, I inched in closer until our elbows were touching.

As she continued to turn the page, I gently grasped her hand making her jolt in response.

"Here let me help…" I said in a calm tone as I turned the page with her hand still tangled with mine and with me standing right behind her with my other hand resting on her shoulder while bending a little bit forward than an average person would, but I was careful not to crush little Hinata…a little too much.

I felt her body stiffen as I continued to turn the page with her, as we "finally" reached page 53, I slowly let go, but not until I whispered "Now that wasn't so bad?"

Hinata's POV

My heart raced from the sudden contact with Uchiha-san, I-I just can't bear to be this close with the opposite sex, except for Neji-niisan of coarse… and maybe Naruto(pokes index fingers together), but that's it!

He slowly went back to his original position, "Praise the heavens"but soon asked "Aren't we going to continue…?" He asked bluntly with droopy eyelids, as if nothing happened.

"Uuhm-uhm…please excuse me." I asked desperately while bowing to show respect. I started huffing as I ran towards the bathroom.

As I got there, I quickly splashed water on my face in order to lessen my blush and to cool down my head to reduce nervousness. "I can't go on like this…."

As I finished freshening up, I lightly tapped my cheeks with my white hanky, but as I was about to exit, someone roughly grabbed me from behind and quickly covered my mouth to prevent me from screaming.

As I breathed heavily under my assualter's grasp, I had a bird's eye view of all his features. Gray hair,round glasses and… My analysis was interrupted as he spoke. My eyes widened as he waved a kunai infront of my face.

"Tell me your intentions or else…" His sentence was cut short when the doorbell started ringing.

Sasuke's POV

"Hn…" I grunted at the shrill cry of the doorbell. I groggily made my way towards the door and as I quickly opened it, ready to shun anyone, a blonde boy that goes by the name Naruto was standing there while clutching on a small notebook.

"What do you want?" I asked irritated by his mere presence. "Weeell, I forgot to return Hinata's notebook because of how you two quickly vanished after the bell rang. I was going to return it tomorrow, but I felt guilty so I called Kakashi-sensei to give me your address since no one answered the phone back at Hinata's place, so I figured she would likely be here with you." Naruto said as he tried his best to explain.

"Yeah she's here, but she's in the bathroom, So why don't you just give me the notebook and go away." I said impatiently as I gestured him to give me the notebook.

"No way teme, I don't trust you. I want to give it to her personally." Naruto said as he tightened his grip on her notebook.

"If it will make you leave me alone a lot sooner. Fine, I'll go get her. Stay right where you are." I said as I hastily made my way towards the bathroom.

"Hinata? You done yet?" I yelled, hmm no answer… "Tch, I'm coming in!" I said as I unlocked the door with my spare keys.

My eyes widened…"Kabuto?!"

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