Author's Note: This is just a little thing, probably only a few chapters. This first chapter is formatted a little weird, sorry about that. This is an idea that's been swimming around in my head for awhile now. Hope you guys enjoy it.

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J.S. Thompson High School


Subject: Student absence.

To: Senior Honors Track Faculty

Cc: Homerooms 12-6 and 12-9, Paul Creepy

From: Office of the Principal

Casey Macdonald will be out of school from Wednesday 4-26 to Friday 4-29 to have her wisdom teeth removed. Please gather all assignments, tests, forms etc, and send them to homeroom 12-9 so that her stepbrother Derek Venturi can take them home to her.

All work should be to homeroom 12-9 by the end of the day on Friday.

Derek Venturi cursed under his breath as he struggled with the load of books and papers he was carrying.

"Stupid Casey," He muttered. He hadn't carried this much schoolwork home since he'd stopped caring, somewhere around 5th grade. He unlocked his car and threw the large pile onto his passenger seat. Most of it seemed to be graded assignments, which amazed him. She'd only been gone for three days, by the looks of it, she did more homework in a week then he did in a whole semester. He flipped through it, rolling his eyes at her stack of perfect scores: Math, History, Economics, Creative Writing-he paused; Creative Writing had the potential to be interesting. It might make up for the fact that despite years of trying he never had found her diary.

He skimmed a couple poems first, boring. Next was a descriptive essay about her love of dance. Sappy, but still, nothing he could use against her. Then he found it, the last assignment in her creative writing stack, and by far the most personal. In fact, finding it made Derek think that Casey getting her wisdom teeth out may have been the best thing that had happened to them in a long, long time. She hadn't just written about herself, she hadn't just revealed some secret he could use to taunt to her- she had written, about him.

Derek put the car in drive and sped home as fast as he could. He had to talk to Casey.

Senior Creative Writing

Assignment # 29

Possible points: 20

An unsent letter

Due Date: Week of April 23rd

An unsent letter is something writers can use to express unresolved feelings, to tell people things they are too afraid to say in real life. This exercise is designed to get you thinking about your true feelings towards a person. These letters should not be addressed to the person by name, but rather in a "Dear you," or any phrase you can think of to describe this person. Please refer to your class notes and handouts for further clarification.

Casey Macdonald.

Creative Writing # 29

An unsent letter

April 21st

Dear you,

I hate that I'm writing you this letter. I hate that there are so many things between us that I'm afraid to say out loud. It's terrible really, the effect you have on me. I saw you the other day, with some ditz hanging off your arm, and I wanted to kill her. Seriously, I envisioned it in my head and it wasn't pretty, she met a rather gory end. It really, really bothered me, so the next time I saw you, I yelled at you for some random thing you'd done two weeks ago. You rose to the occasion of course, and we fought until we were both red in the face. We were standing so close we were almost on top of each other, and we were just glaring, finally out of insults.

Then there was that moment. That moment, when I was so afraid you'd look in my eyes and see the things I was really feeling; Desire, attraction, passion. That moment, when I convince myself there is a flash of those same emotions in your eyes. That moment when I am almost certain that if either of us moved even an inch, we'd end up kissing. Then it passes, one of us stalks away, and I am left thinking I imagined it all. As sick as it sounds, those moments are what I live for. Those moments make my bad days brighter; they leave me giddy. You leave me giddy. You make me days better. Who would have thought?

Ok, that last part was a lie. If I'm going to write a true confession, unsent letter, I should probably tell the truth. I left out an emotion. It scares me, but I'm pretty sure, there is also love. I am terrified by that possibility. Horrified by the thought that I love you. The more I think about it though, the more sure I am that it's true. You have successfully made me feel all sorts of new things, at first it was loathing, hatred, and self-disgust, because even then, I was attracted to you. The years have progressed, and I've come to accept finding you attractive. I've stopped hating myself for dreaming of you, for fantasizing moments of passion I know can never occur. These things I can blame on my hormones, and the link between passionate fighting, and passionate kissing. Too many movies, too many times hearing that 'fighting is a sign of sexual tension."

I cannot, however, forgive myself for loving you. Falling in love with you, has got to be the stupidest thing I've ever done(although I'm sure you'd point out here that I've done lots of stupid things, and delight in listing them all). Its beyond impossible, its immoral, this obsession of mine. So I'll never tell you. Soon we'll be in university, and I won't see you everyday, I'm praying that the old, 'out of sight out of mind" cliché is true. I'm hoping I'll forget you.

I know we can never be. I know that even if circumstances were different, you wouldn't want me. Its classic unrequited love, with a horrible twist. I hate this- I hate it so much. So much, that I'm going to end this letter now, and go pick a fight with you. I'm craving one of those moments.

With Love,


Nice work Casey. Sad but beautifully written. You clearly understood the assignment and you executed it well. A little wordy at times, but understandable given the subject matter. Excellent use of the 'Out of sight, Out of mind' cliché. Although when I read it, the cliché that jumped to my mind was, 'you never know until you try.' Just something to think about. +20.

End Chapter.