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Captain Randy Newman slid his security clearance card through the reader. The light blinked green. The signal for all clear to open. He shoved the heavy door open. Walked into the medical library of the Bethesda Naval Hospital Pharmacy. It was a Saturday morning and he was on call for the weekend. All his pharmacists took turns to be on call. He had just drawn the short straw this weekend. Replacing his Second in command. Who had been sick for the last four days? As Chief Pharmacist you had to set an example to the people under you. He had been in this job for more than twenty years and his pension wasn't too far away now. A couple more years of this, he thought. And I could play golf more with the Admiral!

He walked down to his office placed his briefcase down on his desk. He leaned over to switched on his computer. He walked back down the hallway towards the Pharmacy kitchenette. Captain Newman prepared some percolated coffee. Pouring the water into the coffee machine. He pulled the ground coffee out of the fridge. Placed the filter in the machine. Spooned in two tablespoons of ground coffee. Flicked the power switch and the coffee machine began to work it's magic. The smell filled his nostrils and he smiled to himself. The simple pleasure of the smell of coffee he thought as he pulled a mug down from the cupboard above his head.

"Well, I suppose I better open up?" He said to himself. "See what customers appear this morning."

He walked round the corner and stopped. Both safes that held the dangerous drugs like Morphine, Hydromorphone and Oxycodone, were both wide-open open. He moved slowly around to the safe. He bent down and glanced in. Half his dangerous drug supplies were gone.

"How could this happen?" His asked as his face turned white with fear and worry. "Where are they?"

He turned around and pulled the logbook from the desk. Flipping it open he checked the amounts that had been placed in the logbook. They all matched what should have been in the safe. But where were they? Who could have done this? Were the thoughts running through his head at the moment?

"The Admiral going to leave me hanging out to dry for this!" He said slumping into the chair at the desk. Disparity flooded into him as he realised he would be court-marshaled for the missing Dangerous Drugs. It was a matter of locating them, to save his career. Behind him someone cleared his or her throat. Newman swung around in the chair to confront the person. "How did… It was you…but how… why?"

No answer came. The figure leveled the weapon at his head. Muffled shots of a silenced weapon filled the room. The figure turned without a second glance. They walked down the corridor towards the Captain's office. The person took the Captain's coat. Hat and briefcase, lent over and shut down the computer. Then weaved their way back to where the safes. The figure didn't even glance at the Captain now seated but well and truly dead with three bullets in his forehead as the briefcase was opened. The gloved hands of the assailant grasped the last of the dangerous drugs. Placing them into the briefcase. The safe was closed and locked. The figure moved to where a suitcase sat out of view. Lifting it the figure turned and made their way to the back door. The figure slipped on the Captain's hat. Coat and sliding some glasses on to their nose before leaving the pharmacy and switching off the lights.

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