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Tony sat in bed fully upright. The doctors were saying that in the next few days he might be discharge. Tony had been pleased with what they had said. He felt that if he hadn't been getting out of here quicker he would have discharged himself. He desperately wanted to be doing something. Particularly getting back to work. Playing cards and watching McGee's DVDs on his portable player was interesting enough, but he wanted to be active. It reminded him that he had to have a dig at McGee for DVDs that he had lent him save for. 'The Departed', which he had enjoyed immensely. Tony was also missing Ziva. It was now getting to be two weeks without her flirting and sparring with him in conversation. He felt restless, not having her around.

Jimmy Palmer had rung early in the evening saying he had been called in and he had apologized profusely. It was Jimmy's night to talk and play cards with Tony and now Tony felt like it was going to be a long boring night. He sighed and reached over and picked up his cards. He lifted the top card to see what it was. The King of Hearts looked back at him. He shuffled the cards and lifted the top card.

"The Queen of Hearts." A familiar accented voice said. "A good card, yes?"

Tony looked at her his hand held the Queen of Hearts. "Hey!"

"Hey!" Ziva said softly as she lent against the door lintel. She was surprised at the way he looked at her. Generally his eyes betrayed nothing, but tonight they were soft and welcoming.

Tony didn't take his eyes off her, he bagan to think she was a figment of his imagination that she might disappear. "What are you doing here?"

Ziva smiled as her eyes locked with his. "Things happened this evening with Abby."

Tony face changed to a very concerned look. "Is she ok?"

Ziva nodded she felt his gaze watch her. "Yes Ducky seems to think that she'll be fine."

"Great." Tony said nodding the relief flooding into his face.

He watched her closely as she moved to the chair by his bed. The one that either Jimmy or Ducky sat in for playing cards when they were around. "Are you leering at me, Tony?"

His smile seemed to be so natural. Not the smug one he always wore but a true smile that told her he was pleased that she had appeared. "Not leering, appreciating the fact you are here, not leering."

She felt comfortable now. "Good." She paused she decided to continue. "Tony I'm sorry about all that has happened."

Tony looked down at the card in his hand. This was the moment he met her eyes again. He remembered last time he had seen those eyes they had been filled with pain. He shook the memory from his mind. "Don't be!" His eyes focused on her again.

"Tony, I've been to see you, but when you've been asleep." Ziva said her eyes downcast. Tony sat letting this comment sink in. "I thought if I visited you that you'd be angry with me still."

Tony sat there. It was time for what he had to say. "Ziva, I understand, I thought a lot about our argument." Ziva looked up and Tony could see tears rimming her eyelids.

"Tony, I said something so shameful I can't forgive myself!" she whispered.

Tony grabbed her hand slowly and softly. "Let it go." He said his voice low.

She nodded as tears ran slowly down her face. "I will, forgive me."

Tony smiled again. "There's nothing to forgive."

Ziva nodded then sniffed. As Tony reached out with his hand and wiped away the tears. "You're the first person I've asked for forgiveness in a very long time. And perhaps the reason is…" She held her tongue. Moshe was a painful subject that she never brought up. Moshe had broken her heart she regretted every minute of time she had spent with him.

Tony held her hand lightly and looked into her eyes. "I haven't told you that you brighten my day." Ziva eyes widened. Tony nodded smiling that natural smile again and continued. "You brighten my day whether we argue. Whether we sat at our desks and said nothing to each. Whether we are locked in a metal box all day and part of the night!" Ziva smiled at his last comment. Tony continued. "Ziva David, you are an important part of my life if you were to only show up everyday and say nothing to me. My life would be complete." Tony clasped both of her hands as he spoke now. "Ziva I love you!"

Thoughts of Moshe flooded into her mind. She had been hurt once now she wasn't going to be hurt again. Moshe had been a ladies man. Now she was falling for another man who had as many dates as there were days in a week… no, that wasn't right… months. Moshe had been one reason why she had left Israel. He had hurt her and when her father had suggested sending her to America with Ari. She'd jumped at the chance. Now here Tony had truthfully told her what she wanted to hear. But the pain still haunted her from her time with Moshe. She made her decision she wasn't going to be hurt by anyone again no matter what her heart told her. She pulled her hands out of his, the tears streaming down her face as she rose from the seat.

"I'm sorry Tony I can't," She said retreating to the door as quickly as possible. Tears running down her face quickly now as she left the room. Tony watched her leave a perplexed look on his face. He had pored his heart out to her and she had fled. What she had said as she had left finally sunk in into his skull. He held up the Queen of Hearts and looked at it.

"So much for the luck you were suppose to bring." He threw it onto the floor in disgust, the Queen of Hearts dropped soundlessly to the floor next to the King.

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