Without warning, the Pink Ranger burst into his room. She fidgeted until the doors were closed behind her, took deep breaths, and laughed out loud until she was hunched over and gasping for air.

"Syd?" Sky asked, looking up from his book. "Is... there something wrong?"

Startled, Syd straightened herself and threw a grand smile at him. "Sky!" she said. "What are you doing here?"

"Two words, Syd. My. Room."

"Well, this isn't just your room, you know. Bridge is--"

"Are you looking for Bridge? He's not here. Try the simulation room." Deciding that that was the end of their conversation, Sky resumed his reading.

"Three words, Sky. I. Have. Eyes. Obviously Bridge isn't here, or else I've already seen him. Unless he's hiding under the bed, which is pretty impossible since I don't think he can fit in there. Then again, knowing Bridgey--"

Sighing, Sky closed his book. "Do you really have any valid reason for being here?"

"What? Can't I visit our good and heroic leader, the Red Ranger?" Syd said, batting her eyelashes. "Protector of the innocent, savior of women everywhere--"

He raised a brow in return.

"Oh all right," she said, huffing. "I'm here because--"

"Syd!" Z's voice rang from the hallway. "Where are you? No matter where you hide I'm going to find you and murder you, you pesky fake blonde--"

"Ignore her," Syd said, waving a hand. "She's in one of her moods. You were saying, Sky?"

Sky frowned at her. "I wasn't saying anything; you were. But I guess I already know what brought you here anyway." He stood, went to the door.

Syd's eyes rounded. "Oh, don't. Don't you dare--"

Too late.

The Red Ranger had already opened the doors. "I believe I have what you're looking for," he said, clearly talking to Z. He glanced at Syd, fully expecting her to look contrite, or at least chagrined. But... was she actually grinning?

"Where is she?" Z's voice came from the other end of the hallway. "Oh, I'm going to--"

"What do you think, Sky? What does she look like?" Syd asked, giggling with fiendish glee.

He frowned at her, then looked at the fast-approaching Yellow Ranger. "She looks... mad," he answered.

Syd rolled her eyes. "I was talking about her dress, you clown."

Sky raised a brow again. "Dress?"

"You mean this, Syd?"

With a flourish, Z walked in the room.

Wearing her Yellow Ranger suit. SWAT Mode, even.

Syd's mouth actually dropped when she saw her friend. "What have you done!" she screeched, stomping her tiny foot. "Why aren't you--"

The Yellow Ranger crossed her arms. "You think you can outsmart me, Princess? HA! Not very likely. I'll have you know--"

"Agh!" Syd pouted. "You morphed! Oh I can't believe I forgot your morpher! Stupid, stupid."

"Yes you did. Yes, you are. And with that, you actually admitted that you planned this all along. What were you thinking?"

"I don't know what you're talking about." Syd fanned out her fingers and studied her nails.

Z stepped closer. "Why, you--"

Sky watched all of this with a crease marring his brows. He looked at Z, then at Syd, shook his head, then returned his eyes on the Yellow Ranger. "Is there a battle somewhere that I'm not aware of, Z?"

"I'll be out of your hair in a minute, Sky." Z tapped her foot. "Well, Syd? What have you to say for yourself?"

But the Pink Ranger had her hands on Sky's handbook. "Ah-hah!" She pointed at something written on a page. "Rule 56 dash D states that no cadet should be suited up unless there is a battle looming or repairs to be done to the suit." Tapping on the page, Syd stepped closer to Z, grinned, then turned to Sky. "Tell her, Sky. Tell her to power down."

"Syd--" Z's voice fairly dripped with venom.

Having absolutely no idea what was going on, Sky grabbed the handbook from Syd and closed it. "She's right, Z. I'm going to have to ask you to power down, or it'll be fifteen hours of community service."

"I'll take the fifteen hours, thank you," Z said without preamble.

"Did it say fifteen? I think it says seventy-five, Sky." Syd smiled angelically. "Seventy-five extremely grueling hours of unnecessary work, actually."

Was it Sky's imagination, or could he hear Z grit her teeth? "Seventy-five it is, then."

That completely wiped off the self-satisfied smirk living on Syd's face. "Oh just power down already!" she huffed. "Really, Z... you're making us think you're up to something. I mean, what have you got to hide?"

Despite himself, Sky had grown rather curious. "Do you?"

"Do I what?"

"Have something to hide?"


"Come on, Z. I mean, really. It's just the two of us here! And, well, Sky."

"Which, I believe, is your point in this whole thing."

"Nuh-uh! He's... you know. He's a friend." Syd blew air out of her lips, dismissed Sky with a look and a wave of a hand. "He doesn't count."


The Yellow Ranger turned to Sky, who in turn shrugged at her. "Fine. Power down."

"Finally! You're going to love this, Sky. She's--" Then Syd gasped.

Because Z had a bed sheet wrapped around her body.

"Satisfied?" she asked, grinning.

For several moments, Syd just stared at her. "You... that's not... Agh! I give up! You're hopeless! Hopeless!" And out she went, huffing and puffing in a completely un-Syd-like manner.

Z chuckled. "The day she can outsmart me is the day I quit from this job. Well." She turned to Sky, all strained smiles. "I'm sorry you had to witness that."

Sky shook his head. "I don't think I can fully understand what I did witness. Girl... thing, is it?"

"Oh yeah." Z nodded earnestly. "Extremely girlish stuff. You wouldn't understand even if I explain it to you, which I don't intend to do."

"And the bed sheet?"

"Oh, this? Totally necessary. Another girl thing, you see." Z smiled at him. "Well. See you around, Sky."

It totally didn't occur to Sky that somewhere in their conversation he had managed to step and press on a part of the bed sheet with his shoe - so when Z moved to the doors, she went forward.

The sheet didn't.

It happened oh-so-slowly. At first, Sky didn't understand why he was seeing so much of Z - bare shoulders, bare arms, a lot of bare legs and... some other unmentionably bare parts. He did see her turn a spectacular shade of pink that ran from her face down to her--

But of course he didn't see that, because he had turned and was now looking away from her, thank you very much.

He could hear her muttering curses that he was pretty sure weren't all English. She tugged on the sheet caught in his shoe until it was free, which nearly caused him to tumble since he was standing on it.

And he could feel the temperature of the room rise until it was stifling hot. Sky resisted the urge to adjust the neckline of his uniform and cleared his throat. "Are you... what I mean is... are you decent now?"

She didn't answer.

Because at that moment Z had ran out of his room, bed sheet and all.